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Teint Idole Ultra Wear Camouflage Concealer by Lancôme

Teint Idole Ultra Wear Camouflage Concealer

color correction(23)
pore minimizing(20)
staying power(185)
coverage: medium coverage
Variation: 095 Ivoire

Top Reviews

color correction

color correcting

i have tried 10 green color correctors (all high end) for my severe rosacea & this is the most creamy, non drying, high pigmented yet blendable one i have tried yet

- Sephora User

this is the very best color corrector that i have ever used for under eye discoloration

- Nordstrom User

pore minimizing

pore minimizing

if you need a full coverage concealer, that covers pores, is matte, long wearing, does not crease, is lightweight (so many concealers like this are soooo heavy - this one is not), and will make you feel beautiful

- Sephora User

matched my skin perfectly and doesnt make my face or pores feel clogged

- Sephora User



the first time applying, i definitely overestimated how much product i needed, a little goes a long way, and the consistency is creamy and thick to give you plenty of buildable coverage

- Sephora User

i love how light yet buildable it is

- Sephora User

staying power


i was blown away how creamy it goes on and it lasts all day

- Sephora User

i'm absolutely in love with this foundation, the finish is stunning and it stays perfect all day

- LancôMe User



if you need a full coverage concealer, that covers pores, is matte, long wearing, does not crease, is lightweight (so many concealers like this are soooo heavy - this one is not), and will make you feel beautiful

- Sephora User

a little goes a long way with this stuff conceals absolutely everything without being cakey or heavy its creamy and blends effortlessly and spreads nicely

- Sephora User



i never thought i’d ever find my “holy grail” foundation until i tried this makeup, i have dehydrated, dry skin and this makeup sits beautifully all day

- LancôMe User

i also liked how it dried down quickly after i had finished blending it

- Sephora User

under eye

good for under eye

does awesome job concealing blue circles under my eyes, and is very light and airy, doesn't cake and is completely invisible, while providing great color correction

- Macy's User

this is a great concealer, its a little thick but that just means a little will go a long ways and you just need to blend it out doesnt feel heavy on, it covers very well, has a nice smooth surface doesnt create a bunch of lines under the eyes and lasts all day

- Sephora User


blends well

i love how this applies and blends

- Sephora User

upon first application, i was completely stunned at how perfect the texture was (the perfect balance between thick and thin) and how easily i was able to blend it on my skin

- Sephora User


not creasing

it doesn’t crease or flake

- Sephora User

omg this concealer is amazing great coverage minimal creasing and flawless finish

- Sephora User



the color bisque260n is perfect for coverage and brightening the eye area

- Nordstrom User

i have only used nars radiant creamy concealer up until this point

- Sephora User

color accuracy

doesn't oxidize

it is also a great color and does not oxidize

- Sephora User

i was surprised that the shade actually matched with how pale i am, but it did oxidize and looked a little too tan for me

- Sephora User



it gives excellent cover for many hours, with a smooth and pleasant texture, is easy to apply and good value

- John Lewis User

*i received this product complimentary from lancôme but the reviews and posts are my own* my skin looked soooo flawless and smooth

- Sephora User

water resistance

not water resistant

i recently purchased this new concealer because they were out of my old waterproof beige one

- Nordstrom User

if you have watery eyes like me, get something waterproof

- Sephora User


medium coverage

this creamy concealer has a great medium to full coverage and stays put all day

- Sephora User

coverage is medium to full and buildable

- Sephora User
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ulta.com userMay 9, 2018

I can FINALLY stop searching for concealers!

I've been searching for the best foundation/concealer for YEARS! The struggle is real. I'm still working on the foundation quest, but my search for the perfect concealer is complete. I never would've picked this out for myself... EVER. I think I've used Lancome once in my life, and wasn't thrilled. But after the weather has been getting warmer down in the south - my skins been getting darker, and so have my dark spots. Nothing covers them - not my foundation, not anything. I've tried full coverage concealers in the past, and either they don't cover what I need them to, or they give me the dreaded cake face, or even worse... they create fine lines and wrinkles on my face that were never there before! This concealer covers everything - it dries to a SATIN, matte beautiful flawless finish. It feels like you're wearing NOTHING. It doesn't cake, create fine lines, or feel gross. It makes my pores completely disappear. It is a miracle! Only thing is use this sparingly, a little goes a very long way! And thank god for that, because I don't want to run out! « less

