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Pro Contour Palette by Lorac

Pro Contour Palette

staying power(39)
pigmentation: sheer

Top Reviews

staying power


i've only used it once so far, but i was very impressed with how this product went on and stayed on all night

- Ulta User

the color lasts all day and holds up well into the night

- Ulta User


blends well

i love how it blends well

- Ulta User

i love how well this blends

- Ulta User



powder isn't heavy, easy to blend, and looks great on my skin

- Ulta User

it goes on a little heavy so play with it to get your best combination of colors

- Ulta User



i love the buttery texture and high pigmentation, you only need a little product to go a long way with the contour colors and they turn out beautiful

- Ulta User

buttery texture, easy to build and no hassle blending

- Ulta User



the highlight shades are amazing as well, not to mention the shimmer highlight is fantastic and when sheered out is the best highlight for the cheek bones, totally beats anastasia shimmer highlight

- Ulta User

(im mac nc42, nars sheer glow: syracuse)

- Nordstrom User
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ulta.com userMarch 22, 2016

It Just Didn't Blend

I was originally going to get the Anastasia Contour Kit but an Ulta worker recommend I get the Lorac contour palette. So I did and asked my self what's the harm, considering the fact that my pro palettes are really good. I had really high hopes for this palette but it died the second I tried it on my face. The texture is creamy just as the Lorac eye shadow but it wouldn't blend. I thought it was because of the brush it came with so I tried using another one but that didn't work. I even tired just using my fingers. At the end of the day, all I was left with was a streak of brown on my cheekbone.

- ulta.com
ulta.com userFebruary 26, 2016


first contour palette.!! Its exactly what I was picturing. I have acne prone skin and some things can make me brake out, I tend to stay away from sticky creamy textures so I was only up for contouring if they had it in powder (which they do) This is worth the money.! Its got a great pigment.! I love the highlight colors also, this made me look amazing.. plus it comes with a contouring brush that blended everything so beautifuly.! I definitely reccomend.!!

- ulta.com
ulta.com userDecember 9, 2016

Switched my 'brand loyalty' to Lorac & will not go back!

I was using the Anastasia contour kit for a long time, until I arrived at Ulta to see that the kit I needed was sold out. The Lorac contour kit was recommended to me by a sales rep, and I do not think I will ever go back to Anastasia's contour kit! I love this matte finish, and how easy it glides onto my skin. The colors are highly pigmented without going over the top cartoonish. The contour blends effortlessly, and stays on all night. I am so happy with this purchase! I have sensitive skin that can be prone to acne, and I would often notice black heads would appear after using the darker colors of the Anastasia kit - with Lorac, I have not had that problem at all.

- ulta.com
ulta.com userJuly 23, 2015

The BEST contour kit around!

This is seriously amazing. Its buttery soft and a tad bit goes a long way. It so densely pigmented! I always start with the lightest contour and then slowly build up for a dramatic look on thos extra sultry days. The shimmer is amazing and you only need a tiny bit! I use with a makeup setting spray and I've gotten 12 hours of flawless coverage with this contour kit. The brush is soft but strong enough to let you buff and blend, it can handle the abuse. I highly recommend this. It better than the Anastasia Beverly Hills contour palette. Go with this one.

- ulta.com
ulta userMarch 18, 2019

LOVE. Worth it for the highlighters alone

ABSOLUTELY LOVE and would purchase again and again. For product diversity and the ability to achieve different effects I purchased both this palette (powder) and the Anastasia Beverly Hill cream contour kit, but this one is definitely my favorite. Very pigmented and blends easily and beautifully - seems best to go light with the hand as you grab product due to the high level of pigmentation and build as desired. I will note that my face has natural contouring so I've only been using the palette for highlighting, but the palette is worth it for the highlighting abilities alone. Plus based on the color of my skin I am sure I will find uses for the light and medium contour powders that doesn't have to do with contouring. Additionally, I have oily skin (a lot of makeup lifts off my face after a relatively short time)yet this powder sits beautifully and stays all day. Even as a newbie to makeup I find this palette incredibly easy to use. My beauty routine doesn't actually take 30 minutes, but there was no choice between 10 minutes and 30. I am also just now getting into makeup, so I think once I get use to all of the processes, brushes etc. it will go even faster.

- ulta


Overall safe Ingredients

Propylene Glycolhazard
CI 19140hazard
Ethylhexyl Palmitateacneirritant

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