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Le Correcteur Pro Concealer Kit by Lancôme

Le Correcteur Pro Concealer Kit

under eye(505)
staying power(335)
coverage: medium coverage

Top Reviews

under eye

good for under eye

i have been searching my whole life for the perfect under eye concealer and i've finally found it

- Sephora User

this is my go-to concealer for my dark undereye circles

- Sephora User


blends well

my color (clair ii) blends into my skin color

- Belk User

it goes on nice and smooth and covers easily, blends nicely, and stays all day

- Ulta User

staying power


it's crease resistant, long lasting, with good texture, a little goes a long way

- Sephora User

it's long lasting and overall the best concealer i have ever used that it's my everyday concealer

- Sephora User


not creasing

i apply it with a concealer brush and it works better than anything i've ever tried, you can't even tell i'm wearing it and it lasts all day long (and night) without ever creasing

- Sephora User

this concealer not only completely covers them (i mix medium beige with clair), but it doesn't settle into fine lines, lasts all day and night (i've put this to an all night partying test

- Sephora User

water resistance

water resistant

it stays put pretty much all day, and its waterproof so even after a workout i look great

- Sephora User

this has lasted through a day at the beach and an all nighter; it wears 24hrs and is really waterproof

- Sephora User



so, it moisturizes-not dramatically but enough to make a difference, it covers the blueish circles almost completely and lasts all day, it does end up resting in the creases under my eyes but not in a noticeable way and usually takes about 8 hours before it does

- Sephora User

moisturizing, stays in well, doesn't cake

- Macy's User



it does not look cakey, sink into fine lines, or give that white undereye look

- Sephora User

lightweight but full coverage

- LancôMe User

color accuracy

doesn't oxidize

it stays put all day and doesn't change color or consistency

- Sephora User

lasted all day and the color didn't change on me

- Sephora User



it's great for undereye circles and buildable for covering up blemishes

- Sephora User

i found this was far superior anyway in terms of buildable and natural looking coverage

- Macy's User



it applies so smoothly and covers skin blemishes with a light layer that is so weighless and silky that it virtually disappears, leaving your skin tone even and flawless

- LancôMe User

great, creamy texture and smooth, flawless finish

- LancôMe User



it covers beautifully and conceals any imperfections without settling into any fine lines adds a nice brightness as well

- Macy's User

this is the very best concealer for brightening my undereye area and for concealing blemishes

- Nordstrom User

color correction

color correcting

it's so smooth, great coverage, color correcting, very easy to blend and long lasting

- Sephora User

coverage is on the lighter side in my opinion, so i would not suggest if you have severe dark circles and dark red blemishes unless you also plan on using some sort of color corrector underneath

- Sephora User

pore minimizing

pore minimizing

gives full, smooth coverage without looking cakey or clogging pores

- Bloomingdale's User

it doesn't irritate if i try to cover things that maybe should be left alone, and doesn't clog pores to create even more issues

- Sephora User


medium coverage

i would say this concealer is medium coverage but it looks so natural which is why i love it and though it does crease a bit, it doesn't exaggerate my fine lines under my eyes

- Sephora User

it sets to a matte/powdery finish, and provides medium to full coverage

- Sephora User
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Sephora userNovember 19, 2014

After many concealers, this is the one!

I've been searching. I've spent HOURS in Sephora swatching on my hand, blending into the back of my hand, trying a little on my cheek, trying a little on the under eye area. Even bought, exchanged... it's been a lot trip, let's just say.Lancome's undereye concealer is as close to perfect as possible.1. It's in a squeeze tube. A must-have for those who want their makeup to LAST and not grow so much random stuff.2. It stays put... all day. It's not "waterproof" per se, but it works pretty darn well, and hold on tight throughout the day. Washes off fairly easily.3. Crease-resistant, EVEN without powdering. Now this is variable person to person, but this really worked well for me.4. A good balance between moisturizing and matte. Because I use it for the undereye area, anything that drys super matte tend to crease, look caked on, and feels dry. This DID NOT DO that. In fact, it's a good amount of moisture but NOT greasy at all. Pats on easily, and has a nice satin finish.Now, I know Lancome has a lot more color options than Sephora, so I would say that's the only downside--and this is more of a Sephora problem than a Lancome problem. I tried Light Buff but it was way too light for me, and then I tried Beige Neutral (III) which is a tad pink, but otherwise works well. I wish it was just a LITTLE more brightening. And maybe some of the other colors would've worked, but... Sephora doesn't have those. So, I make it work. So far so good.Additional note: this is NOT the heaviest coverage concealer by far. For that, get MUFE full cover concealer. So if your under eye area REALLY needs some heavy coverage, look elsewhere. If you are pretty typical with some dark shadows and bags, this will suffice. « less

- Sephora
Macy's userFebruary 20, 2008

Doesn't conceal REALLY DARK circles.