- ulta.com
Sephora userOctober 31, 2018

Packaging: The packaging is a squeeze tube, which is generally more hygienic than other types of concealer packaging. In terms of size, there isn’t a high volume of product, but a little does go a long way, so the product does last a long time.Consistency/coverage: The concealer is highly pigmented for full coverage. It’s velvety and creamy, but takes awhile to dry and stick.Application: It’s easy to blend and you can use your fingers, beauty blender, brush, etc.Color: I received shade 370 Bisque (W) and it was a perfect match. I have olive tone skin with golden undertone and usually use a medium toned foundation. The color blended well with my natural skin tone.Lasting power: Under normal wear, the concealer lasts all day without creasing or settling in my fine lines. The matte finish reduces the amount oil and shine on my oil/combination skin.Price: At $31, this concealer falls in the price category of higher end luxury brands and much more pricey. For Lancome, the price is to be expected.Overall, I would consider this concealer as my new holy grail and would rate it 5/5 stars. Although the product is pricey, the concealer does last a long time and worth the price.I received this product complimentary for testing purposes. « less

- Sephora
Lancôme userJanuary 20, 2017

Confidence in a bottle!!!

My sample bottle arrived in a neat black display box. The little bottle had the Lancôme brand name and logo, along with the product name inscribed in clear white script on the front and product ingredients on the back. On top of the lid the shade in colour and name present. Visually very pleasing. The feel of the bottle initially was as smooth as the full size glass bottle the edges are rounded and although plastic the bottle seemed very solid. The bottle top unscrewed and I was pleasantly surprised that there was a wand attached inside the lid with a paddle end to scoop out the foundation and I used this to apply straight onto my face, no fuss, no waste, no mess. The foundation liquid was like satin it spread across skin really beautifully with ease and seemed to absorb in and blend with my natural skin tone, it wasn't greasy nor did it dry out and my skin felt dewy and moisturised. The coverage was medium to full with a satin/ sheer finish and was really light feeling on the face. I applied a finishing powder and blush and I was good to go. The product stayed perfect for the whole day through sweating and rain if not looking better as the day progressed. At bedtime when I removed with my usual face wipes it was lovely to be able to remove in a single sweep across skin and where in the past I'd need 2 or 3 wipes to remove totally any product from my skin, my face was clean and clear with 1 wipe. I love,love,love this foundation and I'm very close to finishing the sample so scouring the Internet to find special discount in order to purchase the full size bottle. My 2ml sample has lasted around 6 weeks as a little goes a long way so I'm in no doubt to say really good value for money also. Excellent product, glowing, radiant, lasting results every time. Confidence in a bottle! 5 stars from me. « less

- Lancôme
sephora userApril 21, 2017

Skin Feels FREE!

Ok so this concealer is so weightless, but has so much coverage. I use it as a regular undereye concealer rather than a contouring concealer. There are many similiar to this one, but they are not as blendable. You literally only need a DROP of this concealer. This product is going to last me forever. It does not cake or crease. I use this under my Lancome 24 Hour Foundation stick. Then I apply the Lancome Click & Glow Highlighting Skin Fluid. There is so much product in here too, I am not lying that it will last FOREVER. If you need a full coverage concealer, that covers pores, is matte, long wearing, does not crease, is lightweight (so many concealers like this are SOOOO heavy - this one is not), and will make you feel beautiful......then this product is for you. Try it out at Sephora or purchase it! You won't regret it. I don't lie...if I do not like a product I will state the truth. *Also you can get lighter shades to use as an under eye triangle contour :)

- sephora
Sephora userMarch 24, 2017

I agree with the last, yellow don't work

I tried so hard to love this as I do with all Lancôme. I couldn't get the yellow or the peach to work for my light skin tone. I'm about NC15-20. The peach is waaayy too orange for my skin. I really didn't feel it was peach at all, but might work for darker complexions. Oh and the yellow? Nope. Didn't do much for my dark circles and I noticed a few hours later my under eyes were cakey, patchy and forming some weird lines. I'm 29, I don't have lines yet. The yellow may have worked a tiny bit for the blue under my eyes but I still had to wear a few layers of concealer and Brightener over it so there was really no point. Not for $31. First I tried the peach for my acne scars and couldn't get the orange to blend out. Even with foundation over it. It's really a bummer because Lancôme is my top 2 fav makeup brand. But I returned the Peach and I'm gonna with the yellow too :( « less

- Sephora


Overall safe Ingredients

Glyceryl behenatehazard
Tocopheryl Acetatehazard
Propylene Glycolhazard

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