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L'Absolu Rouge La Base Rosy Lip Balm & Primer by Lancôme

L'Absolu Rouge La Base Rosy Lip Balm & Primer

staying power(287)
chapped lips(351)
pigmentation: pigmented
Variation: Rosy

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i have one if the new l’absolu rouge lipsticks in shade poemea beautiful formula as it is very moisturising, has a rich pigment and a very waxy almost creamy texture

- LancôMe User

i do like this lipstick and have other shades, the case is great and stays shut and it has a nice creamy consistency and light fragrance

- Sephora User



it has matte finish with creamy texture which make it very hydrating and much more wearable than other matte lipsticks, the packaging is amazing and color payoff is excellent too

- Nordstrom User

the colour is stunning and the texture creamy which makes it easy to apply

- LancôMe User

staying power


this is now my favourite lipstick formula i love it, it glides on very easily and lasts all day

- LancôMe User

it glides on easily and i love that it stays on

- LancôMe User

chapped lips

hydrates lips

finally a lipstick that is a dream to apply, this goes on so smoothly, wonderfully matt but yet hydrating, it also stays on pretty much all day, sounds too good to be true

- LancôMe User

inside is the most luscious and incredibly pigmented lipstick that glides on and feels really rich and moisturising

- LancôMe User



colour lasts well throughout the day and unlike some mattes, this is a dream to wear, comfortable, buildable and lightweight

- LancôMe User

although it was still vibrant and gave me colour it did not look or feel too heavy and made my lips feel smooth and soft

- LancôMe User



i absolutely loved how this looked on - the pigment is incredible, totally 'budgeproof' and sits so beautifully on the lip for an amazingly polished look

- LancôMe User

the color is rich and deep

- Ebay User
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Lancôme userOctober 14, 2017

Amazing L'ABSOLU Rouge lipstick

Wow! Love love love this cute L'ABSOLU Rouge mini lipstick! I normally wouldn't go for such a bold colour 378 Rose Lancôme but I went for a classic look with black eyeliner, it glides on your lips with its smooth and creamy light texture. The vibrant red colour really stands out with a matt finish. It stayed on longer than expected and kept my lips moisturised all night. Size doesn't matter in this case! I also used the L'Absolu Gloss Rosy Plump to give it a glossy look. I'm going to try the gradient look with this lipstick shown on the makeup tips.

- Lancôme
Lancôme userOctober 8, 2017

Lovely pigment!

This lipstick is hydrating and smooth, leaves my lips feeling soft with its silky texture and is really long lasting with strong pigment. The smell is like delicate Palma violets, a nostalgic aroma and reminiscent of the 1940s, giving it a truly vintage feel. Packs a lot of punch with its robust yet elegant design; very lightweight and handbag friendly. The luxurious packaging is simply divine; makes me want to collect more!As an added bonus, it can be used as a blusher!

- Lancôme
Sephora userNovember 12, 2017

Well, the packaging is dope. But..

I struggled with even giving this lipstick two stars. The formula is nothing special. The mattes are mediocre at best and last maybe 2 hours if you don't eat or drink. They are also dry for a formula that specifically claims to be hydrating (I would have went with three stars if they had not made that statement...but it's just not true.) The sheer colors, like Timide, came off in less than an hour while I literally did nothing but go for a walk.However, the colors are stunning. Timide is my perfect my-lips-but-better-color (for reference, I am very pale and slightly warm toned). Rose Lancome matte is a vivid pink-rose that can rock an otherwise bare face. Cafe Parisian and Poeme are both beautiful lighter rose-pink-beige colors. But I don't want to reapply a drying lipstick every hour or two...because then you get patchy lips that crack and give you that lovely crusty lips. I could not make them work for longer an episode of Project Runway. So back they all went.The packaging is very slick. You press down on the gold Lancome rose on the top and the lipstick pops out. (Pro tip: still be sure to twist the bullet down before recapping.) I love the black and metallic colors. But what's the point of chic packaging for a bad product?Lisa Elderidge, please update Lancome's formulas! For the price, they should last. I'm not going just pay this price for just a gimmicky (but cool) package. « less

- Sephora
Lancôme userMarch 17, 2018

Lipstick with moisture

I have one if the new L’absolu rouge lipsticks in shade PoemeA beautiful formula as it is very moisturising, has a rich pigment and a very waxy almost creamy texture.A nice fragrance and a novel opening. You press down in the rose at the top of the lipstick billet to click open the tubeI am transported back to being a child and watching my aunt with her makeup. The case is a lovely touch and turns a normal lipstick application into something a little more special and indulgentLipstick is not drying and in winter skin is a joy to wearRecommended

- Lancôme
Lancôme userMarch 22, 2018

Oh My What A Product!

This is one of the most most beautiful shade of Berry, I have ever seen or wore it!I got Berry Noir and it is deep reddish berry shade. When I applied, I asked my husband about the shade and he said its v good (mind that he doesn't like makeup but when I saw him approving it means it "is" good ;)The texture is super creamy matte, not drying and staying power is amazing. Its a win win situation. Its one of those lipstick that if I ran out , its definitly on my re-purchase list.

- Lancôme


Overall safe Ingredients

Tocopheryl Acetatehazard
Butylene Glycolacne

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