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Effaclar Duo + by La Roche-Posay
La Roche-Posay

Effaclar Duo +

redness relief(225)
pore minimizing(102)
coverage: low coverage

Top Reviews

pore minimizing

pore minimizing

i really like the feel of this on my skin and how refreshing it feels, i'm not sure how effective i would say it is against blocked pores though

- Escentual User

my pores look smaller and my skin just looks smoother and better overall

- Boots User


redness relief

it’s dramatically reduced breakouts and evened my skin tone

- Chemistwarehouse User

i'm a massive fan of the original effaclar anti blemish cream so i was super excited to try the new formula with added benefits of helping clear up the appearance of red & brown marks

- Boots User



i was amazed by the coverage your product gave me , it covered the red pigments of my skin and didn't irritate me at all

- Laroche-Posay User

this has really helped clear my skin , it is not harsh like other skin products , its very gentle but have amazing ingredients to clear skin , and smells lovely , i can not believe how good this is ,its great , i also brought the la roche posay bb blur mouse to use to cover my spots and that is also the best stuff ive ever used , i put the duo on at night and then again in the morning and then use la roche posay bb blur to hide my blemish's and what a difference its made , my skin feels and looks so much better ; ) great service from boots again : )

- Boots User



best cream for acne prone skin

- Boots User

i am using this product for month ago and i am in love with my skin it’s so smooth and clear without any pimples

- Chemistwarehouse User



this acclaimed french pharmacy classic does not leave my side; it's gentle and non-greasy, which means that regardless of the season it keeps my skin both hydrated and matte

- Escentual User

this product is amazing and i now love moisturising as my skin looks really great

- Chemistwarehouse User


blends well

this gives my skin an even tone and doesn’t aggravate my rosacea, it is light and i feel, moisturising, without being greasy or slippery, i found it easy to apply using a makeup sponge, which i think gives a more blended appearance

- Escentual User

the light tint in this moisturiser blends perfectly into my skin feeling light and smooth

- Chemistwarehouse User

staying power


i have a shiny t-zone, but this product is effectively a really nice day creme that provides light coverage, with a dewy finish and without sinking in my lines and wrinkles - it stays put all day

- Boots User

the product description it says it provides 24 hour moisture

- Beautyboutique User



this is a lovely mattifying moisturiser

- Boots User

i have been using it for a couple of weeksin place of my usual moisturiser and it's the perfect balance of hydrating and mattifying for my combination skin

- Boots User



most of my blackheads and clogged pores were minimised or gone,my skin wasn't sore or uncomfortable,and it feels well moisturised and luminously healthy but matte

- Boots User

this miracle cream cleared my skin dramatically in a short space of time and i am told that i have wonderfully radiant skin

- Laroche-Posay User



it is so light weight and feels and sets amazingly on the skin

- Lookfantastic User

i love the lightweight application and velvet feel

- Chemistwarehouse User


low coverage

i definitely don’t have great skin, and the sheer coverage is not enough to cover my delightful spots or scars

- Laroche-Posay User

reasonably priced and is great for my face, has a light/ median coverage and i feel like you can build on it

- Laroche-Posay User
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boots.com userSeptember 19, 2018

Caused a reaction

After using the version of this cream that has suncream in it all summer long with great success, I thought I would switch to this for autumn and winter. I applied it mornings only for two days (I use Effaclar H at night--great stuff) and by the second evening I felt as though I had been chemically burned. My skin was red, itchy and felt like sandpaper. I had exactly the same reaction to the Effaclar Matte cream about six months ago but thought it was a one-off. Clearly not. There is some ingredient in both creams that my skin does not tolerate. I would say I have mildly sensitive skin, but not sensitive enough to not be surprised that I reacted to a brand marketed for sensitive skin!Be wary, and patch test this on a small part of your face, rather than the entire area, like I did. I've read similar reviews all over the internet so I know I'm not alone in this. Tread with caution. Less

- boots.com
laroche-posay.co.uk userAugust 10, 2018

Finally, a non-drying acne safe treatment!

