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Extra Dimension Skinfinish by MAC

Extra Dimension Skinfinish

blends well(26)
pigmentation: sheer
Variation: Beaming Blush (pink that breaks gold)
Beaming Blush (pink that breaks gold)Copper Touch (soft peachy nude w/ multi-dimensional shimmer)Double-Gleam (beige that breaks silver)Oh Darling! (metallic gold)Show Gold (peach that breaks pink)Superb (patina bronze)Whisper Of Gilt (light soft white gold w/ shimmery sheen)

Top Reviews

staying power


i love how much glow the product gives and how long lasting it is

- Macy's User

also have the mac soft + gentle, benefit high beam, and even the dior amber diamond and i have to stay, this one is hands down the best

- M·A·C User


does not have fallout

it's and excellent product with no fallout a little goes a long way and on the days that i want to glow like a diamond i wet my fan brush with a little fix plus and it makes it more intense i have added 4 of these shades to my personal collection as well as my makeup artist kit

- M·A·C User

i find it okay on it's own--a little too glittery that causes a little fall out, but with a cream highlighter underneath (i used the becca shimmering skin perfecter in the shade opal) this mac highlight stays on perfectly, at least for my skin

- Nordstrom User



the formula is quite unique it's of a creamy texture but applies like a powder and stays on and exactly where you put it, it does not fade or bunch up and just gives skin the most perfect glow

- M·A·C User

the texture is creamy and very pigmented so a little goes a long way

- M·A·C User


blends well

shade - doublegleamit is a lovely product that blends really well

- Maccosmetics User

it’s soft, easy to apply, pigmented, blendable and buildable

- Sephora User



the texture is very silky,almost creamy and i love the way it looks and feels

- Nordstrom User

this highlight has a creamy consistency and fantastic when applied with a fan brush

- Maccosmetics User



this highlighter is lightweight, pigmented and easy to apply

- Sephora User

super lightweight and goes with everything

- Ulta User



it's a little glittery but i don't mind that in a highlight, once i sheer the product out where i highlight my face the glitter is very subtle even after building it up a layer or two

- M·A·C User

the highlighters are very sheer but it can be intensified by dapping your brush into the pan and spraying with either a light water mist or a setting spray to intensify the effects you want

- Nordstrom User
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maccosmetics.com userApril 19, 2012

Ultimate glow!!!

I was looking for glow in a dish. I didn't want the typical white, yellow, bronze, etc. I didn't want the product you have to blend to perfection and then run the risk of blending out your perfectly blushed, contoured, and concealed eyes. You get the idea. This product goes on easyily, ever so gently but precisely on the face with minimal blending as it goes right where you want it to and then sets the same. Very different texture as it is not like a paint pot, luster drop, or a powder. However, if you were to put a lot of Fix + in a beautiful highly pigmented very fine powder until it was on the verge of being a cream and then pressed it really hard hard together and it never dried out in the pan, this is what I would describe it like. Whe you rub your finger over an eyeshadow and it picks up on your finger, this is similar to how this product picks up but almost smoother because of that wet texture I described. This is what makes it inique as a highlighter. In the past I have used things like Shroom and Nylon for really Dramatic and fancy highlights and but this product has the epitome of perfection in highlight colorings They are all beautiful. MAC has just made the bar unreachable for any competitor. As if they had any. You also get your money's worth with this product as the pan is rather large at 9.gm. Happy. Highlighting!!! Less

- maccosmetics.com
M·A·C userJanuary 30, 2017

My H.G of Highlight! !!

I've been using these finishes for quite a few years most being L.E until Mac decided to make them in a permanent range, and they are the best out there, there is nothing else like these in my opinion. The whole extra dimension line is absolutely revolutionary,I have quite a few shadows as well.But the skin finish is honestly perfect, they give me just the right amount of glow in my upper cheek and browbone people always comment and ask what I'm wearing. The formula is quite unique it's of a creamy texture but applies like a powder and stays on and exactly where you put it, it does not fade or bunch up and just gives skin the most perfect glow. I apply with a small steeple brush directly in my spacificially targeted areas that I want to add a pop, before these were made permanent I used to use one of the mauve shades of extra demention eyeshadow to achieve a similar look! The intensity can be controlled depending how much of a highlight you wast from just a light wash to a bold glow. Im beyond thrilled that these are now in the permanent Mac line up♡♡♡♡ « less

- M·A·C
M·A·C userMarch 30, 2012


These skinfinishes are perfect for that glowing look. I am absolutely in love with Glorify. The texture is creamy and VERY pigmented so a little goes a long way. I purchased all three and they look great mixed together. Definitely my fav product so far.

- M·A·C
Nordstrom userNovember 13, 2016

unique shades, excellent quality

The shades of these highlighters range from colorful luminosity to everyday shine. What I love is the formula - the powder is not overly powdery or creamy, but more stiff. This allows the product to be worn anywhere from sheer to intense shine. I would recommend something like the Elf Blush Brush over something like the Morphe M510 (it picks up the product better). I have Double Gleam and Beaming Blush and they are both beautiful colors I don't have in any of my other highlighters. While they are not holy grail status or the BEST of the BEST, they are still great quality, with the ability to be subtle or intense. I also love how they don't look cakey when built up on the skin.

- Nordstrom
Bloomingdale's userJanuary 24, 2017

You May Wish to Skip the Light Fantastic

M-A-C's Extra Dimension Skinfinish may be a galaxy too far in terms of makeup for older gals with dry skin or patches. If you apply this powder wet, to increase luminosity, the high points of your face may go from quite subtle shimmering planes to blinding beacons, more warning signals than celebrations.Repeat after me: Moist is good. Artificial gleam can be unsightly and embarrassing.This product is selling so well that M-A-C is making it permanent, but don't assume that it will flatter you, Still, M-A-C (you gotta love 'em) has lots of products that can help you to wear the powders if you really, really want to, and other brands do as well. The trick is to moisturize. Use M-A-C Mineralize Foundation with SPF 15. Try Strobe Cream and more moisturizer on top of this. Try a liquid shimmer from Kevyn Aucoin or Becca as a base. Spray with M-A-C Fix Plus or Mineralize Charged Water.Dab the powder wet on the center of your lips. Awesome-sauce! Use it sparingly under your brows.This is not a day-in-the-park or -office look. Book dinner reservations, and get glowing! « less

- Bloomingdale's


Overall safe Ingredients

C12-20 acid peg-8 esterhazard
Polysorbate 80hazard

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