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True Match Super Blendable Powder by L'Oreal

True Match Super Blendable Powder

blends well(159)
coverage: medium coverage
Variation: C1 ALABASTER

Top Reviews


blends well

i am pleased with the color and blends well

- Ulta User

very soft and blendable i highly recommend

- Lorealparisusa User



i would definitlet buy this product again , it was a powder that was very close to my natural color and the finish of it gives a nice finish without looking cakey , i have acne and acne scars and it diminishes both when i put this one with a good foundation

- Ulta User

blends great - doesn't look cakey or powdery

- Target User

staying power


i am always looking for a good powder that gives my face the coverage it needs and also to last throughout the day

- Viewpoints User

works really well for my face and it lasts all day

- Target User


no flashback

i found out by shining my phone's flashlight into it (you guys should try it too), and my face was all shimmering

- Ulta User

since i'm black, powders often leave my skin with an ashy hue but this blended really well and was the exact match to my skin

- Ulta User



i love the how it covers well, a little goes a long way and the way my face feels silky and looks fresh and natural

- Ulta User

i love the how it covers well, a little goes a long way and the way my face feels silky and looks fresh and natural

- Ulta User

under eye

good for under eye

it give my skin a light, even look and covers up freckles and dark spots under my eyes without looking fake or cakey

- Drugstore User

anyway, the l'oreal true match super-blendable powder covers the lighter under-eye areas created by squinting and sunglasses, and it almost hides the white just below my chin, where the sun rarely reaches

- Viewpoints User

pore minimizing

pore minimizing

this is one of my favorite powders and i will keep buying it in the future as it really is perfect for covering larger pores and keeping my face looking great

- Viewpoints User

this foundation covers my redness, smooths the appearance of pores, and gives me an even finish

- Target User

color accuracy


the foundation was fine and i verified that they were the same shade but the powder like i said made my face look orange and uneven

- Ulta User

then i would look at myself in the mirror 30 minutes later to find that the foundation had oxidized to a completely orange odd looking color

- Viewpoints User


non brightening

but this blush just makes me look even more dull and pale

- Lorealparisusa User

i like a makeup with a glow look and i look dull

- Lorealparisusa User


medium coverage

great for light to medium coverage and those wanting a natural finish

- Ulta User

it gives me medium coverage and isn't heavy or cakey at all

- Ulta User
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ulta.com userFebruary 6, 2017

amazing, sets makeup without changing the finish

I freaking love this. It is so hard to find a powder that you can set your makeup with that won't take away the finish of the foundation you're wearing. At first, this WILL make your makeup look matte. As soon as it warms up to your skin, maybe 30 minutes later, the finish of your foundation comes through. So if you use a luminous foundation, this will look matte but then the luminosity will come through. I also set my underlies with this. Not too heavy, sets my concealer, doesn't crease, and NO FLASHBACK! so hard to find in an under eye powder. This is really a great product, I am considering buying a darker shade to use as bronzer since I already have a light shade to highlight and a shade that matches my skin tone to set my makeup before i apply blush bronzer and highlight. Idk what else to say except that this is awesome and I love it. I have no idea how the coverage is when you use it alone because I don't use it as a powder foundation Less

- ulta.com
viewpoints.com userMarch 16, 2014


I absolutely love this powder foundation, and I think it is one of the best drugstore compact powders on the market. This product offers a medium coverage and has a matte finish without making skin look cakey. I have oily, acne prone skin, so having a matte finishing powder is essential for me, and this product delivers exactly what I need. I love how blendable this powder is too, and it makes my skin look extra smooth and it has an almost airbrushed finish, without accentuating my pores, fine lines, or wrinkles. This powder does an amazing job of covering up small spots like old acne scars and small sun spots, and helps reduce the redness of blemishes. I think this is an extremely affordable compact powder, and it is even department store quality. All in all, I was very impressed with this product and I will definitely be purchasing this again. I would recommend this product to people of all skin types, but I would especially urge people with oily skin to buy this product because of its amazing matte finish and coverage of acne scars and other small blemishes. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="-6184635075841778739-full" data-show="-6184635075841778739-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>

- viewpoints.com
ulta.com userJuly 9, 2019

This has forever changed the way I view compact powder.

I have combination skin with the oiliest part being my nose, the driest part is between my eyebrows and the rest of my face is relatively normal. I've tried several loose powders to set my face and all of them caused the driest part of my face to badly flake. I heard that pressed powder isn't as drying, so I decided to give this a try based off of the positive reviews. It's not perfect but I no longer have flakes of skin falling off from the driest part of my face when I use this powder, so I am pleased. I haven't experienced any issues with this powder on the rest of my face. It has a natural finish and when I use it with a setting spray the powder stays on all day. I have this in shades W2, W3, W4 and W5 so I'm covered throughout the year when my skin is at its palest to its darkest. I've used it both over a BB cream and on its own. I get the best coverage when I use it with a BB cream though I'd say it has light to medium coverage when used on its own. I apply this using a kabuki brush so I have control over blending and only use the sponge included when I'm traveling though it's not ideal. To minimize my beauty products I'm considering using this as my sole foundation when I run out of my BB cream. I recommend giving this a try if you have combination skin or want to simplify your beauty routine. Less

- ulta.com
viewpoints.com userApril 18, 2014

Product creases into wrinkles and settles into pores.

