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Minimalist Whipped Powder Blush

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Profile picture of Hailey Hewatt
Hailey Hewatt
Combination Skin

I have deep somewhat dark eye bags and I would like to cover them for my wedding. I never do very heavy makeup (for me, blush and bronzer is heavy skin makeup) and I know I’m not going to wear foundation for my wedding. I’m trying to find a good concealer that won’t crease that can still cover my eye bags while being somewhat lightweight that won’t look weird without a heavy foundation (I’d be open to a bb or cc cream or maybe tinted moisturizer, which I’d also take suggestions for 😄) I was thinking maybe the new glossier concealer? But I’m not sure. Thoughts? #concealer #eyebags #deepeyebags #tintedmoisturizer #bborcccream #lightweight #lightweightconcealer #lighweightconcealerwithcoverage

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Profile picture of macie
Combination Skin

try this. it’s a game changer. i have very dark, purple under eyes and it looks flawless

Profile picture of Z Jay
Z Jay
Combination Skin

We had to dress in purple in spirit of my sons football homecoming game. I used the JH x Morphe Vault palette. Beauty Bakerie brownies for my eyebrows. Beauty Bakerie coffee x Cocoa Palette for my blush, bronzer, and highlighter. Beauty Bakerie flour setting powder. Tarte shape tape concealer. And Black Opal Beauty “Whim” for lips. And some more stuff I tagged 😁 how’s everyone been? I feel like I haven’t been on this app

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Jules Xu
Sensitive Skin

You look like a queen!

Profile picture of Z Jay
Z Jay
Combination Skin

Ahhh thank you lol you know that was what I was going for 💁🏽‍♀️❤️

Profile picture of Z Jay
Z Jay
Combination Skin

Profile picture of Hannah Hughes
Hannah Hughes
Combination Skin

bb creams or light foundations that cover acne well but are lightweight? I’m tired of have to do a full coverage look everyday with the foundation i have. tia

Profile picture of Yasmeen Daily
Yasmeen Daily
Sensitive Skin

I would just mix the perfect as a peach foundation with some moisturizer depending in your desired coverage! And put the zit stick stuff from glossier on my acne, let it dry, prime my face, conceal, and apply my diy tinted moisturizer and you look naturally beautiful!!!