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Luxury Skincare to Splurge On in 2021

MIRA BEAUTY • updated Jan 15, 2021
Luxury Skincare to Splurge On in 2021

Treat yourself with these skincare products

There are some things in life that are simply worth the splurge - and your skin is one of them. It’s called a “skin-vestment” for a reason, as treating your complexion with kindness and high-quality products from a young age will leave you a glowing, youthful, and smooth complexion down the line. And there are some luxury skincare products that we’re entirely convinced are a magic elixir in a tube. Lancôme and Tatcha are already big names in the beauty community, but did you know that there’s a facial oil that’s literally inspired by queens? Or a luxurious J-Beauty face mask that’s basically an Instagram filter in a sheet? Your face deserves the finest luxury skincare products in the beauty world, and you’ll be glowing into 2021 with the most lavish essentials on MIRA BEAUTY.

Advanced Genifique Yeux Eye Cream by Lancôme, $67

Advanced Genifique Yeux Eye Cream by Lancôme
Source: Lancôme

“This product definitely erases fine lines and smooths your skin around your eye area.” An iconic eye cream from an iconic luxury skincare brand, what more could you expect from Lancôme? Advanced Genifique Yeux Eye Cream has a smooth gel texture that’s simply dreamy, effortlessly absorbing into your eye area and locking in hydration to prevent all the skin aging issues. We’re talking fine lines and crow’s feet, yes, but also the dark circles, puffiness, and uneven texture that often shows up in this area. This is all thanks to Bifidus Extract, which supports the skin’s natural moisture barrier, plus Vitamin C and Lactobacillus Ferment to hydrate your skin and keep you looking bright-eyed. Apply this eye cream alone in the morning and at night to see a beautiful difference in your complexion, because there’s nothing greater than a compliment on your bare skin. Or simply wear it under your concealer for a smoother canvas and flawless finish.

U.F.O. Ultra-Clarifying Face Oil by Sunday Riley, $80

U.F.O. Ultra-Clarifying Face Oil by Sunday Riley
Source: Sunday Riley

“I’ve been using the Sunday Riley UFO. I have a few cystic hormonal acne spots and it has helped. Fair warning it’s pricey. But it’s worth it.” Looking for an out-of-this-world acne treatment that zaps zits, smooths fine lines and wrinkles, and leaves you with your most fresh, clear complexion? Look no further than U.F.O. Ultra-Clarifying Face Oil by Sunday Riley. It’s formulated with 1.5% Salicylic Acid, one of the top skincare ingredients of 2020, to unclog pores and prevent blemishes and breakouts. What makes U.F.O stand out from the many other SA luxury skincare products in the beauty world? Care and caution. “Salicylic acid is notoriously over-drying, leaving your skin stripped and looking irritated,” says brand founder and CEO Sunday Riley. “By infusing Salicylic Acid into clarifying oils, the drying effects of salicylic acid are nipped in the bud, while all of the treatment aspects are in full-force.” Indeed, this luxury skincare product also includes nourishing Tea Tree and Black Cumin Seed oils to purify the skin and leave you with an even tone, countering the drying effects of Salicylic Acid. And then there’s Licorice Root Extract and Hexylresorcinol - fading dark spots to guarantee that your skin is always bright and blemish-free. 93% of MIRA guests agree that U.F.O provides redness relief and is great for sensitive skin, and you’ll be in love with this luxury skincare product.

Luminous Overnight Memory Serum Concentrate by Tatcha, $110

 Luminous Overnight Memory Serum Concentrate by Tatcha
Source: Tatcha

Tatcha calls this anti-aging cream, “beauty sleep in a jar,” and it sounds about right to us. Luminous Overnight Memory Serum works flawlessly alongside the brand’s Luminous Dewy Skin Mist, and features a blend of natural ingredients to give you the dewy glow you deserve. Even right before bed! Okinawa Red Algae and Squalane assist the skin’s natural moisture barrier and lock in hydration, and as any anti-aging skincare enthusiast knows... extra moisture plumps up the delicate areas of the skin and fills in fine lines! Meanwhile, you have Tatcha's Signature Hadasei-3 blend of Green Tea, Rice, and Algae, which keeps all the aging issues away - wrinkles and fine lines, dullness, uneven texture, you name it. You need a night cream that melts into your skin and delivers a dreamy, youthful glow in just one night - and while that may seem like a large feat, we totally believe that one of the best Tatcha skincare products can do it. And the rest of our community does, too - as this luxury skincare product has top ratings for being hydrating, anti-aging, and brightening for all skin types.

The Eye Concentrate by La Mer, $235

The Eye Concentrate by La Mer
Source: La Mer

Meet the eye cream by La Mer that’s a crucial part of Desi Perkins’s beauty routine. Maybe it’s a little bougie, but if there’s one part of your face that deserves all the attention, time, and money… it’s the under eyes. This area is the first to show signs of aging, and you can keep the crow’s feet away for good with The Eye Concentrate. It’s packed with Lime Tea Concentrate, a rich antioxidant that protects against dark circles and keeps the fragile skin in this area protected against environmental pollution. There’s also Concentrated Miracle Broth that delivers hydration and energizes your under eyes, while Clarity Ferment reduces fine lines and brightens your look. The Eye Concentrate does everything you would expect from an eye cream and more, and you can achieve youthful radiance into your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and beyond with this luxury skincare product. Our MIRA community loves it, with 93% agreeing that The Eye Concentrate is anti-aging and 95% saying that it’s great for mature skin!

