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what’s a good mascara that won’t damage my eyelashes? i’ve been using l’oréal’s voluminous lash paradise waterproof but i feel like its really damaging. any suggestions?

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Callie Marie
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this is from eyeko london and i’ve been loving it!

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Liberty Rockhold
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Hey everyone! I’m looking for some affordable products to fill my bag (not that I need more makeup)! My Holy Grail is Covergirl’s Full Lash Bloom by LashBlast. Can everyone share their drugstore Holy Grail products? #holygrail

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Andrea Valera
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Girlll, this mascara is the BEST!!!!

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Gabriela Sophia
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Has anyone tried the roller lash mascara??? What do you think about it??? Is it good? Would you recommend it??

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for me it was just okay, but i have really straight asian lashes that don’t like to hold curl at all lol. didn’t like the brush though bc it kinda hurts to apply the product.