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Color Design Eye Palette by Lancôme

Color Design Eye Palette



Lancôme's chic limited edition Color Design Starlight Sparkle Eyeshadow Palette features a range of eye shadows to color, contour, sculpt, highlight, and line your eyes in a long-lasting, budge-proof, luxuriously smooth formula. A $258 value!

Key Benefits:

  • Creamy
  • Not Creasing
  • Longlasting
  • Blends Well

Ratings & Reviews

4.690% of 2053reviewers recommend this product

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sephora user
March 05, 2011


Last week, the Lancome Color Design 5 Shadow & Liner Palette in Amethyst Glam caught my eye when I was in Sephora returning something. I didn't need any more lilac/purple shades of shadow, but one of the consultants gave me a little push to buy it anyway. I was so glad that she did, because the palette is truly wonderful. It had excellent staying power, and didn't fade at all, even after 14 hours. The shades working together, really highlighted my eyes. While I often mix shades of shadow from one manufacturer to another, I've noticed that sometimes shades from one manufacturer work in combo with each other, working better than a mix and max (from different brands) approach. Amethyst Glam did such wonderful things for my brown eyes, that I went back to try Jade Fever. Green is great with my eyes, although it has an entirely different effect than certain purple shades. I'm really pleased with the Jade Fever palette. Like all the palettes in this collection, there are five shadows which can be used to create a myriad of different styles. There's a lid shade, a liner, a highlighter, a crease shadow, and an all-over shadow. Although designated for specific purposes, each of the shades can also be used in many other ways. There's so much that can be done with this palette. While my favorite shade in the Amethyst Glam palette was the lid shade, in this palette I like the sheen/shimmer that comes from the liner shade. However, I've tried that shade for my crease, as liner, and slightly muted for a smokey eye, and it's gorgeous however it's used. This surprised me, because, while it looks okay in the palette, when applied, it's actually fantastic, when applied. I've tried it wet and dry, and it's a great all around shade, even if it looks very dark. In addition, the two other main green shades bring a nice warmth to the brown in my eyes, and complement the brown nicely, and I'm also happy with the two additional shades, although nothing phenomenal. The good thing about those last two is that they complement the other shades in the palette so well, and their slight tint makes them harmonize well. Like the Amethyst Glam palette, the pictures in the illustration do NOT do this palette justice. It looks so much better in actuality. All the shadows have an ideal consistency, are well pigmented, and don't fade. The greens look best with a primer. I like the depth that can be created when using a shade both wet and dry. The shades layer well, and blend together perfectly. I'm not had any creasing with either palette. It always looks as if it was professionally applied. This is an exceptional palette, and I highly recommend it.

Sephora user
September 23, 2015

Lavender Grace, Absolutely Perfect!!!

I have this in Lavender Grace and it is absolutely beyond gorgeous! I honestly can't say enough good things about the shades in this palette! The colors corrdinate perfectly together! The shimmering golden lavender and bright lilac are my favorites. The eyeshadows in this palette are very nicely pigmented, silky and true to shade. They go on smoothly with beautiful color payoff and no fall out. They last ALL day long and keep their intensity (I do use them with Urban Decay Primer Potion). They blend together very easily so that you can create lot of stunning looks, or you can wear them just one or two shades at a time and still get a gorgeous look. I have been wanting Lavender Grace for such a long time now, but I kept putting it off, on reason was because the golden lavender shade that I love so much looks very similar to another shade that I have from Lancome called On The Mauve, but I personally think that (especially since I own the palette now) the shade in this palette is prettier than the other one. I don't think that $50 is an outragious price or anything for this since the eyeshadows have such perfect true to life colors and such great pigmentation. I'll definitely 100% be buying another one of these in this shade once I start to get low, now that I have it I don't know how I ever got by without it! I also can't wait to buy several other palettes because they are such high quality and come with the most amazing shades! « less

Sephora user
March 1, 2011


I was in Sephora today returning something, and the Lancome Color Design 5 Shadow & Liner Palette in Amethyst Glam caught my eye. While I wasn't looking for any additional purple/lilac shadows, one of the consultants saw me looking and convinced me to try it. I have to say that this is awesome. The lid shade, along with the highlighter and liner shades, do phenomenal things for my brown eyes. I've gotten all sorts of compliments ever since. It's even better than it looks. (I'm ordering another set for my sister, who also has brown eyes). This palette contains five shadows which can be used to create a variety of styles. There's the fantastic lid shade, the liner, and the highlighter, along with an all-over shadow and a crease shadow. Each shadow, of course, can also be used in a variety of other ways. Use your imagination. There's a lot of room for creativity with this palette. The shadows itself are perfect - the right consistency, the right amount of pigmentation, and perfect staying power. It hasn't faded in hours, and it has remained true to color (and looks much better in actuality than it does in the picture). It can be used wet or dry. There's so much versatility with this palette and great depth. The shades can be used for contouring, too. The shades blend really well. Although I usually use a primer, I didn't with this, which makes it even better since it's performing so well. I couldn't be any happier with this palette. It's perfect for me. I have my eye on a few other palettes, but they are slightly expensive, at $48 for the five shades. If you're looking for a palette that does everything it's supposed to do, and more, this is it. I love this palette. « less

sephora user
January 07, 2015

The Chocolate palette is Simply Beautiful

I'm 42, blonde blue eyes. Skin is a mix of cool/summer tone. I have a lot of red/pink in my skin so finding warm colors like this is a challenge. Usually the golds make me look too sallow. This palette is perfect for light skin, medium skin or dark skin. It's so neutral. That is hard to find in a warm palette. The colors are the most beautiful I've ever personally found. The gold shades are not like the typical. They are soft not harsh. I was amazed how beautiful this palette is. It's pricey and I was hesitant but honestly I'm so satisfied with the results I've forgotten the price. They are soft, silky and blendable. No fall out. The colors are so pigmented and last all day for me. Your eyes are truly left looking classy and pretty because the colors blend so perfectly unlike so many others where you see where one color stops and the other starts not to mention many have so much fall out it's all over your face. I truly recommend this palette. Just wish the price would come down at least $10. But girls it really is worth trying out if your looking for a great quality eyeshadow.

sephora user
November 13, 2011

Mauve Cherie-- close but no cigar

i didn't want to knock this product just after one day's use, so i used it for work/play for four days. for reference, i'm NC44, dark brown eyes, black hair and combination skin. Pros: - with a light hand, base / lid / crease shades were appropriate enough for work - all shades were versatile for certain eye application other than specified by packaging - blended beautifully with little effort Cons: - highlighter / liner too glittery; yielded excessive and stubborn fall out after application and throughout the day - even with primer, after 4~5 hours, color slid off creases of my eyes and creased like crazy on lids - sponge applicators, as usual, only good for one or two uses; waste of compact volume - expensive for this kind of quality although the colors were versatile, appeared vibrant, and flattered my skin tone at first application, i was looking for lasting quality as advertised. i do not recommend the this particular palette for those with oily lids. for the price i paid, this palette wasn't worth keeping, especially since i eventually used only three of the five shades. maybe it was just luck of the draw, seeing as other reviews raved about the other All-in-One palettes... but good luck!

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