Advanced Ceramide Capsules by Elizabeth Arden, $83

Advanced Ceramide Capsules by Elizabeth Arden
Source: Elizabeth Arden

One luxury case, 60 capsules to perfect and protect your skin with advanced anti-aging technology. Ceramides and Cholesterol are ingredients often heard in the same sentence, as both are natural substances with the power to repair and protect the skin’s moisture barrier… and you’ll find both of these powerhouse ingredients in the Advanced Ceramide Capsules. Each biodegradable capsule by Elizabeth Arden contains just the right amount of serum to cover your face and neck - and this formula is packed with Cholesterol, a Ceramide Lipid complex, Tsubaki Oil, and fatty acids to intensify your anti-aging routine. By just how much, exactly? A clinical study by Elizabeth Arden showed that these capsules take 10 years (!) off your skin’s appearance in as little as two weeks, while 100% of participants showed an improvement in skin radiance and luminosity. And then there’s the hydration, even skin tone, smoothness, and reduction in fine lines that help you reclaim your skin’s youth - even if you’re only in your 20’s or 30’s. Sure, it’s a little pricey… but this luxury makeup product is an anti-aging powerhouse!

Cellular Mineral Face Exfoliator by La Prairie, $145

Cellular Mineral Face Exfoliator by La Prairie
Source: La Prairie

Don’t hate, exfoliate. Even the best moisturizers and serums won’t be effective when your pores are clogged with impurities, and this exfoliating treatment by La Prairie will remove all the blackheads, dead skin, and oil to perfection. How do you know that Cellular Mineral Face Exfoliator is a real luxury skincare product? It’s made with diamonds, and will also make your face sparkle like one. This formula is infused with mineral-rich powders of crystal quartz, tourmaline, and pure diamond to gently exfoliate and leave your skin feeling smooth and shiny. It also won’t dry out your skin like many exfoliators do, as it takes extra care to seal in hydration and remove only the bad stuff! As Rihanna once said, “shine bright like a diamond,” and your face will do just that with this luxury skincare product by La Prairie.

Facial Treatment Mask by SK-II, $139

Facial Treatment Mask by SK-II
Source: SK-II

Calling all sheet mask enthusiasts, this one’s for you. As much as you love your 10-pack of masks that you get at Target for only $10, the Facial Treatment Mask by SK-II is pretty fancy. Sure, it’s pricey… but there’s a reason that people can’t stop talking about this award-winning J-beauty face mask. It’s drenched with a high concentration of Pitera, a blend of vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and organic acids that work together to accelerate the natural surface rejuvenation process. As a result, you’ll get the “crystal clear” skin that countless beauty publications and influencers can’t stop talking about. It may even be better than an in-spa facial!

Beauty Elixir by Caudalie, $49

Beauty Elixir by Caudalie
Source: Caudalie

What do you, Blake Lively, and Margot Robbie have in common? You’re all super gorgeous, yes… but you also share a love for this luxury skincare product by Caudalie. What can we say? One glance at the Beauty Elixir shows you that this mist is fit for a queen. Perhaps it’s the elegant packaging, or more likely the fact that this cult beauty product is beloved by celebrities, makeup artists, and beauty enthusiasts around the world. Inspired by an “elixir of youth” made for Queen Isabelle of Hungary in the 16th century, this facial mist is infused with nourishing ingredients like grape seed extract, orange blossom, rose, myrrh and organic balm mint. One or two spritzes will give your skin a refreshing pick-me-up and boost of radiance, in addition to smoothing fine lines while tightening pores. Or just use it to set makeup and lock in your look all day. Basically, you’ve found the fountain of youth in a bottle, and it’s the best luxury skincare product to create a natural glow-up in 2021.

Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2 by SkinCeuticals, $128

 Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2 by SkinCeuticals
Source: Skinceuticals

Being called “mature” is generally a compliment, unless we’re talking about skin. The sad truth is that mature skin begins at just 40 years old, the same age as Kim Kardashian West and Kristen Bell, and you need the right lipid-packed skincare products to protect your skin against the effects of aging. Like the Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2 by SkinCeuticals. This enriching, fast-absorbing formula contains a blend of essential lipids - Cholesterol, Ceramides, and fatty acids - to restore elasticity and hydration. But not without a little help from Vitamin E, the skin-smoothing ingredient found in all your favorite lip balms and under eye masks. This nutrient supports natural cell repair and reproduction, protecting against the environmental damage that causes fine lines and dullness. And you’ll get even more protection against free radicals (and less wrinkles!) with antioxidant-rich essential oils - making Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2 the luxurious and lipid-packed formula for all skin types. If you’ve seen Kim K’s glowy and gorgeous complexion, you know that ultimate radiance is achievable at any age, and this Skinceuticals favorite is the ideal mix of beauty and wellness for a youthful glow up.

Capture Youth Glow Booster Age-Delay Illuminating Serum by Dior, $95

Capture Youth Glow Booster Age-Delay Illuminating Serum by Dior
Source: Dior

Glow hard or go home with Dior, the luxury skincare brand that’s guaranteed to give you that glowing, French girl complexion. Glow Booster Age Delay Illuminating Serum is a luxury skincare product formulated with Murunga Plum, known to be 100 times more concentrated in Vitamin C than oranges, plus AHA’s to exfoliate, even out, clarify, and brighten your complexion for the glow up you deserve. And it’s not just a brightness boost you’ll receive, but also antioxidant protection against environmental stress, fatigue, and all the other annoying things that cause dullness in the skin. If you’ve ever seen any French girl, ever, you know that her skin is enviously clear, youthful, and bright… and you can recreate the same Parisian glimmer with a serum for glowing skin that gives you major Emily in Paris vibes.

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