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Absolue Precious Cells Nourishing Lip Balm by Lancôme

Absolue Precious Cells Nourishing Lip Balm

chapped lips(90)
staying power(13)

Top Reviews

chapped lips

hydrates lips

my lips were so dry and the corners were cracked

- Macy's User

this product just melts into your lips and hydrates for hrs

- LancôMe User



personally, i love the texture it feels silky smooth and nourishing, and it smells divine

- LancôMe User

i've treated my skin with anti wrinkle cream for years but always ignored my lips

- Nordstrom User

staying power


stays on a long time

- Macy's User

i wear the 24 hour lipstick, and it is really drying but this balm is the best

- LancôMe User
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Lancôme userMay 6, 2017

So extremely disappointed that I feel like crying...

Lancome used to have a lip moisturizer lotion that came in a little pump that I absolutely loved. When Lancome came out with this product I got sooooo excited. I have some serious medical problems and the corners of my mouth are always cracking. When I used the previous product, I had virtually eliminated it. I have tried everything on the market, shopping from Walmart to Bloomingdale's and nothing helped. Everything was so waxy and didn't seem to really moisturize. So far, the best one that I have found, is a lip butter and that seems to be harder and harder to find too. Anyway, back to this product... Like I said, I got very excited to see this product and even though it is very expensive for a lip balm, it was totally worth it to me if it helped. I had so much faith in Lancome, being a long time faithful user of their skin care line, that I never even tried it at the counter. I just plopped down my card and walked out with what I thought was my miracle product. Lancome Absolue Lip Balm is no better than the stuff at the checkout lanes. The first thing that I noticed was the smell. It has a strong rose odor which stays with you because it is directly under your nose and stays a long time. It is not smooth when applied and a bit sticky. Then what hits you is the taste. You actually taste the perfume... literally. It's horrible. You really, really taste the perfume; so much so that it makes me a bit nauseous. Now, the most important part... it does not feel good on. It's sticky and makes your lips feel "clumpy" when you rub your lips together because it doesn't flow evenly and does not seem to soak into your lips. It just sits there until whatever you eat or drink rubs it off. I guess that it's only good feature is that it is long lasting. Of course, since my lips feel lumpy and sticky and makes me a little nauseous, this "good thing" is actually a horrible thing. I have used it for three days now hoping that it works despite the previously mentioned drawbacks. Nope. Nothing. My lips and the corner of my mouth have shown no improvement. Your previous product worked almost instantly. This was a total waste of money and I feel like Lancome let me down. Disappointed doesn't even cover it. I had such high hopes for this product because their last lip cream was perfection. It had no taste or smell and did it's job by soaking in immediately, keeping your lips smooth. What happened Lancome? Did you even try this product yourself before you packaged it and put it on the market. Please, please, please, please go into your vaults and get the formula for your last lip moisturizing cream and put it back in your lineup. I cannot remember the name, but it came in a little pump bottle. I will gladly pay this expensive price for the discontinued one.... or even more because it was that good. If Macys won't let me return this product I will just toss it into the trash and go back to my cheap lip butter. In conclusion: Sticky... clumpy... smelly... awful taste... does not work. I feel betrayed, disappointed and feel like I could cry. <span class="shop__a pd-reviews__expand-link pd-reviews__translate-span" data-hide="-707863981951082624-full" data-show="-707863981951082624-short" jsaction="pdui.tvc">« less</span>

- Lancôme
Lancôme userOctober 30, 2019

the only lip balm for winter and summer

I originally bought this when I was going on an antarctic expedition, and have been using it ever since. The price point may scare some people off, but this tube lasts for 7 months (or more). I use it every day over my lipstick and my lips have not been chapped in years. I wear the 24 hour lipstick, and it is really drying but this balm is the best. 

- Lancôme
Lancôme userSeptember 9, 2019

Absolutely the most luscious lip balm EVER!

I tried various moisturing lip treatments, I never really felt or thought I needed a lip balm, that nourishes or moisturizers. Even hailing from South Florida in the pretty much constant heat, you would think a moisturizing lip balm would be a must! Blessed with great lips, full and soft most all the time, I've never bothered with one, my lips Rarely if ever get dry or peel, but I do like my lips moist with a bit of shine and I've been using a dual sided lipstick, color on one end, let dry, gloss on the other. Well, now I've tried Lancome's Absolue Precious Cells Nourshing Lip Balm, and I can't go back! And I can have a Nude and natural lip with a slight, just right amount of shine, and the SOFTEST EVER, SMOOTH - LUSICOUS is the Word, lip Gloss/Balm, that doesn't just impart a natural shine, but actually is Lip-Care. Nourshing and plumping, stay on, gloss that feels Amazing! Care for your lips on a cellular level, scent free, super enriching, lovely shine and it stays on for hours! I'm completely in love with this product now, carry it everywhere, its sheer smoothness goes with everything from Denim to toute nue! Less

- Lancôme
Lancôme userJanuary 9, 2020

Luxurious lip balm

I got this product as a sample. I don't like to overhype or use hyperbolic speech on a product, but this lipbalm is AMAZING. I love the way it smells and how it feels on my lips. I really do see a difference in the texture, smoothness, and plumpness of my lips. I feel my lips are more full when using it. And a little goes a long way, but I tend to put on more than I should because I like the smell and feel of it so much. 

- Lancôme
Lancôme userJune 30, 2017

Awesome !!

I don't just like this product, I LOVE this lip balm! With all the lipsticks and long lasting lip color out there, my lips began to look so dry and cracked that I was getting self-conscious about it. I saw this balm while on the Lancome site and thought "Hmmm- maybe i should try this?"... SO GLAD I DID! Am amazing formula that immediately improved the texture and addressed the dryness so well that I bought two more tubes to ensure that I am never without it. While $50 USD may seem like a lot of money for a small tube, it goes a long way and the results far outweigh the expense. LOVE LOVE LOVE 

- Lancôme


Overall safe Ingredients

Glyceryl behenatehazard
Ethylhexyl Palmitateacneirritant
Benzyl Alcoholhazard
Propylene Glycolhazard
Glycine Soja Oilacne

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