I've suffered from acne since my early teenage years and so, for over 10 years I've been dependent on retinol A and benzyl peroxide creams prescribed by my GP. While these products certainly helped clear my skin (when used daily I would normally only have a couple of small spots at any given time) my skin was left red and raw in places, especially around my eyes and mouth, and my skin always felt tight but looked really oily in places like my nose, chin and forehead. So, I've been searching for something to at least replace the BP over the last few years. After reading reviews online about this, I was hesitant - anyone who follows a strict routine with their 'acne-safe' products will know how scary it is to even think about trying a different product (it can set you back months if new products cause a breakout!). I took a chance on this product though and right away, I knew this was for me. One month in and all dryness has gone and my face looks smoother, clearer and has such a lovely dewy glow (without being shiny or oily looking!). I do still get the occasional spot but I find that within only a few hours of applying this, it will have shrunk dramatically and be much less red. This ultimately makes it less tempting to pick at spots (a bad habit I used to have). I've also noticed that scars or marks heal much faster with this - instead of weeks putting up with a dark mark, now after a few days marks usually fade and a tiny little clear piece of skin in the area will simply come away when washing revealing new skin below (now sure if this product helps shed dead skin but whatever it is doing is wonderful!). Anyway, I could rant on for ages about how pleased I am to have found an alternative to harsh BP. I hope they never change this product as I'll be purchasing for the foreseeable future! Less

- laroche-posay.co.uk
boots.com userApril 5, 2014

I would 100% recommend this product.

this product is a life saver and now part of my holy grail skincare collection.it does what it says, cleared up my spots which were red and consistent and also helps clear up existing spot scars. It has a pleasant smell and a perfect consistency. Do not hesitate to buy this as other products never worked for me, but what works for me might not work for others. I adore this product. You know a product means business when they do a money back guarantee. Also i have quite sensitive skin and this does not make my skin irritated or red in the slightest.Apart from the quite pricey cost of this product. it is 100% worth it as is the only thing that has ever worked on my teenage skin. apart from clearing up my skin, it has also helped my skin become more hydrated, I used to suffer with dry skin and tightness but that has gone after 2 weeks of using this product.This product is 100% worth it and i will never use anything else! i can't sing its praises enough and if you are thinking of buying this, do! i look forward to trying more products by this brand. Less

- boots.com
laroche-posay.co.uk userSeptember 29, 2016

A natural, flattering finish with sheer coverage and added skin benefits - Effaclar Duo+ Unifiant

I was scrolling through a fellow beauty blogger’s Instagram when I saw that La Roche Posay had launched the Unifiant version of my beloved Effaclar Duo. I’m pretty sure I let out a little squeal, and felt emotions that can only be embodied by excessive heart-eyed emojis. This product quickly flew to the top of my “to try” list, and I couldn’t contain my excitement when the lovely Abbey at LRP offered to send me a sample.So what makes this launch so squeal-worthy? Well, if you’ve ever tried or heard about the ‘original’ Effaclar Duo+, you may understand my excitement. The Unifiant version of Effaclar Duo+ contains all of the blemish and acne scar-fighting ingredients that feature in the original version, but with sheer coverage to ‘instantly unify the skin tone’. In other words, this has the potential to be a double-whammy wonder product – enough coverage to wear throughout the day, whilst improving the skin.I can confidently say that the original Effaclar Duo+ cream is one of my all time favourite skincare saviours. It’s the only skincare product that I have consistently repurchased since I first used it almost 2 years ago (and that’s a big thing, considering how fickle I am AND how problematic my skin has been during those years). The original Effaclar Duo+ is something of a cult product amongst beauty and skincare enthusiasts because of its blemish-fighting, shine-controlling and pore-unclogging powers. Due to effective ingredients such as benzoyl peroxide and antioxidant Vitamin E, the results really are visible after just a few days. With prolonged use, you can even see a reduction in stubborn acne scars. You can read my full review of the original version here.However, the original Effaclar Duo+ is a colourless lotion, and I would have to pair it with a moisturiser and a layer of foundation in order to feel presentable during the day. So, just IMAGINE being able to cut out the foundation part altogether on days where you just CBA, and replace it with a product that offers coverage and acne-fighting properties. Too efficient for words, and certainly a prospect deserving of a squeal.Having used this product for 4 weeks now, I feel able to offer my honest review. It’s safe to say my expectations were high to begin with and I’m happy to say I wasn’t left disappointed.Effaclar Duo+ Unifiant retails at £16.50 and you’ll get 40ml of product. It’s definitely not the cheapest of its kind, but also not the most expensive. I think its cost-efficiency depends on whether you’ll use it on its own or whether you’ll require additional coverage (I’ll come back to that in a moment). I have paid more for sheer coverage products (i.e. BB creams or tinted moisturisers) which do not contain as many skin-improving ingredients. So, to me, the price is reasonable given its acne-fighting abilities and added coverage.I have no complaints about the texture of the product – it feels like a standard cream moisturiser, is easy to blend and almost undetectable on the skin once applied. The shade I chose (light) was also a good match for my natural skin tone. However, with only two options – light or medium – the shade range leaves much to be desired. Where’s the dark shade GUYS?! Hopefully, more shades will be released in time, because blemishes affect everyone – regardless of skin tone.Now, the coverage. The idea that you could wear this product alone in the day is wonderful, especially for people with acne-prone skin who shouldn’t be clogging their pores with tons of additional foundation and concealer. But I reckon you’d need pretty good skin to feel comfortable wearing this on its own, which sort of defeats the point in my opinion. You probably wouldn’t need the additional acne-fighting qualities of this product if you had great skin. I definitely don’t have great skin, and the sheer coverage is not enough to cover my delightful spots or scars. On days where I end up adding additional foundation on top, I find myself thinking that the original Effaclar Duo+ is a better investment as it can be worn in the morning and at night.That said, I have worn this alone on days where I’m not doing much or I’m feeling lazy, and it’s fantastic at brightening and evening-out the skin tone. On days where I might be bumping into people, I have added a bit of my trusty Laura Mercier High Coverage Concealer and I’m good to go. As well as making breakouts less frequent and aggressive, it has certainly encouraged me to wear less make-up and allow my skin to breathe more often.Overall, I’d recommend this to anyone who likes a natural, flattering finish with sheer coverage and added skin benefits. It’s undoubtedly a winner if you suffer from the odd breakout and are looking for a quick and easy product to throw on in the mornings. If, like me, you wish to cover pigmentation or scarring, perhaps use this product along with a good full coverage concealer and practice “spot-concealing” (Lisa Eldridge has a great tutorial on this method here). My skin has definitely appreciated this product and a break from cakey foundations over the past few weeks and I’m confident that yours will too. « less

