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Wet Cherry Lip Gloss by Lime Crime
Lime Crime

Wet Cherry Lip Gloss

chapped lips(116)
staying power(63)
pigmentation: sheer
Variation: Baby Cherry

Top Reviews


not sticky

it stays on my lips for a good while

- Limecrime User

no sticky mess here, lime crime ladies and gents alike

- Limecrime User

chapped lips

hydrates lips

super comfy and non drying

- Ulta User

smells like cherries, not sticky, nice big applicator, and makes your lips look plump and juicy

- Ulta User



amazing color payoff it's also nonsticky, lightweight and smells just like cherries

- Limecrime User

it has a gorgeous finish and it not sticky or or heavy on the lips

- Limecrime User

staying power


i've been out with this on and it has stayed on really well all day

- Cult Beauty User

i love love love this lip gloss the formula is out of this world and it feels great on my lips stays on for hours and it smells amazing

- Limecrime User



beautifully silky texture, super pigmented, and wow what a shine

- Cult Beauty User

amazing colors, smooth texture, applies & stays really well, smells fantastic

- Ulta User



gives the most gorgeous sheer wash of color ever

- Limecrime User

smells beautiful (like the strawberry syrup you put on icecream) and looks gorgeous, it is sheer but stays on for ages considering it's a gloss

- Limecrime User
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mira userSeptember 12, 2019

I absolutely love this so much to point I don’t go any where with out. It’s hydrating, pretty pigmented, and it has an amazing smell. My only complaint is I wish it would last a little long but for a lipgloss it does last a nice amount of time. I 100% suggest this!

- mira
mira userJanuary 7, 2020

This smells so good like (cherries!) My friend an I both got this color in a gift set and sadly cannot purchase it in full-size. It is long lasting and has a great, sheer red tint. Its bit sticky, though.

- mira
ulta.com userMarch 30, 2020

Decent Lip Gloss if You Hate Lip Gloss

I hate lip gloss. Not the way it looks, but just the whole feel and application. It's messy and inevitably a hair will fall in your face and stick to tour lip and drag a line of lip color across your cheek. This is one of the few formulas I can tolerate. It's comfortable and its really pretty. I wouldn't say it's mess free, but pretty enough to justify it. I like to use lip gloss mostly as a lipstick topper because I like a clean, pigmented lip with staying power but don't always want a completely matte/dry look. if you are looking for a gloss that won't lift up and blend with your lipstick unfortunately this still does that, but at least the formula blends and stays nicely so it doesn't look bad. It's just a bummer because after a while you can't see the glitter because it's covered with lipstick pigment. But it's so dang pretty it's opened me up to lip gloss again. Also I am extremely sensitive to scents and fragrances in cosmetics and I actually enjoy the smell and do not find it overpowering. Rated 5 stars for being so pretty, performance is more like 4 stars. Less

- ulta.com
ulta.com userAugust 1, 2018

Don't last at al

These just don't last. They're all so beautiful, the colors are so rich and pigmented and amazing, they apply like a dream, the packaging is cute, the huge doefoot is great, but they just. Don't. Last. They're gone in ten minutes. They don't come close to outperforming a two dollar tube of Nicka K. So, really, what does it matter how beautiful they are when they won't stay on your lips? Tried Lime Crime's suggestion of applying them over Plushies to make the gloss last, but all it did was obliterate my usually unmoveable coat of Plushies in under ten minutes. Super disappointed. Wanted to love these. I keep using them hoping they'll just be better this time, since I dropped a fair amount of money on the handful that I bought, but I put them on, get in my car, and by the time I get where I'm going a few minutes later, they're just nothing left. So frustrating. At least they look pretty sitting on my vanity, cause that's about all they're good for. « less

- ulta.com
limecrime.com userApril 13, 2019

Awesome as everything always is!

Beautiful non sticky long lasting super hydrating can be sheer or highly pigmented depending on how you apply it. Smells great too. Really no cons 

- limecrime.com

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