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Caviar Stick Eye Colour by Laura Mercier
Laura Mercier

Caviar Stick Eye Colour

blends well(866)
not creasing(535)
pigmentation: sheer
Variation: Amethyst

Top Reviews



it’s a soft cream texture that doesn’t crease and is very blendable

- Sephora User

the silky texture is luxurious and the color payoff is fantastic

- Sephora User

staying power


the pigmentation is really good, easy to apply because is a creamy formula, pigmentation is wonderful, it’s a long lasting eyeshadow and is so creamy

- Sephora User

i'm obsessed with rose gold; this pigment is gorgeous & the color lasts all day

- Sephora User


blends well

it's so creamy, super pigmented, easy to blend, glides on smoothly, has the perfect amount of sparkle and shimmer to be perfect for day or night, and is an absolutely gorgeous color

- Sephora User

and i couldn't be more pleased with how gorgeously this product applies (it blends & smudges beautifully with my fingertip), stays put for hours & hours once it sets, and doesn't crease

- Sephora User


not creasing

i go through an 8 hour work day plus dancing in a nightclub for a few hour and the colour does not budge or crease at all

- Sephora User

i absolutely love this eye shadow stick, it's the best 1 i have tried by far, it stays on for hours with out creasing and takes literally seconds to apply, i wear minimal eye make up and bought this in sugar frost to add a little shimmer

- Nk User


does not have fallout

oh yeah, and no fall out

- Lauramercier User

and no fall out

- Lauramercier User



i love how smooth it goes on and gives a very subtle sheer look

- Sephora User

i can draw rose gold over my entire lid and blend/sheer it out along my crease, then gently tap cocoa into the shape of my outer-v, and blend it out with my fingers

- Sephora User
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lauramercier.com userJuly 29, 2018

I recently tried this

I recently tried this eyeshadow in a voxbox. I attempted to use this shadow stick to create a half cut crease. Unfortunately I ran into some issues during application. I always use a concealer as a base for my eyeshadows. Everything was going accordingly until I tried to apply this shadow. When I started applying the shadow it began to remove my concealer base. I tried adding more product to the spots that looked patchy but it didn't seem to cover. Last minute I decided to use this as a base for another eyeshadow as an attempt to save my look. It did work as a great base for other shadows. I also found that with the tip being so thick it's hard for precision. I had to use a different brush to apply this shadow to my lid. I will say it doesn't smudge once it's set and does not crease. As far as using this as an actual eyeshadow, I probably wouldn't recommend it to others. I personally look for something that's really pigmented and this was more on the sheer side. I think this product is great for someone who doesn't like to apply a lot of makeup. This is good for a quick on the go look. Less

- lauramercier.com
Nordstrom userDecember 15, 2014

Best long-wear, eye shadow product!

