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Mineral Powder by Laura Mercier
Laura Mercier

Mineral Powder

finish: natural coverage: medium coverage best use: blending
Variation: 1C1 Tender Rose
1C1 Tender Rose1W1 Soft Porcelain2N1 Real Sand2W1 Rich Vanilla2W2 Pure Honey3N1 Natural Beige3N2 Classic Beige3W1 Warm Bronze
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Top Reviews



an airbrushed, flawless, luminous matte

- Lauramercier User

it is so soft and literally illuminates my face and its features, i definitely recommend

- Sephora User

staying power


lasts for a 12 hour day with no touch ups

- Nordstrom User

hands down the best mattifying and long lasting powder i've ever used

- Sephora User


blends well

i love the color it suits me well and i love how easy it is to apply, blend and build and how natural it looks

- Sephora User

i have pale skin, but being slightly darker than my skin, it blends perfectly with my neck and gives me a natural glow (as opposed to looking ghostly)

- Sephora User



just to add to it's amazingness it's also super silky on your skin and feels very light

- Lauramercier User

i love the way it makes my less-than-perfect complexion look perfectly smooth and flawless, without being heavy and caked-on like a lot of liquid foundations

- Sephora User



this is the best powder that makes my face feel so soft, and smooth

- Lauramercier User

silky texture, goes on beautifully and stays on all day

- Sephora User


no flashback

the one i bought was classic beige, which has an ashy-greyish tone and it is just no living human colour (lol, can't write that without giggling)

- Sephora User

the 'natural beige' shade is a true light to light-medium neutral beige that flatters my complexion and eliminates any redness without looking ashy, flat or cakey

- Sephora User

under eye

good for under eye

i get so many compliments on my skin - people say i am lucky to have such a nice complexion, but they have no idea that underneath is rosacea, lots of freckles, and dark under eye circles

- Sephora User

i get so many compliments on my skin - people say i am lucky to have such a nice complexion, but they have no idea that underneath is rosacea, lots of freckles, and dark under eye circles

- Sephora User

color accuracy

doesn't oxidize

real sand matches my fair to medium skin perfectly and it doesn't oxidize whatsoever

- Sephora User

always glides fabulously over skin- no clumping or oxidizing

- Lauramercier User

pore minimizing

pore minimizing

i get a very smooth, poreless look, and receive numerous compliments about my skin, which is surprising, because my skin without makeup is not ideal

- Sephora User

if you're looking to let your pores/face breathe, and need good coverage to let your skin recover and heal along with a good cleansing regimen, i highly recommend this product

- Sephora User

color correction

color correcting

sand beigh used to match me, but right now, classic beige matches best, while i color correct and bronze w/warm bronze

- Sephora User

i use this with foundations whose formula i like, but need color correcting

- Sephora User



it makes your skin look flawless and natural, i love it

- Sephora User

), and looks super natural and flawless, especially if applied right (the brush is definitely really important, i strongly recommend sephora’s mineral powder brush #45 or something comparable—sephora’s is super soft, perfect density to buff nicely without pulling, and rounded to contour corners, plus the person who helped me at sephora said you can just clean it with pure alcohol from the drugstore (since it’s synthetic) for cheap, fast-drying cleaning, so low maintenance too

- Sephora User


medium coverage

if you have nearly perfect skin and want a light powder foundation, it'll work but wouldn't recommend it to anyone who needs medium to heavy coverage foundation

- Sephora User

i love the texture, the color is natural (i use natural beige), the coverage is medium with out looking like chalk, and it leaves a luminous finish but not like you are going to a disco

- Sephora User

best use


so easy to blend, provides great coverage, lasts all day and gives your skin a very nice glow

- Lauramercier User

there's a good amount of powder in this compact so it lasts a while and blends very well

- Sephora User
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Sephora userMay 28, 2010

Not for me!

I got this due to all the raves and i dont like it. I dont have dry skin, and im medium complex age 44 with no wrinkels and this actually made me look ten years OLDER.. it showed fine lines i didnt even know i had. i got rish vanilla..wich is my shade. but yuck is all i can say. very very drying.. an its terrible.. whoever said this is better than bare minerals is way off.. if u have very oily skin this may possibly work, but i cant see it really working for anyone. we all want that dewy healthy glow, an this is just awfull.. I have excellent skin an this made me look horrid and ashy and dryed up! i posted a normal pic to show i have no wrinkles or skin problems.. but this is not wearing this product..sorry for the bad review but i absolutely wouldnt reccomend..

