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Best Sellers Lipstick Trio by Lipstick Queen
Lipstick Queen

Best Sellers Lipstick Trio

chapped lips(349)
pigmentation: sheer

Top Reviews

chapped lips

hydrates lips

positives: - no fragrance, no icky taste, goes on smooth, non drying

- Nordstrom User

so silky smooth and moisturizing, not goopy or sticky at all

- Birchbox User



soft and buttery application, feels light, soft and nourishing on the lips, a very faint smell and taste and the color is actually just as good as described (even though it is not described)

- Beauty User

great for lipstick newbies as it feels light & is one coat looks subtle - a better you

- Cult Beauty User



this is a very creamy balm like texture and the color is sheer and amazing

- Birchbox User

it's also got a great texture and is very soft and moisturizing

- Birchbox User



it goes on very smooth, does not tug your skin, does not flow into the vertical lines around the mouth, it stays put

- Spacenk User

i've always been a fan of lipstick queen because they have the best long wear, smooth texture and strong color lipsticks

- Ulta User

staying power


stays on longer than i predicted - i love this product

- Ulta User

the ingredients are much cleaner and yet the color is fabulous and stay on ability long lasting

- Birchbox User



this is my favorite lipstick as of now, the blue slowly turning to a translucent violet and pink really makes for a wonderful twist for an everyday natural look

- Ulta User

what appears on your lips will differ person to person as the blue mixes with the pinks/reds in your lips to create the purple tones, but this is a must have for anyone as it's great for someone who is a minimalist and likes a sheer lip, or for someone adventurous because it's such a neat-looking lippie

- Ulta User
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ulta.com userAugust 26, 2013

Mysterious and sultry!

This is a great (and unique) product! I love the backstory on the name/inspiration for the product, so when I read about it, I basically had to have it. As other reviewers have said, it's a great intro red for those who are not yet ready to all out- or, if you're like me and love wearing red lipstick but work in a more conservative environment, this gives you a way to sneak in that red lip :) Be warned, it is as sheer and subtle as advertised, so do not expect a highly pigmented lipstick when you buy this! It is meant for that just-bitten look and will only build to a certain degree. Oh, and it moisturizes amazingly. The one thing that sets it apart from a red tinted lip balm is the staying power. You can get a similar color with cheaper red balms, but this will last longer, and let's face it, it's just so much cooler! « less

- ulta.com
ulta.com userNovember 17, 2016

My Favorite Shade

This is, by far, the most beautiful lipstick shade I have ever used for my fair complexion. I purchased the mini set with this, Medieval, and Fog Prince, and this is the only one I ever end up using; I purchased it primarily for Frog Prince, but that lipstick is always a different shade on me, a lot of the time, strangely, being a very hot pink. Hello Sailor is the perfect shade of pinkish-blueish-plum, and I never knew how much I needed it.Some things to mention: This won't look good on everyone due to different skin/hair shades. Additionally, I see many complaints that this is way too sheer to be a lipstick, and that they feel deceived. It says in the description that it is sheer. I find that I can layer it twice and achieve a bright enough color, and there are products that can help it last if it doesn't seem to stay on for you. All three of the lipsticks I got in the kit seem stain if you layer them and leave them on long enough.I'd also like to mention how moisturizing this feels. I tend to hate lipstick, since I have perpetually dry lips and lipstick trends to accentuate the cracks, but these products make my lips feel so soft and moisturized, like a very pigmented chapstick.I'm not one to wear heavy lip makeup, so this is perfect! I have a tiny tube of it, but a little goes a long way, so this will last me a while. If I remember to, I'll add a photo of how it looks on me. « less

- ulta.com
Nordstrom userJune 22, 2013

Perfect Everyday Lipstick

I'm not sure that I buy the concept that this lipstick makes you and your jeans look better, but it definitely gives a pretty, natural glow with any outfit. I'm not a fan of heavy lipstick nor do I like gooey gloss, so this fits the bill perfectly. It glides on and though it's on the sheer side, it is highly pigmented and moisturizing. I can wear it for hours without my lips feeling dry or that I have to retouch. I think it's a great universal shade and I'm looking forward to trying other products in the line!

- Nordstrom
ulta.com userFebruary 7, 2015

Not Worth The Price

I've always been intrigued by the Lipstick Queen brand. With their primary focus being lipsticks, I expected some very modern and innovative lip products. When I heard about the color Ice Queen, I had to have it.I've always loved to wear a white gold lip that is sheer, luscious, yet impactful because that is a unique color for lips. I found it in Iman's lipgloss in a pot which has long since been discontinued. So, when I discovered this color, and read the description online, I stalked several Ultas to find out it's only sold online.However, I wish it had been available in a brick and mortar store. I would have swatched and not purchased. Although moisturizing, it barely imparts any color, shimmer or pigment.Buy Nivea's Kiss of Shimmer lip balm for less than 5 bucks. It's the perfect dupe. I'll keep this, but will definitely not repurchase. « less

- ulta.com
Birchbox userApril 17, 2014

lipstick for the lipstick-averse

I've always been a huge fan of lip gloss. Lipstick? Not so much. Lipstick always felt waxy and drying to me, so I stuck to glosses and balms.But secretly, I wanted to wear lipstick. I wanted a beautiful lipstick case, and the lovely pigmentation and staying power that lipstick provided. When I saw the reviews for Lipstick Queen, I thought perhaps I'd found my perfect product. I ordered Medieval.It's wonderful. Although it looks dark in the tube, it actually goes on sheer and light -- it's almost like lip gloss in a tube, but with the extra staying power of lipstick. It doesn't make my lips feel dry like most lipsticks; it feels very moisturizing. And the packaging is stylish and beautiful.

- Birchbox

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