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Yulisa Luna
Combination Skin

Need some lashes ? Use discount “LUNA “at checkout to save some money!

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Yulisa Luna
Combination Skin

LASH DISCOUNT CODE ! Use my code “Luna” to same $$ on some beautiful lashes ! They just launched !

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Victoria Gaskell
Combination Skin

Has any one use these Florence by Mills products? Do you like them? -Look alive eye balm -Glow yeah lol oil

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Combination Skin

i have the skin tint and the concealer! the skin tint is matte and i had problems with it til i mixed in my moisturizer and a different colored skin tint to add my undertones and more moisture. — i also had problems with it cracking around my mouth and not sitting on my nose properly but i just had to change my primer. the concealer is really good for light coverage and is very hydrating so if you have a problem with other concealers creasing, i think you’d like the concealer. also i think a little goes a long way too just because its very watery. since it’s from a clean brand i haven’t had any breakouts or problems with my skin. :)