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Teint Idole Ultra Custom Highlighting Drops by Lancôme

Teint Idole Ultra Custom Highlighting Drops




Key Benefits:

  • Smooth
  • Lightweight
  • Blends Well
  • Longlasting

Ratings & Reviews

4.693% of 629reviewers recommend this product

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Lancôme user
February 8, 2018

Glowing skin

Custom highlight drop rose glow is so light texture & opaque gorgeous liquid metallic rose gold shade.No shimmer or glitter but a gorgeous glowing liquid highlighter.It is so easy to apply & blend the shade.Does not move once it's set , last all day.I really like to mix a drop in to my foundation for natural glowing skin or perfect as a glowing highlighter.

Nordstrom user
March 7, 2018

Golden Glow- Will Return!

I purchased the color Golden Glow and will be returning it! I’m a naturally tan complexion and it doesn’t even show up. I tried mixing it in with my foundation and it changed the texture of the foundation. It made it more dry and harder to blend out. Also, there was no notable glow from it. I tried it as a highlighter on my cheeks, not even visible! There are many good liquid highlighters out there like Becca, Cover Fx, and Marc Jacobs that are multipurpose and you can control from subtle glow to mega glow. Lancome needs some help! I can’t say Lancome’s Is subtle (which is great and what I want), it flat out doesn’t work if your tan or darker. Maybe A different color would yield different results

Sephora user
April 16, 2018

New Holy Grail!!

I absolutely LOOOOVE this highlighter! It is a little intense when you put on the first drop, but it blends in seamlessly to give an intense yet still natural glow. You can sheer it out or build it up to get whatever look you prefer. It also doesn't ephasize the texture on my skin or move my face makeup underneath (I have a lot of hyprepigmentation on my cheeks so it really shows when that happens). I couldn't recommend this enough!

Macy's user
March 1, 2018

Blend-able, Lightweight and Effective

I received 4 shades of the Lancome Custom Foundation Drops, I will review them each individually below to make it less confusing. I am medium-tanned and dark haired, I hope this helps so that you can get an idea on how it will look/work on you! Let's start:-CHAMPAGNE GLOW (Custom Strobing Drop)These drops are super blend-able and a little goes a long way. I did not struggle at all trying to blend these in, there were literally zero streaks and 100% even-ness of color! The color itself is a beautiful light glittery white. I know that might sound scary for us darker toned skin ladies but it is dark-skin friendly. It does not look harsh whatsoever. You have total control of the intensity of color by layering more on or less to fit your liking. A little note about this specific color! IT LOOKS AMAZING as nose highlighter to add light to the area of your eyes where they meet the bridge of the nose, the tip of the nose and bridge of the nose. I loved this!! I also think these would be great for a beginner because of how easy they are to blend.-BRONZE GLOW (Custom Sculpting Drop)OK, these drops were definitely a little harder for me to use because they felt like they dried quicker on my face, which is ok because personally I always take longer to sculpt my face since I am still perfecting the art. These too are very blend-able, no trouble there! They have a true bronze color to them. They do not have any funny smells either as there tends to be with the darker shades of highlighters. The shimmer on this is super beautiful BUT to shimmery for my everyday liking since I tend to gravitate towards matte when it comes to contouring but for weekends these will now be my MUST HAVE GO-TO. These drops get the job done. I did not need to be retouching the areas on my face at all. They lasted about 6 solid hours without any trouble (I use Armani foundation) AND I actually got compliments that I was glowing heheh literally I was glowing!! These are a great color for us medium skin tone ladies because they match the skin so pleasantly. A little side note, I used these as eyeshadow too and WOW they were PERFECT. I used a matte cream primer and had ZERO trouble with the longevity of these, they lasted all day. The last thing about these are that they are EXCELLENT for blending in with foundation for an island glow. I would HIGHLY recommend these. They are so easy to use would be a great selling point.-GOLDEN GLOW (Custom Highlight Drop)Ok these I will not rave about out, I was just a little let down by this color BUT keep in mind my skin tone is very near this shade. These looked too close to my own skin to feel excited about BUT they too were great and blend-able (this was a case of "It's me honey not you lol). I took several layers of drops to notice at all really. Also, these do not have the same shimmery effect as its counterparts, that can be a good thing though because these are more every-day friendly for us women who do not do full-glam face makeup everyday. I am very monotone about these BUT what I will say is that these did give my face a more put together look. I think these will look beautiful on someone with a lighter skin tone than mine. These were too close to my own skin tone to really notice.-ROSE GLOW (Custom Highlight Drop)OK these were pretty cool, very shimmery so I preferred to use these on my cheeks mixed with a little cheek ink. I had no trouble blending them with my shades of blush. I also used them around my face on the ares where the light would naturally hit and they were nice but I think I really need to practice a little more with these because in my humble opinion these might be a little too much if not applied carefully (they're shimmering, remember I gravitate towards matte). The color is beautiful, the lasting power is there and the power of customizing intensity is there too. My last tip about these were that they look great as a highlight on the cupid's bow of the lips since they make my lips look bigger. I liked these and I would recommend them.Overall, all 4 shades were 100% easy to blend, each was easy to layer to get more intensity out of the color and the longevity of wear was there. I would definitely recommend these for someone who is a beginner or pro. Less