I would have to categorize this particular product into one of the worst drugstore makeup buys I have purchased. Not to be confused with the L'Oreal powder, this is a compact makeup that applies as a foundation. It has a creamy texture that tends to make the skin look unflattering by settling into pores and wrinkles. I could not stand to use this makeup after one time of trying it out!This compact makeup has no offensive odor, and neither does it have any particular scent. It provides light to medium coverage, with it being nearly impossible to build up as it becomes very greasy throughout the day. This makeup also tends to slide around on the skin, giving off unflattering spots if I accidentally touch my skin or if I take off my sunglasses. This is not a product that I would recommend. I am also shocked to see that so many have given it high reviews. I think that there must have been a misunderstanding between this product and the original L'Oreal powder compacts. « less

- viewpoints.com
viewpoints.com userMay 3, 2010

True match actually does match your skin!

Although I still stand by the fact that this works best when paired with the powder (use this first, THEN powder,) I absoultly love this product! It doesn't cause acne, it's pretty light to put on, it covers the dark circles under my eyes, and it matches with my skin. I've had dry in the past so it's really great to find a product that doesn't make my skin look powdery, cakey, or flakey after I use it. This is really one of those products I keep buying...but beware the little glass bottle can break if dropped (which i have on accident), and I wish they would put it into a cute plastic bottle too so it would be more likely to not shatter. I also like that a little goes a logn way with this product--just a dab under your eyes and on your nose, chin, and forehead--blend it in--and your done. It's really that easy. But definitly my favorite thing about this is that it matches your skin when you find one close to your skin time (C1 is my color too.) <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>

- viewpoints.com


Overall safe Ingredients

Tocopheryl Acetatehazard
Zinc Oxideacne

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Drugstore powder? I’ve been using fit me powder but i need something that looks flawless.
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Fatima balogun
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I love this powder I use darker shades for contour and bronzer as well
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Liquid or powder foundation ? I have always used liquid because I like the medium-full coverage but I want to branch out to powder. Your a powder foundation person any drugstore/affordable recommendations ? #foundation #face #makeup #drugstore #affordable #recommendation #asap
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I wore this powder when I started weating makeup to cover my acne. It’s great for the price and has nice coverage when applied with the spong round applicator.
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Recommendations for a relatively inexpensive, natural looking finishing powder? Something without skin irritants for sensitive skin and non drying
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This one is good!
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What is the best kind of drug store compact powder for oily skin ?
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I have oily skin and this works good for me
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OilyOily Skin
My mom came to visit me at school today, and this was my makeup for our day out! I’ve been out of my Kylie Cosmetics concealer for so long now, and I really haven’t found any of the other concealers that I have to go well with the Mac foundation I love. I was super impressed today when I got more and was able to use this base duo again. I forget how smooth and seamlessly finished it looks on my skin! After applying these, then baking with the dermablend powder, when I flick all the powder off it just looks like porcelain almost. I don’t know that I’ll ever find a better duo for me lol. Also I layered MAC cream sheen lipstick in Creme in My Coffee under the buxom lipstick, and it made the perfect color/finish. I’m definitely going to be turning to this pair often as well.
Profile picture of Madeline Hayes
Madeline Hayes
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Profile picture of Madeline Hayes
Madeline Hayes
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Post skin care glowy quick face!✨ took my light makeup off once I got back to my dorm after a long day of classes and needed a little relaxing session before I went to study with a group of friends. Did the YesTo Unicorn Peel off mask, Kylie skin vanilla milk toner, cbd brightening serum, Murad acne clearing solution, and Mac Radiance primer. I followed with the actual makeup: abh foundation stick to contour blended out with beauty blender before makeup,Elf foundation applied w beauty blender and builded to desired coverage, dermablend to bake/set all over and flicked off, L’Oréal powder all over w Jaclyn hill powder brush, elf kabuki brush, then layered in contour areas w jh contour brush. Light blush with Nars dusted rose I think is the name, highlight in tartlette pallet w small brush on cheek bones, forehead, chin, upper lip, and lightly on jaw and above eyes. Lastly, naked illumination (the sparkles one) on highlight spots and finished with too faced hangover setting spray and too faced liquid melted lipstick.
Profile picture of Madeline Hayes
Madeline Hayes
OilyOily Skin
Loveddd this today. I’ve been feeling pale so I did a coat of Bondi Sands tanning mouse before dinner, and matched it with this natural tan glam ish. Not necessarily glam, but not fully natural. I feel like it basically ended up just being little things to enhance my facial features and not so much paint them up lol. Used the hangover spray as primer, applied Mac foundation right onto my face and blended with my original It cosmetics foundation brush, set with Born this Way powder (with my Jaclyn Hill x Morphe rose gold powder brush), and added a little blush for color. I didn’t do highlight and sparkles like I’ve been doing with my natural makeup, because I feel like the tan glow kinda sufficed. Finished it off with my light brows and drug store mascara, and this literally lasted allllll day and covered awesome.💓 @
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good powders that aren’t too pricey?
Profile picture of Yaliza Rogers
Yaliza Rogers
CombinationCombination Skin
I swear by this powder for the past two years classic tan is literally my skin in powder form. Love it for the quality and price.
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I haven’t done a bold red look in a long time and apparently I’ve really missed it! I used to do a look very similar to this a couple years ago, so it was fun to kinda redo it with the new products and skills and maturity that I didn’t have before. Red is one of the colors for the college that I’m about to attend, so I was trying out a possible game day outfit/makeup duo. Missing products are Kylie Cosmetics Kybrow pencil and under brow highlight stick.