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Best Long-Lasting Pigmented Liquid Highlighters

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Profile picture of autumn e
autumn e
Oily Skin

do liquid highlighters work? they seem messy and i’ve only heard bad things about them 😅

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Profile picture of Autumn Grounds
Autumn Grounds
Dry Skin

The coverfx drops are great (not the glitter ones). They can apply over the top of powder in small amounts. If you are going to use a liquid I would recommend putting it on after foundation and before powder. Avoid powdering the areas that you applied it on. If you want to set it you can set it with a powder highlighter for an extra pop of glow. Don’t apply them straight to your face. Use a small brush to apply it and if needed blend around the edges with a damp beauty sponge to make a seamless transition

Profile picture of nicole21 forever
nicole21 forever
Combination Skin

What’s more blinding loose powder, pressed powder, gel or liquid highlighters? I’m trying to get a really blinding highlighter that isn’t ashy cause I’m of a darker skin tone 😅

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Profile picture of Gabi Paulino
Gabi Paulino
Combination Skin

If you want to go all out I would use a gel or liquid base under foundation in the same area you are going to highlight and then go over top with a powder/loose powder. Both can be great but it really depends on the brand you go for, I feel like you can get a really blinding loose powder at the drugstore but there are some really good pressed powders if you’re willing to spend a little more money.

Profile picture of Olivia Eve
Olivia Eve
Combination Skin

Best liquid highlighters?

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Profile picture of Crizzy😚✌🏻
Dry Skin

This is a liquid highlighter that I use a lot I don’t think i can tag it on this app because it’s from birch box so look at their web and you can pay for a box of good things for your face i get them as soon as the new ones are out because they are really good for my skin and make it look shiny