- Sephora
Sephora userNovember 7, 2014


How can they make a powder so creamy??!?! Laura Mercier mineral foundation is SO LUSCIOUS!!! … I've used BM for nearly 10 years, I like it, and I was wearing it when I visited a Sephora store. I was there to try the Tarte, which did give more coverage than BM (which is exactly what I was looking for, for the Winter), and I was planning to buy it, but as I caught a side-view of my face in a passing mirror, it was clear that the Tarte was way way way too matte & patchy for me - it was emphasizing imperfections on my cheeks & chin - it did not look good (only 5 minutes after applying :( On a whim, I tried the Laura Mercier, and immediately, it was "WOW!" The effect was simply stunning! Hands-down WINNER! I've now been using the product for several weeks … The powder gives a flawless air-brushed effect (perfected, smoothed, even, luminous). For me, the coverage is significantly more than BM (I'd say "medium"); but the super fine milling of this powder keeps it from looking cakey or over-done (buff, buff, buff 'til you get the coverage vs. sheerness that you desire), and never looks powdery or chalky - never. And this stuff conceals blemishes like a dream (when I use a dense short-bristled brush, like an eye-shadow smudger), something I've long been missing with BM, since blemishes were never really invisible and the masking would wear off in a couple hours anyways. The LM stays on all day with smooth even coverage, and gets less shiny than BM on my nose-forehead, without drying out my skin. I LOVE Mineral Powder foundations because they don't contain Dimethicone, Silicones,or Silica (and that means NO Breakouts!), they feel weightless, don't settle into wrinkles or lines, and let natural you show thru. I'm stocking up on my "summer" colors during the November sale. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>

- Sephora
Sephora userJanuary 8, 2013

Evidence of Improvement in Just TWO Uses!

I bought this in Classic/Warm Beige a couple days ago because my boyfriend ordered the PMD (Personal Microderm Machine) as my belated Christmas present. I have combination skin, and have been using BB creams and tinted moisturizers for a few years now (I'm Filipina and my skin doesn't need much, but I'd like to take care of it now that I'm in my 20's), but I wanted to change things up. Since I knew the PMD would take care of my hyper pigmentation, I wanted something that would still give me a flawless finish but without the hassle of liquid coverage. Lemme tell you, I've used it TWICE to wear to school and have noticed a change in my skin already. It feels and appears smoother, dewy, and some of my blemishes are fading. I also get the feeling that my skin is detoxing somehow because my pores are minimizing and l had little breakouts that quickly cleared up. I've never experienced this before! This stuff is AWESOME. A little goes a long way and the coverage builds so easily without looking cakey. When you swatch it on your hand, it looks like there's glitter or shimmer in it, but on your face its like an illuminated semi-matte finish, which actually makes my dull winter skin look fresh and healthy. I recommend this to anybody for whatever use you intend to get it for. It works well as a foundation and as a tinted powder (I've tried it over my Tarte tinted moisturizer). Its totally worth the price, and I'm definitely getting more. I'm even more stoked to see what this stuff does when my PMD finally arrives! <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="-344086310867734086-full" data-show="-344086310867734086-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>

- Sephora
Sephora userApril 6, 2014


I was skeptical about this.. even though I know Laura Mercier is known for excellent products. I always used Bare Minerals and had a love/hate relationship with it because it just seemed like it took forever to get the desired finish and coverage I was looking for I liked the natural look t gave me but it also made my skin itchy feeling. I normally prefer liquid over powder foundation just because it is more full coverage but what I don't like about it is that it can look un-natural. I've heard good things about this product so I thought what the heck I've tried everything else and if I don't like it I can always return it.. to my surprise I am so in love with this! It looks and feel like I have nothing on yet gives me coverage and a glow that is unlike anything I've ever tried! I am combo/oily with visible pores so the word "luminous" scared me. I usually run the other direction from foundations with that word.. but this is not too glowing and does not make me look shiny and it seems to blur any imperfections beautifully! I use benefit the porefessional before btw and that definitely helps with pores! It makes me feel 10 younger no joke and knowing it has good ingredients is also a big plus! It will be hard for me to go back to liquid foundation... maybe if I need super flawless coverage, but day to day and for a healthy natural lit from within look this will be my baby from now on! I could go on forever about this.lol. so happy I decided to pick it up! One more thing I will say is to partner it with a concealer for under eye circles or any blemishes/ redness and you will be good to go!!! Thank you Laura Mercier.. will be trying other things for sure! Happy customer :) <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>

- Sephora
Sephora userOctober 20, 2010

better than bare minerals

This is one of the best foundations out there in my opinion. As far as powder mineral foundations go, it wont look cakey or heavy or run and smudge during the course of the day. After I run around all day and sometimes sweat in the heat in Texas it doesnt melt off or get gross. Bare minerals is good too for those reasons, but the difference is that Bare Minerals will dry you out if your prone to dryness where Laura mercier's will not. When I was using bare minerals, I did my best to exfoliate daily before application (which is key), but I still got dry patches of flakey skin on my nose that bare minerals accentuated. Laura Mercier's mineral powder somehow has this dewey (but not shiny), soft glow and my nose is flake-free these days. I also layer it with her illuminating tinted moisturizer which prevents dryness and makes the mineral powder go on smoothely and look radiant. Then I spritz with Caudelie Grape Water to hydrate and set. It covers well too, but still looks natural like bare skin--never all thick and make-up-y. The only minor problem is that mineral make-up does have great staying power, but this is what makes it a little hard to remove completely at night. I find that even this one leaves traces if I'm not thorough. Exfoliating regularly helps this. Some people switch foundations seasonally (powder in summer when we're more oily, liquid in winter when we're dry) but I use it year-round and love it. In general, I reccommend this product to just about everyone, but wouldnt reccomend it to a person with dry skin-type in general or for those with more mature skin because it will collect in those areas if you've got them--but it wont create dryness on its own and it has more of a moisturizing formula than bare minerals. I love it. Great for every day. « less

- Sephora


Overall safe Ingredients

CI 77947acne

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