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Translucent Loose Setting Powder - Glow by Laura Mercier
Laura Mercier

Translucent Loose Setting Powder - Glow

staying power(97)
coverage: high coverage best use: blending
Variation: Medium Deep
Medium DeepTranslucentTranslucent
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Top Reviews

staying power


lol anyways i love this product my makeup lasts all day and it's really easy and simple to apply

- Lauramercier User

it truly is photo matte finish and will last throughout the whole day

- Lauramercier User



love how lightweight this is and how it feels on my skin

- Sephora User

so silky and lightweight, like air, it just disappears when you set your foundation with it but your foundation and your skin look so much better with it

- Sephora User


no flashback

my makeup stayed on all night and there was no flashback in pictures, just glow

- Lauramercier User

it just gives your skin a subtle glow looking so fresh and flawless, and ladies no flash backs

- Sephora User



i like this powder as it doesn't look like powder under my eyes and does brighten my face/eyes

- Nordstrom User

the overall effect is that of a beautifully brightened face that seems to be the result of purely healthy, supple skin that glows from within

- Sephora User


blends well

it’s blends effortlessly and finishes my makeup without adding any texture

- Sephora User

soft silky powder blends in nicely setting my foundation for the day

- Lauramercier User

under eye

good for under eye

it leaves a beautiful glowly look and it's perfect for these last few days of summer, when you apply this you can apply under your eyes / cheekbones, to get that beautiful glow

- Lauramercier User

there is very fine glitter in the powder so i would definitely not set under my eyes with it or set my whole face with it, but on the cheekbones and swept across the face in a few strategic areas it's a really beautiful touch to a full face or a no make up make up look

- Lauramercier User



i clearly see my skin looking smoother and it helps with my combo skin

- Sephora User

it left my skin looking so flawless and smooth, it was radiant and beautiful

- Lauramercier User

pore minimizing

pore minimizing

it doesn’t clog your pores and gives you an amazing glow look

- Sephora User

this is a great setting powder that subtly illuminates & perfects the face whilst minimising the look of pores and skin imperfections

- Mecca User

color accuracy

doesn't oxidize

with just one layer of coverage, virtually all imperfections are masked, and you are left with flawless, matte but dewy (when it oxidizes) complexion

- Sephora User

no creasing, it does not make my makeup oxidize

- Lauramercier User


high coverage

love this powder, i've never used a powder that is as effective in holding and setting my makeup for a full day of coverage

- Lauramercier User

i think this product is best when you're having a full coverage makeup day

- Lauramercier User

best use


it keeps my skin looking good, helps to control my oily skin, sets my makeup in place and doesn't crease

- Lauramercier User

it has all the best qualities of a translucent powder (sets makeup beautifully, isn’t drying, blends well) while also giving me a beautiful, healthy glow

- Sephora User
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Sephora userJuly 5, 2015

Holy Grail status!

Absolutely stunning, finely milled powder. Been using this for about 3 years now. When I decide to switch it up and try another powder, i just end up going back to the Nars Light Reflecting Powder every time. It looks great when first applied but looks even better as the day goes on. It blurs pores, fine lines, and i feel like it helps dry patches look less noticeable. I love applying the powder with a beauty blender!Bottom line: the Nars Light Reflecting Powder makes the appearance of your skin/foundation look even more flawless yet natural; blurring pores and fine lines. It also gives a luminous look as the day goes on while controlling oil.

- Sephora
Sephora userFebruary 5, 2015

HG Foundation

I ventured toward this foundation brand based upon a beauty guru recommendation, and I was not disappointed by its performance. However, I have not been able to truly appreciate the caliber of this product until venturing into the realm of other potential foundations.This is seriously the product of miracles.I originally began by purchasing the tinted moisturizer, which was an excellent gateway into the realm of foundation. After finishing my tube (down to the last drop!), I purchased this oil-free blend for a higher coverage.Let me begin by stating, at the point of purchase (a year and a half ago), I was still very much a makeup virgin. I was just venturing into the discovery of the necessity of moisturizers, primers, and setting powders. Keeping this in mind, for a combination skin type 19 year old, this product applied smoothly to bare skin, and virtually masked my flaws. No settling into fine lines, no blotting in oil patches, and not gathering into dry spots. This was flawless, buildable coverage on bare skin!The benefits alone outweigh the expense of the product (it is rather pricey on the scale spectrum of foundations), but what negates this splurge is that it lasts so long! With just one layer of coverage, virtually all imperfections are masked, and you are left with flawless, matte but dewy (when it oxidizes) complexion. Because the product works so flawlessly, you use virtually one pump each day. Maybe half a pump more in order to combat excessive redness, or to add extra coverage to a breakout. The staying power translates into a long-term investment that literally lasted me for a year and a half before scraping the inside of the bottle (I kid you not, this is liquid gold).However, upon finishing the product, I assumed that other foundations in the high end range of Sephora products would provide an equal standard. And for the price, I figured I could save a few dollars by not splurging. I COULD NOT BE MORE WRONG. I worked through 3 MAC foundations (Studio Fix Fluid, Studio Sculpt, and Pro Longwear), L'oreal True Match, and countless others. Nothing came even moderately CLOSE to the perfection this foundation provided.TL;DR: The foundation is an investment, but for the generous coverage and staying-power provided, it is guaranteed to serve you for at minimum a year. « less

- Sephora
spacenk.com userApril 5, 2019

Not worth the hype

First of all I hate leaving a bad review. Secondly, I was never this disappointed buying a cult product. Was very excited to try this as I've seen and heard too many good reviews although i was happy with the setting powder I used before. The mistake I made was not having my fav powder as back up as i thought this will replace that when i ran out. Needless to say it didn't. Using the exact same tools and method to apply I ended up with patches and ashy looking skin, was also very hard to blend out the patches, it stuck to my base like concrete. All fine lines were instantly in the center of the attention, however I have to say it didn't crease. Industrial strength matte finish, for me is too much, I couldn't cope with this powder even after trying different ways of using it.

- spacenk.com
Sephora userMarch 23, 2019

Loved this! will def buy again!!!

Wow. This stuff is amazing. I just turned 33 and my skin has changed...a lot. It’s dry-ish now when it used to be oily.The first time I used this, I thought it was TOO glowy. But once I was finished with my makeup, I sprayed rose water hydrating mist all over my face. And it was PERFECT. I used it all over my face as a setting powder but it’s so fine that the light only hits the high points, so you don’t look like a disco ball.Spraying some kind of hydrating or setting mist over this is definitely recommended as it makes it look natural, like your skin is just super healthy and glowing!Y’all, my skin looked better than it did when I was 20. Even my husband noticed and said I was gorgeous, which doesn’t happen as often as I need to hear it!I would def recommend as an all-over setting powder to anyone who has normal to dry skin. If you have oily skin, this could work on top of a normal mattifying powder and then locked in with a long lasting setting powder, like UD. « less

- Sephora
Sephora userFebruary 25, 2017


Does what it says. New staple in my makeup bag. I just stipple it over a modest layer or amazonian clay foundation under my eyes (follow up with the concealer too if I didn't get my beauty rest), wait a minute or so, and dust off any excess. Works like a charm! The refelctive quality minimizes the need for a heavy opaque concealer and looks more natural. I don't have especially dark circles and I am not prone to undereye puffiness, so this + foundation is perfect for me! feels light and helps me look more radiant and godness like! I am firm beliver that too much foundation can hide the texture of your natural radiance. This product enhances the appearance of your natural glow. Worth every penny!

- Sephora

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