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Selected ShadeMini Size Black - 0.13 oz/ 4 mL

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"great length"
- Ulta User
"lengthens lashes"
- Ulta User
staying powerlonglasting
"loved this, applied nicely and lasted all day"
- LancôMe User
"this mascara lengthens my lashes better than any mascara i've ever tried, lasts all day, doesn't flake or dry out, and i love the silky texture"
- Ulta User
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"but if ur looking to go on a lash free binder like i am in hopes to actually grow my own lashes then this is for sure the mascara to purchase u really have to see it to believe it my biggest issue with mascara that help give volume and length is clumping i hate to have an unnatural looking clump but this is the first mascara that doesn't give me that clump it's alllllll natural looking length i love it"
- Sephora User
"amazing volume and length"
- Ulta User
"it magnifies every little lash, it stays put all day and all night if you want :) and for being waterproof, it actually comes off easily with eye makeup remover"
- Macy's User
"best waterproof on the market, and i’ve tried them all"
- Sephora User
"lengthens and curls lashes"
- Ulta User
"my eyelashes are still recovering from a bad salon lash lift, and have been looking distinctly stumpy, but this mascara has totally revived my lashes"
- LancôMe User
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Sephora User
Lengthening, waterproof, curling
I was so shocked at the turn out of this mascara. I have always been a loyal buyer of Better Than Sex mascara, but I have to say this might just top them all. The brush is big, but not too big and I'm still able to reach all the corners of my eyes to get all my lashes. There are a TON of bristles and they're coated with a lot of product to make application even and smooth. This is a very wet mascara but once it's on, it doesn't smudge or flake. I'm honestly in love and so happy I received this product. I'm blonde with light, thin, but long lashes and this mascara helps me with the volume while keeping my length and curl how I like them. It's a fantastic dark black color and really goes on so smoothly. With just one coat I see a huge difference, and I usually put on 3-4 coats to achieve the length, definition, and volume I desire so this mascara is a big win for me! I couldn't rave more about this product and I know I'll now be switching to this mascara. I can't wait to try out the waterproof version. I received this product as a free sample and this is a honest review of how I feel about this product.
Sephora User
Curling, volumizing, not clumping
I was looking forward to the launch of this mascara sooo much! Mascara is such a personal preference thing. If you liked Too Faced BTS and Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir I think you will LOVE Monsieur Big. It gives length, volume and curl to the lashes. I've only seen one tiny little flake on one occasion and it was right after a workout and I'd been using the same tube for about two months. The tube hasn't dried out or flaked, the formula is a creamy comfortable formula. Keep in mind I have 2 other mascaras that I use so I use my tube several times a week but not daily. The 2nd and 3rd coat are a bit clumpy but in a pretty and dramatic way. It gives my lashes the most impact out of any mascara I've tried. I do curl my lashes with a Revlon curved curler (it's gold and rounded to give the middle of the lashes more impact but I don't think the curler you use matters, just letting you know how it works for me). What makes this a winner is it makes my lashes soooo dramatic, doesn't smudge, flake (only happened once out of 2 months!!), the formula isn't gummy sticky or tacky. The only way you wouldn't like this mascara is if you like precisely separated lashes. I have the full size tube not the sample. It's better than the Hypnose Drama in my opinion. With the sale coming up it's totally worth trying! Def like it better than Lash Paradise too bc it gives even more length volume and impact for me.
Lancôme User
Not clumping, not smudging, dramatic
This is a bold, dramatic mascara that can be built up quickly to achieve dolly lashes. On the first stroke, what stood out to me was how easily it curled up my lashes (no curlers used) and how they just stayed there. On me, the result was no different to using a curler. All the lashes were coated quickly and there was no clumping, the wand just separated my lashes, fanning them out and giving a very feathery, fluttery, defined look, which I love. If you want a less dramatic look, you can stop there. It is still obvious, just not as bold as when you add more layers. This first layer also didn't do a lot of volumizing for me.The second coat and beyond (I add coats when still wet) were the most volumizing and dramatic. The colour is very black and if you're fair, might actually be too much, but is perfect on a brunette. At this point, the lashes look almost false. The brush is quite big, which I like and I found it easy to coat the lower lashes too. The lashes didn't feel too stiff no matter how much mascara was on.It wore well throughout the day, there was no flaking or smudging and no irritation at all. Removal was easy with a cleansing oil and didn't require much massaging to dissolve it all, which is favourable. Would repurchase. « less


Compared to other mascaras, the ingredients in this product are about as safe as the average product.
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