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Celery Green Cream With Hyaluronic Acid + Peptides by Volition Beauty
Volition Beauty

Celery Green Cream With Hyaluronic Acid + Peptides

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Profile picture of Hailey Hewatt
Hailey Hewatt
Combination Skin

I have deep somewhat dark eye bags and I would like to cover them for my wedding. I never do very heavy makeup (for me, blush and bronzer is heavy skin makeup) and I know I’m not going to wear foundation for my wedding. I’m trying to find a good concealer that won’t crease that can still cover my eye bags while being somewhat lightweight that won’t look weird without a heavy foundation (I’d be open to a bb or cc cream or maybe tinted moisturizer, which I’d also take suggestions for 😄) I was thinking maybe the new glossier concealer? But I’m not sure. Thoughts? #concealer #eyebags #deepeyebags #tintedmoisturizer #bborcccream #lightweight #lightweightconcealer #lighweightconcealerwithcoverage

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Profile picture of macie
Combination Skin

try this. it’s a game changer. i have very dark, purple under eyes and it looks flawless

Profile picture of Bridget Shannon
Bridget Shannon
Combination Skin

Foundation or tinted moisturizer? I like light coverage and something lightweight. What do you all prefer and why?

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Profile picture of Lindsay Dressnandt
Lindsay Dressnandt
Sensitive Skin

Clinique @Even Better Makeup is the best! I have sensitive, combination skin and I like light, but also buildable coverage. This stuff is amazing. It’s pricier, but a little goes a long way. My bottle has lasted several months.

Profile picture of Angelina Sicoli
Angelina Sicoli
Combination Skin

I really need to find a nice lightweight moisturizer that’s good for combination skin and is good for acne.. does anyone have any suggestions?? 🥺

Profile picture of Sierra Platte
Sierra Platte
Combination Skin

My personal favorite - the iUNIK Beta-Glucan daily moisture cream. It’s got some really great skin goodies including beta-glucan (super hydrating!), berry antioxidants (environmental and blue light protection), centella (for calming redness), and niacinamide (for healing acne scars/preventing acne). It’s a Korean brand and you can find it on Amazon! Hope that helps! ✨