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Burning beauty question? Ask Mira's community to get authentic advice and recommendations from beauty lovers with your skin type and tone.
Gracie Giddens
combinationCombination Skin

I need help with learning how to contour without it looking terrible!! Can someone show me how they contour step by step?

Veronica Baker
dryDry Skin
First you have to make sure you’re finding your correct contour shade and then you always wanna start with a small amount you can always build up more. but you separate your face into thirds so from your forehead to the middle of your eyes is one the middle of your eyes to your cheeks is two and cheeks to jaw is three and you look at what section is the biggest and contour more in that section. when contouring your cheeks start all the way back at your hairline and bring forward to only the middle of your cheek not too close to your mouth. forehead you wanna go from the hairline and more on the sides of your forehead it depends on your face shape and what’s you’re trying to accomplish. where you put the contour is what’s going to sink in. hope this helps you a little bit but there’s still a lot more! there are plenty of youtube videos explaining it or if you go into a makeup store and ask they will be more than happy to help you !!
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Diana Maria Espinoza-Asbell
combinationCombination Skin

New to this app! Learning and starting to collect makeup. Any awesome tips y’all swear by?

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Sam Gunnels
combinationCombination Skin

I’m looking to change my whole makeup routine. I have been doing “glam” makeup for a long time now and I’m kinda getting too lazy for it. I spend way too much time doing it. Like 30-45 minutes, sometimes an hour. I want to be able to do natural no makeup makeup in like 5-10 minutes. I’ve also been focusing taking care of my skin, and learning to love what’s one the surface. ☺️✨ Any good products you’d recommend? Techniques you like using? I’ve been looking for a good bb cream or light foundation that’s glows / is semi dewy. I’m over the matte. It doesn’t look good to me anymore. 🤣 I also need a great natural looking (liquid) highlighter. What’s your preference?

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