Macy's user
February 18, 2018

That Second-Skin Glow

I received 4 of the shades with the lightest being Champagne Glow which is described as a Custom “Strobing” Drop. Followed by Rose Gold and Golden Glow (Both of these are Custom Highlight Drops) and Bronze Glow (Custom Sculpting Drop)First off, just to get some things out of the way, “Strobing” is basically using highlighters to give you that ethereal, glowing, lit from within skin. Not so much Instagram, otherworldly popping highlight. Sculpting makes me think of a “natural contour” with no harsh defined lines. Blending is your best friend when it comes to both of these techniques. But it all comes down to quality products I think. And I think Lancome hit this one out of the park. It's been awhile since Lancome came out with a product I was really excited about. For reference I wear the shade 460 Suede W in Lancome 24H wear foundation. (I’m a caramel brown)I love the texture, which is different than any other liquid highlighter I have. It's not runny at all and has this smooth and creamy consistency that kind of reminds me of a light foundation which is weird but in a good way. It’s probably why it blends so well even just using your fingers. They don’t dry too quickly giving you time to work. Most importantly, they look like skin which is what I typically go for when shopping for a highlight. There’s no glitter particles and they are all pretty natural looking WITH the exception of Bronze Glow which is their “sculpting drop” not a highlighter, and has a coppery sheen to it and is in a pretty stark contrast to the others. I didn't love it.Wear time is the same as my other liquid/powder highlights. I do use a setting spray because I have an oily T-zone. I can make it through my work day just fine.As for the shade range, Champagne Glow isn’t stark white, it’s more of a neutral cream color and blends well even on my skin. I wear this on the bridge of my nose, below the brow bone and side of cheek area. Rose Gold is probably the most universal shade, being it would work for light to darker skin tones. Golden Glow is my fave but isn’t really “Golden” it’s a pretty neutral warm tone, golden "beige" glow maybe? I use this shade to mix in with my foundation and it doesn’t overpower it.You can use Bronze Glow to darken your foundation/simulate a fake tan or “sculpt”. It definitely adds some radiance, but personally I didn’t love it as I don’t buy anything really with a coppery sheen. I have eyeshadows and bronzers where I can get the same result. But it does look okay once blended and definitely more of a summer shade for me. I used Bronze glow on the temples, cheeks and as an eyeshadow in my photos I included.When I restock, Golden Glow and Champagne Glow are the shades I’d pick up first because I could use these everyday with Rose Gold being my alternate. I mix Golden Glow in with my foundation or moisturizer and use Champagne or Rose Gold on top for that all over natural glow.You get about 15 ML (0.5 oz) of product that’s half of what’s in a standard size of foundation (usually 30ML or 1 oz.) so it’s a pretty decent size, it’s the same size as another brand I use in the shade Moonlight (more silvery golden). You’re clearly not going to use as much highlighter as you do foundation. I never use a full droppers worth of product as it’s just too much product. Sometimes I don’t even need the stopper. I can literally take what’s on the dropper. Less is more with this product.if you want your highlight to look like skin these are it. They are super blendable, natural and lightweight with a good shade range for multiple skin tones. I am a makeup and skincare junkie but I am super picky about my highlighters. « less

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