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Renergie Multi-Lift Redefining Lifting Cream SPF15 by Lancôme

Renergie Multi-Lift Redefining Lifting Cream SPF15


Top Reviews



i apply it at night on my cleansed skin and in the morning my skin feels smooth and looks more radiant

- LancôMe User

i definitely recommend this product to anyone who wants soft glowing and radiant skin

- LancôMe User



this rose tinted moisturiser is just beautiful, really plumps up my complexion and give an all day glow, i usually use energie de vie but will definitely be introducing this to my collection

- LancôMe User

my skin still felt smooth plumped and hydrated in the morning

- LancôMe User



i use every morning has part of my skincare routine, coupled with the lancôme renergie multi-lift eye & anti wrinkle eye cream my face is good to go

- LancôMe User

this is a anti wrinkle night cream

- LancôMe User



i used multi glow for the first time and seen a difference straight away my skin felt so soft and i could see a glow in my skin when i looked in the mirror and my face feels alot lighter i would recomend multi glow thankyou

- LancôMe User

also it smelt lovely and i noticed results straight awayi'd recommend this product to everyone, it's kind to skin and doesn't sting sensitive skin, it smells delicious and once you apply it it's so smooth and lightweight you forget you're wearing it

- LancôMe User

uneven skintone

evens out skin

a week later ( first using, lancolm cleanser and toner) my skin is soft and glowing

- LancôMe User

it's evened out my skin tone and given me a lovely natural glow and i love it

- LancôMe User


redness relief

my skin now looks brighter and less sallow, without looking flushed or red

- LancôMe User

i am looking forward to the long term results, reducing my fine lines and wrinkles and my skin feeling firmer

- LancôMe User



i found it very easy to apply and it absorbed very easily leaving my skin feeling beautifully soft and most of all angentle glow which over the week was commented on by work colleagues and my friends

- LancôMe User

she has really noticed a difference in the softness of her skin and is normally sensitive to products but has found no irritation to this

- LancôMe User


good for acne

i've used this for all these years and my skin is very clear and soft with hardly any blemishes

- Boots User

it leaves you with a lovely glow which lasts all day, my skin is smoother, more even and less prone to break outs

- LancôMe User
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Debenhams userMay 31, 2018

Glad it was a free sample.

I don't normally do reviews but do appreciate the help they can bring when they are read. I'll start by saying I love the visionaire range and genifique so was excited to try this range. Had this as part of a free gift package and glad I was able to try before I bought it. As soon as I put it on it did sting a little but I was able to cope with it. The texture is nice and skin did settle. A few hours later my skin was itching and red. Was able to wash and use a different moisturiser in the evening. Tried again the next day but the same happened and by the evening the skin round my jaw and forehead had started to dry and peel. Took a week for skin to settle. Sorry to write a bad review but hopefully it will help others. As I said I love all other lancome products I have tried, can only assume this contains an ingredient not suitable to my skin. « less

- Debenhams
Lancôme userMay 24, 2018

Lancôme’s NEW Rénergie Multi-Glow day cream

Lancôme’s new Rénergie Multi-Glow, day cream caters the skin with all the essential benefits required to maintain a healthy youthful appearance. I find that combining it with Renergie Multi-lift Eye cream and at night with the Renergie Multi-lift Night cream instant results of nourished skin are felt and over regular use lifted, firmer skin is acheived and visible. Used daily every morning the skin develops a radiant rosy glow, becomes plumpier and firmer. The day cream contains Schisandra berry extracts and has a beautiful, luxurious rosy colour, a gorgeous scent and a smooth silky texture that instantly penetrates into the skin leaving a wonderful refreshing feeling deep into the soul. Amongst it's many multi benefits it also corrects the shade of skin smooths, brightens and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. It is so easy to use and fits in your daily skin care routine. « less

- Lancôme
Lancôme userJuly 13, 2018

Uplifted after only 1 week amazing results.

Lancôme Renergie Multi-Lift Day cream SPF15A beautiful rich cream day cream. Firstly the rich buttery texture is so luxurious.Sinks immediately into my drier skin with the climate were having at the moment.I feel so much more confident in my skincare knowing I'm using a quality product, that is not only super moisturising but gives a lift at the same time. Having the SPF15 there also means I’m confident when I’m out and about in the sun, I know I’m looking after my skin.This cream has a delicate fragrance that lasts, I’ve had so many compliments about the scent. I can see after just one week the difference, and how much my face and neck does look tighter and more lifted and definitely more radiant. No irritation at all, my skin can feel a little sensitive with the heat.I use every morning has part of my skincare routine, coupled with the Lancôme Renergie Multi-Lift Eye & Anti wrinkle eye cream my Face is good to go.I couldn’t be happier, and after one week I’m amazed at what is looking back at me in the mirror and can't wait to see the long term results. « less

- Lancôme
Lancôme userApril 29, 2018

Multi glow great results in days 5*

Lancômes NEW Rénergie Multi-Glow, day cream says it revives the natural rosy glow of the skin by acting on radiance, plumpness and firmness-this did have a positive impact on my skin really rich high moisture and lovely to put on my face,no allergic reaction or negative impact. It says it is Tailor-made for women 60+, whose skin is losing definition and radiance over time-but I’m in my 30s and found it was great. My skin felt healthier, firmer and more brighter. It reports to reduce those pesky fine lines and wrinkles, I don’t have many of these but it did make improvements to how my skin felt and looked by replenishing skin with moisture and on that fact I would recommend giving it a go!ive added before and after shots from several days of use-I really felt the difference in my complexion hard to show this with photos. « less

- Lancôme
Lancôme userMarch 20, 2018

great moisturiser

The renergie multi-glow cream is a tailor made day cream for women who has lost their radiance over time.It has help me tighten and lift the appearance of my skin and immediately after application my skin looks fresher and soothed.After few days my skin looks more refresh and luminous with a more even skin looking tone.I feel more hydrated and have a rosy glow ,i think the product counteract the yellow tones in skin.In my opinion this product is a must have as it has helped reduce the appearance of fine lines and improved my skin plumpness and radiance.

- Lancôme


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