- laroche-posay.co.uk
Escentual userApril 7, 2014

There is hope!

I genuinely never review (terrible I know), but really did feel compelled too.After around two years seeing a dermatologist for my acne, I was very sceptical that this would make a difference. Various antibiotics and topicals have failed to do so, and my last option is now Roaccutane, which so far I have declined.I have also been through most clear skin regimes, expensive and less so, which have had no real effect.La Roche Posay was kind of my last shot and I have been using the Purifying Foaming Gel, Effaclar Duo + and Effaclar H Moisturiser for almost three weeks.I use Effacalar Duo + all over at night, and just on the areas needing attention in the morning, which is my jaw line, chin and forehead mainly. I did try it all over initially but found I got a bit shiny come mid morning.Only a small amount is needed so it's good value, no strong smell and it feels nice to apply, it's not harsh at all, no drying or flaking.Although by no means perfect, my pores are definitely smaller, and my skin overall is less oily. I have had the odd extra breakout, but not too severe, and I find the redness of my older blemish marks is starting to reduce. New breakouts are taking less time for the inflammation to reduce, and aren't painful, as they used to be in the past.My skin generally feels better, less irritated and sensitive. I don't want to tempt fate but after being pretty miserable about the state of my skin, and thinking I'll never see an improvement, I can see a vague light at the end of the tunnel!It's still early days, but so far so good, I whole heartedly recommend giving it a go Less

- Escentual


Overall safe Ingredients

Glyceryl Stearate SEacneirritant
Salicylic Acidhazard
Myristyl Myristateacneirritant
Zinc PCAhazard
Sodium Hydroxidehazard

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I have acne and sensitive skin. You will see results instantly!
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CombinationCombination Skin
I’ve recently (in the past 2 years) developed some serious adult acne and I’m totally not about it. I’ve tried so many things but nothing worked until now! I’m currently using the La Roche Posay (a French skin care brand) effaclar line of products (face wash, toner, and acne spot treatment which all come in the 3-step kit) with the adapalene gel. The adapalene gel is the most effective part of my routine! It’s very drying so needs to be paired with a good moisturizer (you can use anything! I was hesitant at first since usually using heavy moisturizers definitely used to cause break outs, but the adapalene gel is so good at conditioning my skin that I can use regular moisturizers now!)
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Does anybody ANYONE PLEASE💀 have any skincare recommendations for dry acne prone skin. My acne type is closed comedones, red tender bumps (not filled with pus), and I have acne scars that are red and some a grayish brown. HELP!
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DryDry Skin
Girl I feel your pain, it’s so hard to find acne products that don’t make dry skin so much worse 😭 I really like the Freeman avocado mask, it’s really gentle and non-drying but actually WORKS. Plus you can use it as an actual mask or as a spot treatment overnight. I would stick with a gentle cleanser (I use the Neutrogena Hydroboost Cleansing Gel) just because your skin is dry and using an acne cleanser is probably just gonna make it worse. I really liked the spot treatment I tagged, I feel like it didn’t dry me out as much as most spot treatments and actually worked. And for the scarring the Derma E scar gel is seriously the best thing I’ve ever used, you have to use it consistently to see results but it WORKS! Another option you could look into is Curology, their stuff is made specially for you and I know plenty of people that have used it and loved it. If you have any questions feel free to ask, I’ve tried it all 😅