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Flawless Fusion Ultra Longwear Concealer by Laura Mercier
Laura Mercier

Flawless Fusion Ultra Longwear Concealer

blends well(359)
not creasing(329)
coverage: medium coverage
Variation: .5N (fair with neutral undertones)

Top Reviews

pore minimizing

pore minimizing

also helped smoothed those scars and pores

- Sephora User

the coverage is amazing, no pores amazing

- Sephora User



this is a lightweight concealer that hasn’t given me any issues with creasing and lasts all day

- Sephora User

lightweight but full coverage

- Sephora User

staying power


i use this product every morning before work and it lasts all day, even when i go to the gym after work, it still lasts

- Sephora User

i have redness on my cheeks and this conceal covers everything and lasts all day

- Sephora User


blends well

blending it out was my favorite part about this whole flawless fusion experience

- Sephora User

i think my favorite part is how smooth and blend-able the product and brush is

- Sephora User


not creasing

this is now my go-to concealer for full coverage without any creasing

- Sephora User

it causes no creases, no streaks, makes it look like i have no concelear on

- Sephora User



i have bought so many concealers throughout many years and this is the first one that leaves my skin with a smooth, clear and full coverage finish

- Sephora User

the best makeup foundation i've ever used, the skin is a smooth and incredible texture, super natural, and the perfect corrective pair to use at any occasion

- Sephora User

under eye

good for under eye

i use this with setting powder and a sponge for my under-eyes and to spot conceal without foundation and it looks like my skin but without acne scars and dark circles

- Sephora User

this is such a good undereye and face concealer

- Sephora User



this one is buildable and doesn't flake, and is just the right amount of coverage

- Sephora User

this baby has a beautiful coverage, it is very build able, so it depends on what you want from it

- Sephora User



i loved how natural and radiant it made my face look

- Sephora User

this concealer is awesome (i’m using 1n), it gave me full coverage and it’s super easy to apply and blend, radiant finishes, didn’t crack, i used it along with the foundation as well, i’m in love with the results

- Sephora User



non drying

- Sephora User

blends right in with the texture of my skin, doesn’t feel greasy or dry, it’s perfect

- Sephora User



i have large pores, oily and textured skin so i pair it with a cover fx mattifying primer and it makes my face look flawless

- Sephora User

tarte rainforest of the sea offers hydration, while this concealer delivers mattifying medium coverage

- Sephora User

color accuracy

doesn't oxidize

the texture is this concealer is super creamy but extremely easy to apply and spread under your eyes- it does not crease, it does not get greasy and it does not oxidize

- Sephora User

the formula does not oxidize on the skin, so the color that you see in the tube is the color that stays on your skin all day long

- Sephora User

water resistance

water resistant

what i love the most is that it does not crease and it is waterproof

- Sephora User

it's full coverage and water resistance

- Sephora User


medium coverage

it is light weight and hydrating, and provides a medium coverage for my dark circles and pores/blemishes

- Sephora User

gives medium to full coverage

- Lauramercier User
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sephora userApril 14, 2018

Turned weird in two weeks

I really wanted to love this concealer, but somehow after the first couple weeks, it stopped being awesome. I only use it to barely brighten up my undereye area. In the beginning, it glided over my primer and was a breeze to blend out with either a brush or a beauty blender (I prefer a brush). On goes the loose setting powder and I'm ready to roll. It didn't crease or do anything weird. Sadly, I only had it for less than a month when it just decided to stop performing. Half the time it pilled terribly when I tried to blend it out, so I've had to remove it entirely and use foundation as a bb cream. The other times where somehow it managed to blend reasonably well, it immediately ended up looking dry, papery, and creasey. I have normal to combination skin. I don't know what the deal is with this product but I can't handle the unpredictability. I returned it.  Two stars, because it did do what it was supposed to initially. Definitely not worth it though.

- sephora
Sephora userMarch 13, 2018


As you can see!!!Flawless fusion ultra-long wear concealer in 4N tone.I thought I was going to be dark! But no! It's the same as my skin!!! I would prefer maybe two lower shades, because I like that area more illuminated, but in the photo I sealed the eye with the translucent powder of LauraMercier and I loved the result !!I felt a medium coverage (I guess with more able you can reach full coverage) It was very soft and easy to blur with my sponge. Really the truth, when I use it I do not feel heavy, I do not feel the greasy area, but if I have to seal with loose powder, of course. I did not see very marked lines of expression although I did not use the concealer for more than 5 or 6 hours. I am of oily skin and this concealer I liked a lot and much more using it with the translucent powder. Yes, I recommend this concealer and more to people with mature skin, because it has a good coverage, it is light and moisturizing.I received these products free for testing. « less

- Sephora
Sephora userMarch 16, 2018

Two thumbs up

I have been using this concealer for about a week now. Take note I work 12.5hr night shift. And here are my thoughts: first off, it it is has a lightweight feeling. I used this concealer under my eyes and it did not made my skin feel dry under there. Usually I see lines by the end of the day, since I normally get them from smiling anyway but surprisingly this concealer did not accentuate those lines! Awesome stuff! It has greatly brightened my under eye area as well since I am more of a light to medium skin tone and this concealer is more on the lighter shade range. I did have troubles wearing it 3 days in a row because by the third day, my skin was already a little dehydrated and needed a break. By the 8th hour on day 3, I noticed my skin was dry by the inner under eye area near my nose. I tend to have that problem when I do not prep my undereye as well or if I have been wearing makeup for a few days straight and for longer hours like at work. Also, I used this concealer for spot treating my pimple marks and did a great job with that. I noticed that if you leave the concealer for about a few minutes before blending, you get more coverage too. « less

- Sephora
sephora userMay 22, 2018

Believe the hype!

