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Lucy Redd
combinationCombination Skin

Does anyone have any tips to get volume in the roots of their hair? I straighten my hair often and I don’t straighten my roots so they have volume but even then my hair has lost so much volume to it. It has also started having breakage at the top of my hair which I never straighten. Any tips?

Ariana Sattari
combinationCombination Skin
R+Co has a great product called Balloon Dry Volume Spray
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Diana Bojorquez
combinationCombination Skin

anyone have recommendations for hair products for super damaged and bleached hair?? (hair masks, shampoo/conditioner or treatments) i feel like my hair is abt to fall off pls help!! #hair #haircare #bleachedhair #help #curlyhair

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Kelly Ashe
dryDry Skin

i have super thin hair that gets greasy very easily... i hate it! any tips or products for this problem???? #hair

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