Best Long-Lasting Pigmented Highlighter Creams

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Too many options?

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Lupita Martinez
Combination Skin

Any good full coverage long lasting foundation?

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Tayleigh Nicole
Combination Skin

Kat Von D is perfect for lasting wear and is completely full coverage! I got it last year for a wedding and have been using it ever since. Perfect for pictures as well!

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Julia Namhtor
Dry Skin

Any recommendations for a BB cream or tinted moisturizer? I have been using the Maybelline BB Dream Fresh cream, but want something more long lasting! Please do not comment with the IT Cosmetic CC cream, it was too cakey on my face and too much coverage! Thank you :)

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Hannah South
Combination Skin

Need some help! So i has been doing makeup for about 2 years. I’m really good on my skin care,foundation, primer, highlighter and pretty much all that. Only thing needs fixing is my brows! They look crazy! Suggest some products for me please. I know they are arched weird I try fixing them but I can’t 😔. Oh and also blush, I tend to always put it in the wrong place and I’m kinda stuck....any suggestions for where I put my blush? Sorry for the long post. Hope I get some help.

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jordan k
Combination Skin

Blush for your face shape

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Hannah South
Combination Skin

@jordan k super helpful thank you!