I would like to preface this review by saying I have never liked a full coverage concealer for my undereyes. EVER. Despite having significant darkness/ bags (thanks genetics!), I have dry skin and the skin around my eyes is even drier than the skin on the rest of my face. I don't even ever have to use eye primer because I swear my lids are incapable of producing a single droplet of oil. So with that being said, I've always had to use a facial oil topped by a light corrector and sheer coverage concealer to cover my eye circles, because heavy duty concealers by brands such as Tarte and NARS turn out looking extremely heavy, cakey and gross. Yes, they are wonderful at reducing darkness. But definitely not worth it because my eye area always ends up looking parched like the Sahara Desert. I had heard about all the hype surrounding this concealer when it came out but was never interested in trying it figuring it to be similar to all the aforementioned popular full coverage concealers. On top of that, it seemed like many Sephora reviews were from people who got the product for free so I wasn't 100% trusting in their glowing reviews. That was until recently when I made an order on Sephora and one of the 3 free samples I requested was replaced with a sample of this concealer— I'm assuming because that one went out of stock. Initially annoyed because I had really wanted to try that particular sample (I'm sure we've all had this happen to us!) , I thought what the heck and gave this a whirl. Might I also add that I tried this after not sleeping well the night before and looked rougher than usual... and WOW! I was pleasantly surprised by the results. The concealer itself was so much lighter in consistency than expected yet did an amazing job at cancelling darkness. But most importantly, my undereyes looked great. None of that flakey, aging 50 years mess. The shade I used in 2W, the lightest warm shade was also perfect. Take a guess to what my next Sephora purchase will be!

- sephora
Sephora userMarch 25, 2018

Great Lightweight Concealer

I not one who preferably likes concealers, I can do without it. I haven't had great experiences with concealers. I have used Nars, Too Faced, Tarte, Urban Decay and they all seem to leave the same result, they're often too thick, too drying, not a good shade, not enough coverage or too much coverage, where it leaves my skin looking cakey, patchy and it creases badly even with setting power. I have combination skin with dry under eyes and oily eye lids. Finding concealers that worked well for my skin and my needs seemed impossible! I recently saw a beauty blogger review this and I was impressed and had to get it! I went to my local Sephora and found the perfect shade instantly! I was impressed with how the product applied on my skin. It glides on smooth and it was incredibly easy to blend. It blurs my pores, evened out my skin tone, giving me a smooth flawless finish. The formula is lightweight, hydrating and creamy. It did crease within 10 minutes of application, without any setting power. I did apply powder when I was able to and that definitely helped prevent further creasing. I'm impressed with this product. The only thing I would recommend is the brand definitely needs more of a variety of shades. All brands seem to be struggling with that. « less

- Sephora


Overall safe Ingredients

Butylene Glycolacne
Cetyl PEG/PPG-10/1 dimethiconehazard
Bis-PEG/PPG 14/14 Dimethiconehazard

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Profile picture of Desi D
Desi D
OilyOily Skin
is it better to blend your concealer with a beauty blender or a brush? what do you guys recommend?🤔i’ve been using a beauty blender, but i’m starting to see that the product doesn’t stick to my skin very well and it just looks wired. any answers?!
Profile picture of Citlaly Janeth Guerrero
Citlaly Janeth Guerrero
OilyOily Skin
It really depends on the consistency & what kind of finish you want, in my opinion. I use both a beauty blender & a brush. A beauty blender on times I want a more natural finish or I’m using a thick consistency concealer & a brush on times I want a more full coverage kind of look or thinner/lighter concealers. For example, with @Shape Tape Contour Concealer , I use a beauty blender since it’s thicker. As opposed to @Flawless Fusion Ultra-Longwear Concealer or @16HR Camo Concealer since they’re thinner, a brush is perfect to blend it seamlessly.
Profile picture of Layla Cruz
Layla Cruz
DryDry Skin
Does anyone know any good concealers that doesn’t dry your skin out ?
Profile picture of Kayla Mckeel
Kayla Mckeel
DryDry Skin
I love this concealer! Provides coverage but also hydrating
Profile picture of Vianey CC
Vianey CC
CombinationCombination Skin
Whats a good concealer? I used to love the colourpop concealer but now its too drying on my skin I’m assuming its the weather change. Please recommend me a good concealer! Other than Shape Tape
Profile picture of Sarah
DryDry Skin
This has beautiful buildable coverage without getting cakey and it’s super hydrating!
Profile picture of Paige Lindsay
Paige Lindsay
DryDry Skin
Anyone know of a concealer that’s not drying but will cover dark circles? Dark circles are in my genes so mine are pretty dark, and I haven’t found one yet that I am completely happy with. Then there’s also the fact that my skin under my eyes is super dry and can get bumps/bubbles when I apply certain concealers. Thanks! #concealer #dryskin #darkcircles
Profile picture of Barbara Czira
Barbara Czira
SensitiveSensitive Skin
This one works pretty well. Stays in place and when I have one of those dry skin days (or if it’s winter) I usually mix a little moisturizer (something with a not too thick consistency like gel for example) in.
Profile picture of Kinza Bhatti
Kinza Bhatti
CombinationCombination Skin
What is a good full coverage concealer other than tarte shape tape contour concealer that doesn’t crease and covers dark circles?
Profile picture of Jessica Cardona
Jessica Cardona
DryDry Skin
You should try this one , it covers my dark circles and it give you natural look
Profile picture of hannah z
hannah z
SensitiveSensitive Skin
What is the best concealer for dry & acne prone skin? Everything I have tried creases on the dry parts of my skin and gets cakey on blemishes!
Profile picture of Samantha Black
Samantha Black
DryDry Skin
This is a light concealer that works well with dry skin. It’s not full coverage but I still love this concealer.