I've tried almost every eye shadow primer and long-wear eye shadow product in a quest to find something that would truly last from 7am - 10pm. Everything else creases, travels, dries out my eyelids, or fades. This product actually stays put, feels comfortable and the creamy formula makes application quick and easy. I use these daily as single-shade, all over color that takes 20 seconds maximum to apply. For dressier occasions, I combine several shades. If you regularly like to blend several shades of shadows, then these might not be for you. You can blend, but not with the same finesse of a powder shadow. If you apply to your eye lids directly with the stick, the color is saturated and slightly shimmery. It is never glittery and it's the sort of shimmer that is wearable and appropriate for ladies from their 20s through 50s. Darker shades are not shimmery, but aren't matte either. Lightest shades have the most shimmer. If you apply with your finger and smudge, it lightens the intensity of the color and dims the shimmer. I wear them both ways to get different looks. Also, you can use a gel eyeliner brush to apply these as eye liners and they stay all day. Shades I own: Amethyst - Absolute must have color for green or brown eyes; it's taupe combined with mauve and it makes my green eyes pop. It is purple based, but doesn't read "purple" on your eyes. Burnished Bronze - Great for green, hazel, or blue eyes; would not recommend for brown eyes because the red-tone will make the whites of your eyes look reddish. This isn't very bronze-like. It's a very attractive, deep, merlot meets copper. Smudge it out for daytime wear or apply directly for an amazing evening color. Copper - Amazing for blue eyes (good for green eyes); would not recommend for brown eyes because the red-tone will make the whites of your eyes look reddish. As the shade name suggests, this looks like a copper penny. This shade has more of a metallic finish. Grey Pearl - Great for blue eyes and is a universal cool-toned shade; this is a purple-based, cool, grey. Usually cool tones don't look good against my skin, but something about this shade of grey works. It's not nearly as dark as the Nordstrom photo suggests. This color is a great shade to wear all over the lid and then pop with a colored eye liner, like navy or plum. Jungle - Great for green, hazel, or brown eyes (not for blue); this is a deep, army green. Not too olive, but definitely not a blue-based green. This is a very dark shade so I can't pull it off as an all-over lid color, but it's amazing worked into the crease. Moonlight - Gorgeous neutral for all eye colors; this is one of those shades that is difficult to describe, but it just works. It's like a shimmery taupe or mushroom. It's not as tan as the photo suggests. Works well with any color eye liner. Great for day or night. Pink Opal - I would not have bought this shade if I hadn't tried in store. In the tube, it's the pink that is pictured, but it goes on as a very pale pink (not baby pink). It's like a pale shimmer. Super flattering on pale to light skin with deep brown or black eye liner. Plum - Works for all eye colors; this shade is very pigmented and is as pictured. A true, deep, eggplant or plum. Very little shimmer, but not matte. I have to smudge this shade out cause it's so dark, but smudged it can be used as an all over color. Works well in the crease. Rosegold - Universal shade; I have been surprised to find that I reach for this shade most often. It's brightening and flattering against my paler skin, but I think this would look amazing against deeper skin tones too. Sand Glow - Universal shade; this is another shade that I reach for often. It's like an antique gold tone, but not overly yellow. This can easily be worn for day or night and works well with different shades of liner. If you're looking to try one shade, then this is probably my recommendation for which shade most people would enjoy and could wear daily. Sugar Frost - Universal shade; this is a very pale, pink-peach shade that is very shimmery. It works really well... <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__translate-span">« less</span>

- Nordstrom
Sephora userApril 10, 2019


This product is amazing I loved it! First it it is very pigmented and easily to apply. Since it is spring I love to start to use pink colors as my eyeshadow and this color has a nice metallic touch that makes my eyes pop! The consistency is creamy and blends so smoothly I was worried that because it was so creamy it would crease Because of my oily eyelids but this product lasted all day! I received so many compliments on the color I’m so excited to continue to try other colors. (I received these products as complementary gifts to review )

- Sephora
Sephora userMay 23, 2012

A-mazingly creamy, long-lasting eye shadow!

My trusted Sephora staffer, Kaitie, at the Bridgewater, NJ location, turned me on to this product and I couldn't be happier with it. The pigment is fantastic! It doesn't require a primer, as it acts as one, blends easily, doesn't crease, has a creamy consistency, and lasts all day. I have this in Jungle, and will be purchasing other colors this weekend. Run out and buy this!!!!

- Sephora
sephora userJune 12, 2013

Long lasting color

Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks deliver a lot of color and are long lasting. The product rolls on easily; no tugging or pulling the eyes. It stays blendable for a few minutes, and then dries to a powder finish. I wear this every day and it lasts for up to 10 hours. There is very little creasing. The colors are wonderful and highly pigmented on initial application. When blended they become quite sheer with fairly large glitter particles--which can be a little too sparkly in daylight. However, the shimmer makes them a great liner for the top and bottom waterlines. I own the Caviar Stick in Khaki, Amethyst and Steel, and have to resist getting more colors!

- sephora


Overall safe Ingredients

Ascorbyl Palmitateacne

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