Color Riche La Palette Lip - Pink by L'Oreal

Color Riche La Palette Lip - Pink


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"loreal nude lip pallete is great for casual nights the texture is creamy and stays on perfect what i loved most was how long it stayed on and kept its shine for hours"
- Walgreens User
"i love the silky texture and colors of this lip palette"
- Walgreens User
"it doesn't feel heavy and it's not too bold, nice and subtle, which is how i like my lip color"
- Walgreens User
"glossy or matte, they both feel so light on my lips and the colors look great together or alone"
- Walgreens User
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"the texture was smooth and soft"
- Walgreens User
"l’oreal paris® colour riche® la palette lip is amazing, it variety of colors for every occasion and smooth texture gives a glam look instantly to my lips"
- Walgreens User
staying powerlonglasting
"i love this palette, awesome colors, long lasting and i love the combo ideas on the back"
- Walgreens User
"i was pleasantly surprised how well it stayed on"
- Walgreens User
chapped lipshydrates lips
"expertly curated colors with 3 unique finishes: cream lipstick gives your lips an awesome soft plump look, matte lipstick enhances and outlines your lips and defines them and the highlighter gives your lips the finishing touch to make them stand out"
- Walgreens User
"i am asian with a medium tan and black hair (purple ombre ends ;) i love that i can mix it up from day to day and the formulation is very smooth, feels very moisturizing with a good color payoff"
- Walgreens User


Walgreens User
Sheer, hydrates lips, lightweight
What a fantastic way to embrace fall's bold amethyst shades! The L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche® La Palette Lip in Plum 02 has eight shades of vibrant jewel-toned purple lipsticks. The shades can be blended together to create endless looks or even custom colours! The first look I created with this palette was one of three suggestions on the back of the palette. With a detailed sketch and instructions, I used the included lip brush to recreate the "Exotic Orchid" look. Sheer pale lavender creme was applied to the center of my lips, followed by a lavender shimmer with a pink glitter shift on the outer lip. I filled in under the cupid's bow with a hot magenta and did the same in the center of my lower lip. The "Exotic Orchid" look is subtle and sweet, almost understated but truly rich and layered at the same time. Totally wearable for a day at the office or a yoga class. Delicate but pretty. The texture of these lipsticks is very smooth. There is no fragrance whatsoever (thank goodness!), so it didn't smell like chemicals or artificial food. The glitter lipstick was also exceptionally smooth and glides on like a dream. The shimmer particles are tiny and never grainy or textured. They didn't feel heavy or chunky, which is a huge relief! The lipstick lasted about 3.5 hours on me before fading, and transferred to my cups. It was very moisturizing, so unlike those popular liquid lipsticks that last all day, the L’Oreal Paris® Colour Riche® La Palette lipsticks left my lips feeling soft and moisturized, long after the color faded. The variety of sumptuous purple shades ranges from pale lavender to deep plum, and everything in between, so it literally feels like a million different lip looks are in your hands when you are holding this palette. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]
Walgreens User
Not longlasting, doesn't hydrate lips, not smooth
I think that the nude palette basically all blended together. There wasn't much difference in the shades at all. I like the texture and creaminess of the product, I don't like that it doesn't stay on very well. The brush that came with the palette left a lot to be desired... I like that it felt moisturizing. But I will not recommend this to someone who wants a lip product that stays on. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]
Walgreens User
Hydrates lips, lightweight, longlasting
I'll start with my general thoughts about the L'Oreal LA Palette / Lip product, then I'll work my way through all 8 shades. As a disclaimer, this particular palette probably wouldn't be great if you have a fair skin tone. I have olive skin and love a natural lip color; in my opinion, at least, darker skin tones would work best for this specific color profile. You get 8 colors, all on the same color spectrum - 3 matte shades, 4 cream shades, and one highlighter. You also have one applicator brush that can be cleaned and re-used for all of the colors. If you don't like bold shades of lipstick, this is the right palette for you. For me, bolder and darker lip shades are so much harder to manage throughout the day. I often find my self reapplying constantly, just to keep the color up, so I prefer something with less maintenance. These are great throughout the day, and last a good while before needing to reapply. Highly recommended for an every day lip! Sometimes creams can be too cakey and mattes can dry too fast and look unnatural. These blend very nicely into the lip, and don't lose that initial freshly applied feeling throughout wearing it. Some lipsticks can smear easily, but these did not. Creams are easier to get a darker color from. The mattes more layers to get a deeper color. The mattes are definitely easier to apply than the creams are, but none of them are difficult to get on. They're all very easy to create a shape with, especially with the soft applicator brush. With the matte colors, the stamina is much better than other mattes that I have experienced in the past, as these shades are lighter and don't harden like others do. I really do enjoy everything about this lip palette. To me, the only downside is that the colors are so similar to each other. It'd be nice to have more of a spectrum / range of color, maybe a darker brown or something along those lines. Now, for the 8 shades: 1 - CREAM: Goes on smooth - Need to apply a couple layers to a darker color (this is the darkest of the bunch) - Very minimal upon the first application - Very natural looking but still adds a bit of a different color to my natural lip tone - Goes smooth onto the brush. 2 - MATTE: Goes on really nicely - Feels almost silky to the touch - A light, natural looking color - Feels soft after application doesn't harden like a lot of mattes do (important if you want to keep a natural look all day) 3 - MATTE: Very close to my natural color - Adds a little bit of a peachy / tan tone - Nice sheen - This color would be great on a really tan / dark skin tone. 4 - CREAM: Easiest to get an immediate color from upon first layer application - Sheen and a little bit of sparkle - very subtle but still there. 5 - CREAM: This color happened to nearly match my skin tone, which is always an interesting look if you apply a bold eye - Of all shades, this has the stickiest consistency - Subtle shine. 6 - CREAM: Lighter nude / more on the pink side - nice application. 7 - MATTE: Very natural color - Smooth going on - Favorite of the 7 shades. 8 - HIGHLIGHTER: Goes on smooth - adds a nice sparkle without being obnoxious (as natural as a lip highlighter can be) - Looks great on top of the shades or in the center of the lip. OVERALL: I absolutely recommend this palette to anyone looking for easily applied, natural, long lasting lip colors! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

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