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Fluidline Brow Gelcreme by MAC

Fluidline Brow Gelcreme

pigmentation: pigmented

Top Reviews

staying power


i love it and it stays on all day

- Debenhams User

it stays in place all day, even when i sleep in it (on accident), i wake up & my brows are still in perfect place

- Ulta User



i am so pleased with this product "brow gelcreme" i have had very sparse brows my entire life and this products give me the best results with filling them in and giving me a natural look

- Ulta User

it makes my brows look thicker and longer and i love it

- Nordstrom User



i also wore this during a pool party and it lasted through the splashing and underwater, therefore if your looking for something waterproof this is definitly what you'd need

- Nordstrom User

i went swimming along with the mac liquid waterproof eye liner, mascara and lips gloss

- Macy's User


precise application

with macs eyeliner brushes you get the same precise line and the staying power

- Macy's User

love it because it gives a precise line and stays on all day long

- Bloomingdale's User



good pigmentation and durability

- M·A·C User

this has great pigmentation and is super easy to apply

- Ulta User
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M·A·C userJanuary 13, 2013

The creme de la creme of brow products

Later, Anastasia!!! I've grown sick of her EXPENSIVE brow powder; it lacks oomph. I don't like pencil; it pulls my already sparse eyebrows out. Another company's cream in a tube didn't even perform like this. I am serious when I say this makes each brow look like 5. It's like a thickening product for brows. Not thick like groucho marx or anything, I mean I still draw them on skinny, but I mean denser. I have sparse brows that kind of fade off towards the ends. This fills in and makes my brows look DENSE!! Get a real skinny eyebrow brush for precise application. It also looks natural when I draw the skinny line out to the end. The reason I bought this product was because there was a shade called "redhead" and i'm a redhead. It just intrigued me. For $15 I figured if I didn't like it, oh well. Well I'm a convert. I'll never use anything again. In fact, my brows are looking so fabulous my sister is buying this product. She said it looks like i went to some fancy brow bar. And my brows are embarrasingly terrible. Thanks, MAC for this awesome product. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="-6136869243185880467-full" data-show="-6136869243185880467-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>

- M·A·C
viewpoints.com userOctober 11, 2009

Fluidlines Have Changed the Way I Do Makeup

Env: developmentI am a makeup artist.When I first pick up a makeup product, I not only want to see how it looks, I want to see how it works and how much versatility I can pull out of it successfully.One thing that I have been concerned about is the amount of eye cosmetics that have caused me or clients burning, watering, smearing, flaking, peeling, and overall frustration in using them.When I complete a finished eye look, I do not want to have to be fixing it a few minutes later.Fluidlines are one of the most important products that I have come to love in recent years. **WHAT ARE MAC FLUIDLINES LIKE?**MAC FLUIDLINES are in a little glass jar with a black screw on top. They come in both standard stock colors and Limited Edition colors. Currently there are 12 standard stock colors. There are also occasional releases of Limited Edition colors and there are about 10 of those-give or take a jar. They retail for $15 a jar and come with 3g/0.1oz of product in them.Not only are MAC Fluidlines perfect for drawing beautiful lines as an eye liner, but they make an absolutely gorgeous eyeshadow AND eyeshadow base if you like. They can also be used for face art as well.**HOW TO APPLY**My favorite way to use Fluidlines is to use the MAC 242 brush and apply the fluidlines in an airbrush look over my lids. I often use up to 5 colors depending on the look I am going for.Then I will take the MAC 231 brush to do a fine line on the upper and lower lash, and often I will do a waterline in a different color for delightful effects. I can also use the MAC 266 brush for winged liner if desired. 311 and 209 are other options I have used.I have also set the liner with different iridescent pigments before they dry for lovely multi-dimesional effects.**DIFFERENT USES FOR DIFFERENT COLORS**Some Fluidlines are good translucent shadows- such as Delphic (aqua w/gold shimmer), Ostentatious (taupe w/ aqua shimmer), Frostlite (cream w/gold shimmer), iris eyes (lilac), haunting (lilac pink w/ pink shimmer).Other Fluidlines are great bold shadow colors such as Brassy (brass gold metallic), Silverstroke (metallic silver), sweet sage ( olive w/ gold shimmer), non-conformist (intense purple violet).There are others that make good dark shadows as well such as Nightfish (blackbrown cream), Graphic Brown (golden dark brown shimmer), Blacktrack (midnight black cream), shade (dark pine green cream). Those are just a few examples of the available colors and usage.**HOW DOES PRODUCT PERFORM?**MAC Fluidline lasts all day unless I have a serious bout of watery eyes, and then it will only last about an hour before I have to touch it up. **SENSITIVITY?**MAC Fluidline is one of the few products that I have no sensitivity issues with at all. It does not dry out my lids or cause and rawness or burning.**REMOVAL**MAC Fluidlines comes off easily with facial cleanser and water. I use Lamas Beauty Orange Facial cleanser with great results.**FINAL COMMENTS**One thing to keep in mind about these is to keep the cap on tightly at all times. When I put on liner, I dip the brush in, and brush it back and forth in the lid to distribute product well into the brush. Then I quickly put the lid back on the jar. I do this EVERY time.You might think this extreme, but many who have not done this have had problems with their fluidlines drying out over time. A drop of water in the jar might help to recapture texture, but I would prefer to prevent moisture loss if possible.MAC Fluidlines is one of the most exciting makeup products that has come out in recent years. I use them constantly for doing eye makeup of all kinds. I have had them for a few years since their introduction into the makeup market.Env: development Less

