Color Design Sensational Effects Eyeshadow by Lancôme

Color Design Sensational Effects Eyeshadow


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blends well
not creasing
pigmentation: pigmented
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Selected ShadeBURNT SAND (SH)

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staying powerlonglasting
"love this product, silky eye shadow that lasts the entire day"
- Ulta User
"love this product, silky eye shadow that lasts the entire day"
- Ulta User
blendabilityblends well
"the bottom line is that these eyeshadows have a rainbow of gorgeous colors; blend beautifully; don’t crease, and stay on the entire day"
- Macy's User
"instead of sweeping the entire eye, i divide my eyelid into sections, and apply it one section at a time, making sure i blend it really well before i move to a new section"
- Macy's User
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creasingnot creasing
"nice light base eyeshadow color (lancome latte) place first to cover the entire area, followed by an eyeshadow for the eyelid, and then an eyeshadow for the crease"
- Bloomingdale's User
"it is easy to apply, doesn't crease and is very long wearing"
- LancôMe User
falloutdoes not have fallout
"the color is so buttery, soft shimmer, no fallout, just gorgeous"
- Macy's User
"all that brightens just does that i use this when i'm in a rush on my lid it's this gorgeous peachy goldy shimmering e/s w/ minimal fall out that pulls my work look perfectly"
- Nordstrom User
"it has a wonderful silky texture that simply glides onto your eyelids and doesn't irritate my eyes"
- LancôMe User
"the texture is very silky smooth and has very long wear"
- LancôMe User


Macy's User
Blends well, pigmented, does not have fallout
I have about six shadows from Lancôme. They are so soft and smooth. They glide on so easily and blend easily, but they don’t have a lot of fall out at all…and the color stays right on your lid once it’s applied. It lasts all day, especially with a primer if you have oily lids. The pigment is really nice, it isn’t too harsh of a pigmentation that you get harsh lines right after applying, but it’s definitely pigmented enough to show the color. I have to say, the pictures do not do the shadows justice at all, such as Makeover (a metallic bright pink), Drama (a purple iridescent blue shimmer), Filigree (a beige shimmer that looks like light gold when applied), Provence is a darker purple than shown, The New Black (really shimmery with colorful looking shimmer)…the list goes on, you really have to go to a counter at Macy’s to really see the brilliance and difference of the shadow colors from this site. You won’t be disappointed when you buy a Lancôme color design shadow.
Lancôme User
Blends well, not creasing, longlasting
This is a great colour and great shadow. It's listed differently than I would agree on. It is a solid pink colour with gold shimmer. Smooth texture and easy application with brushes or finger. This colour blends easily and even sans primer will stay on for an entire 12 hour shift. While it does tend to set into the creases after about 8 hours (and I do not have an office job where I sit for long periods of time), I can easily smudge it out with my finger and it will look freshly applied. With primer, this shadow is good to go for about 12 hours before any creasing sets in...although with primer it doesn't smudge out as easily when touching up.
Nordstrom User
Blends well, pigmented, does not have fallout
I purchased these 3 E/S from Nordies during Lancome's Black Friday sale @ 25% off. (Nordies price matches :) Lancome's E/S so far have been very good, their pigmented, easy to blend & buttery soft. All That Brightens just does that I use this when I'm in a rush on my lid it's this gorgeous peachy goldy shimmering E/S w/ minimal fall out that pulls my work look perfectly. @ night I highlight with this & it's still perfect. Center Stage is a gorgeous yellow gold that is perfect for inner eye highlighting, buttery soft & pigmented. 24K is a gorgeous bronzy gold. In all I'm very pleased with these E/S they complement my very yellow NC 45 skin tone well, also they can be used wet :)


Compared to other eyeshadows, the ingredients in this product are about as safe as the average product.
30 ingredients

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