I have extremely dark undereye circles. I swear it looks like I've been on a 9 day bender, even if I'm well rested. I bought this hoping it would conceal them and not make me look like a raccoon anymore, but it didn't.I have really dry skin and even with moisturizer and primer, this product still looked cakey. Now, I'm not sure if it's because it's matte finish, but I don't think a concealer should be matte finish especially for the undereye area. It just makes it look wrong. But then again it could just be my skin.The coverage isn't great for the eyes. Instead of camouflaging my dark circles, it made them look worse. It does however concealer blemishes greatly. That's the reason I gave it 2 stars. At least my money isn't going to waste!So if you're looking to buy a concealer for your dark circles, I wouldn't choose this one. If you want one to cover your pimples/blemishes, I wouldn't steer you away from this one. Less

- Macy's
Sephora userMarch 30, 2010

will never, ever stray

The most natural looking concealer, yet it still has great coverage. That being said, those who want opaque, and I'm talking FULL coverage should look elsewhere(try MUFE or Amazing), which IMO are more for blemishes, as they look fake and obvious underneath my eyes, though they conceal well. I have deep set eyes and every other concealer out there 'sinks' in the hollows/bags under my eyes and makes me look even more tired, or gives me those awful undereye half moons, esp. in photos. This glides over them and truly makes me look awake, like I don't have dark circles or bags under my eyes, even though without concealer I look like I'm wearing brown eyeshadow!. I use Clair II; I have very light olive skin but that shade very pink on me and it neutralizes brown. This has lasted through a day at the beach and an all nighter; it wears 24hrs and is really waterproof. I set it with powder to last longer. It is matte so you need to blend quickly over and moisturize skin well, but on the plus side it settles like natural skin. It is suprisingly creamy though for a matte, liquid concealer.This has lasted me over a year already and will last me a at least few more months even though I use it daily, so it's definitely worth the $$. Oh, and I'm not sure I'm allowed to say this, but macy's that have a full lancome counter have more shades to try and on the lancome website there are many different shades to choose from; I would consider buying online. Sephora has a limited shade range. Anyway its the best concealer money can buy! GO BUY! Less

- Sephora
Sephora userDecember 11, 2010

Great concealer

SHADE SELECTION--- I bought this in light buff and it is an alright shade for me but i feel i could of went down a shade lighter. I don't like my under eye concealer to be extremely lighter then my skin tone because then i would be using white (literally lol) but i like it to be maybe half a shade lighter then my foundation if not the same shade as my foundation. Light buff is probably half a shade darker then my skin tone. For reference I wear..NARS sheer glow in mont blancBB foundations in either Alabaster or porcelain (depends on formula)MAC NC/NW 15TEXTURE-- I really like the texture of this concealer. It blends very well, wears light. Does not cake. And most importantly does not emphasize fine lines nor does it dry up your under eye area even though t dries to a matte finish which i love because you need very little setting powder and you have beautiful concealer. I love that it is creamy while you are putting it on that way you dont tug on the delicate under eye area and it is so easy to apply, but dries to a matte finish. This is what makes this concealer BRILLIANT to me.COVERAGE--Even though i use this over my bb corrector because i have extremely dark circles i feel this has great coverage for normal or very light dark circles. But for dark eye circles you do need a corrector regardless. Bobbi brown corrector blends like a dream with this concealer and I love to use them together.WATER PROOF?--- Yes it really does stay on!! lol I have had this on and washed my face with Philosophy PUrity made simple and it is still on. I use an oil based makeup remover to remove this at night.CREASE?---- Since it does dry to a matte finish you will probably not crease and if so very little. But i can tell you that it is one of the best concealers in that aspect. I havent found a concealer that doesnt crease but this one is actually pretty good. You only will need a little setting powder.OVERALL-- I really like this concealer and trust me Ive tried sooo many under eye concealers from bobbie brown to benefit to mac to everything you can think of. This is one of the best ones in the market. It has become a staple for me and i highly recommend giving it a shot. « less

- Sephora
Sephora userJuly 26, 2015

my new favorite concealer!!!

So a good concealer that works for me is by far the hardest makeup product for me to find. Though I am in my 20's I have super super super dry under eyes, dark circles that I need to hide (though they are improving after my newest eye cream purchase!) and fine lines under my eyes. So with that combination it has been next to impossible to find a good concealer that is full coverage but doesn't make my under eyes super cakey and emphasize my fine lines and dryness and make my skin look worse. I was in Sephora trying every single concealer I thought may work for me and just on a whim decided to give this one a go as I noticed the display said it is waterproof and crease resistant. Well, it's definitely not crease resistant, even if I set it with powder. But with that being said it sits beautifully on the skin and doesn't look dry or cakey at all-- even if I build up the coverage a bit which is extremely rare for me. Usually I have to put the thinnest layer of concealer and my under eye area will still look cakey. I would say this concealer is medium coverage but it looks so natural which is why I love it and though it does crease a bit, it doesn't exaggerate my fine lines under my eyes. So far out of all the concealers I have ever tried this one is the absolute best. This concealer works well for dry skin, covers pretty well and doesn't look cakey at all. My new favorite!! « less

- Sephora


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