- viewpoints.com
viewpoints.com userNovember 29, 2010

The best gel liner I've ever tried!

Env: developmentMAC Fluidlines retail for $15 and are currently available in six gorgeous shades:Rich Ground - Reddened coco with frostDipdown - Deep dark flat brownBlitz & Glitz - Intense black with gold pearlBlacktrack - Solid flat blackWaveline - Navy blue with low level gold pearlMacroviolet - Deep smoked violet with red pearlThe formula is fantastic. It's smooth, creamy and it glides on easily. This is hands down my favorite product to use when doing winged liner. When using this on my upper lashline, it stays the entire day until I take it off at night. This doesn't last very long on my waterline and as far as I know, it's also not approved for that purpose. Gel liner can be applied in various ways, though I get the best results with a script brush. I recommend the MAC 209 and 210 for best results.Not only can the fluidlines be used as liner, they can also be used as a base! I apply a small amount to my eyelid and then smudge and blend it before it dries. The staying power is great and I haven't found that they crease when used this way.You can prolong the life of your fluidline by storing it upside down. This way the moisture will always be at the top. If you find that your fluidline is getting dry, mixing it with a clean cosmetic spatula and adding a few drops of mixing medium will bring it back to life.I used blacktrack on a daily basis and I actually just bought my second jar yesterday. These last a VERY long time because they're so pigmented and you only need a small amount. The previous jar I had lasted over a year with daily use.Env: development Less

- viewpoints.com
viewpoints.com userNovember 30, 2010

mac is the best

Env: developmentI *highly* recommend the palettes because you can choose colors for both day and night. I usually create a palette with neutral colors for a day look and vibrant, sparkly colors for an evening look. There are 161 colors to choose from, so selecting your favorites can be difficult. The MAC salespeople are SUPER friendly and will help you pick which colors look best with your eyes and other features. You will not leave a MAC store feeling disappointed about your eye shadow color choices.**MAC eye shadow** lasts forever. I have had one palette for almost a year and a half. Granted, I do not wear eye shadow that often, but when I first started wearing makeup I did wear eye shadow quite frequently. An individual case of MAC eye shadow lasted me about six months. I do not glob on the eye shadow, so if you use a lot of shadow it might last less than that.The shadow itself is pretty thick. You don't need to use a lot to get a nice look. This stuff stays on nicely too. You can blend it easily, but it doesn't smudge. I don't know what is in this eye shadow, but it just looks great on and is totally worth the price. Buy it already!Env: development Less

- viewpoints.com
maccosmetics.com userOctober 20, 2016

Waveline Review

I am giving this product 2 stars because it wasn't pigmented at all! It took several applications and the color still didn't build to want I would have wanted.The gold specks could have been reflected light more as well.The color just wasn't as I would expect for high end liner.It was creamy which I appreciated but that was pretty much it. I disliked its color so much I did even wear it long enough to see if it was "long wearing" I wont buy this color again, I might not even purchase this product. 

- maccosmetics.com


Overall safe Ingredients

Tocopheryl Acetatehazard
Hexylene Glycolacneirritant

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