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Sarah Cotter
Sensitive Skin

I’m sick of my lashes looking non-existent!! What’s a good mascara? I’ve tried so many I’m running out of ideas... 🙃 Like ‘better than sex’ by too faced did nothing for me, that wand is the worst ☠️ #mascara

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Mikayla Luna Rieser
Combination Skin

I thought I was the only one who hated that mascara lol!!! I really enjoy the Lash Stiletto in waterproof by Maybelline. My eyelashes are really straight and I find the only way my curl stays is if I use waterproof and baby oil is an easy way to remove it. I’ve tried a lot of newest mascaras but I always go back to this one. It’s awesome for length and also adds some volume.

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Elizabeth Wood
Sensitive Skin

What’s the best moisturizer with sunscreen that doesn’t feel too heavy and is good for sensitive skin?

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Julia C
Combination Skin

i love this moisturizer by neutrogena! it’s soaks in to your skin instantly and makes it so soft

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Abby Cook
Oily Skin

I've used proactive forever and it's done nothing for me lately! Any tips on getting rid of acne on oily skin? I feel like the proactive is just drying it out, so are there any good moisturizers that won't make my skin more greasy?

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Julia B
Oily Skin

i use bioclarity products and it is all natural and will not harm your skin! i have very oily skin and these products give you a glow look rather than oily