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Toleriane Hydrating Gentle Facial Cleanser by La Roche-Posay
La Roche-Posay

Toleriane Hydrating Gentle Facial Cleanser

La Roche-PosayBuy ($14.99)

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leaves skin feeling refreshed and neutral, not dry or filmy

- Lovelyskin User

non drying, non irritating

- Ulta User



i have used this every morning and night it is so gentle but yet effective

- Ulta User

it is a very gentle, calming, soothing and hydrating

- Ulta User


redness relief

ma peau est redevenue toute douce et parfaitement hydratée

- Easyparapharmacie User

doesn't irritate my red, rosecea, acne, and sensitive skin which is a first for me

- Ulta User



this face wash is so creamy, and non-foaming

- Ulta User

my face feels nice and smooth after using without excessive dryness

- Cosmeticsnow User



recommended by hot n flashy angie and its wonderful for mature skin

- Ulta User

i'm used to using a cleanser with a bit of exfoliation, but this cleanser cleaned my face just as well in addition to giving my complexion a nice bright glow

- Target User


good for acne

i have super sensitive, dry and acne prone skin and this is the only cleanser i have ever tried that leaves my skin super moisturized and at the same time doesn't break me out

- Ulta User

my face is sensitive and acne prone but i haven’t had breakouts since i’ve used this

- Laroche-Posay User



36, aging, hormonal acne

- Ulta User

this is a great cleanser for my dry, aging and somewhat sensitive skin

- Ulta User

pore minimizing

not pore minimizing

très déçue, j'avais espéré une odeur de propre sur la peau et abandonné mes soins corporels après la douche, or rien de tout cela

- Easyparapharmacie User

i don't have acne but i get a few pimples here and there but my main concerns are redness and clogged pores that increase when my face gets irritated with harsh cleansers

- Ulta User
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Target userDecember 14, 2017

Wonderful cleanser!!

This cleanser is a game changer!! Let me start by saying that I have very sensitive skin - gets very dry and flaky, but then overcompensates by getting super oily and breaking out, so if I am not careful I end up with simultaneously flaky, shiny, pimply skin and it gets terrible quick. I have tried for years to find a cleanser that works for my skin, neither over-drying it or making me more oily, and I have finally found it in this cleanser. It is gentle but thoroughly cleanses my skin, leaving it feeling clean but not overly dry. My face is no longer dry and flaking, and my acne has cleared up noticeably, even during my time of the month when my skin would normally break out. This cleanser has helped to balance my skin out, which I have been trying to do for years, and I am so glad I finally found this product. TL;DR this cleanser is AMAZING and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Less

- Target
ulta.com userJune 8, 2019

Pretty solid

I have combination skin, and I normally use the Effaclar cleanser for my acne prone skin, but I noticed even after applying my Cerave moisturizer, I had small dry patches on my face. So, I decided to try this hydrating cleanser at night and use the acne cleanser in the morning. I've noticed that it has helped my dry patches-I don't need to put on moisturizer after using this as I do with the Effaclar in the morning. It is gentle enough for my sensitive skin and does a good job of locking in moisture before bed. 

- ulta.com
ulta userApril 08, 2019

Truly gentle for the skin barrier with luxury texture

I bought this cleanser in my local Ulta after seeing it there several times and waiting to see how others were reviewing and getting along with it. I was very impressed with the ingredients; it is difficult to find a gentle milk cleanser that is truly acne safe! Or really any cleanser for that matter. I have just finished a protocol with Roccoco Botanicals to heal my skin barrier and was looking for something to maintain my clear skin and continue to cleanse effectively without stripping the barrier I had just built back up. The value for money here is incredible, I thought at first it was just too good! I decided to buy it and I am so grateful I did. I do not use any foaming cleansers because I have inflammatory acne prone skin post childbirth. My skin is rather normal with oil control and can tend to be on the dry side at times. This cleanser isn't the most hydrating, but it rinses off like a gel and leaves no residue on my skin. It is a white milky-gel with about a medium viscosity. It is just right really and spreads on the skin really well, damp or dry. I wouldn't recommend for makeup removal, this is a skin cleanser not a remover! I use Bioderma Sensibo H2O to remove makeup and go in with this on dry skin, then add a few drops of water on my fingers after working it in about 30 seconds dry. I use in the morning also and apply it on my dry skin and leave it as a mask for a few minutes in effort to benefit form the niacinamide and ceramides in it, then rinse. It leaves my skin soft but also feeling cleansed, without any squeakyness, dry tightness, or dullness often accompanied by cleansers. I have noticed that this helps maintains my skin barrier well since my skin isn't red or pink after cleansing. I would absolutely recommend this for every skin, especially acne prone since there are no real clogging ingredients in this apart from the Tocopherol which is not only last on the list, but is getting rinsed off. Prefer this over my Glossier Milky Jelly!

- ulta
ulta.com userJuly 12, 2017

Not terrible but was not effective for me

I bought this because I was looking for a face wash that cleansed without stripping. I don't have acne but I get a few pimples here and there but my main concerns are redness and clogged pores that increase when my face gets irritated with harsh cleansers. I wasn't looking for a magical face wash that would remove these concerns but rather one that would balance out my skin. So the cleanser is creamy and doesn't foam up and it dissolved my makeup and removed everything and there was no residue. After I washed my face it wouldn't feel tight or irritated so it felt promising and if I reviewed after a few days I would have given it a 5 stars but after a few uses I began to feel a slight burn when I would use it. Nothing bothersome so I ignored it. Each use this burn would increase but that is not why I decided to stop using it. I was hoping that by using this cleanser that my clogged pores would maybe stay at a standstill bc my skin wouldn't have to overproduce oil bc of irritation caused by a harsher cleanser but after two weeks it actually increased. I have under the skin bumps across my forehead and chin. I can't really say it increased the clogged pores on my nose but it did give me two pimples on my nose and I hardly ever get pimples there. I don't know if my skin is "purging" but I'm not going to wait and see if it will either clear up or just continue to get worse bc i don't want to have to deal with more stress on my skin. « less

- ulta.com
ulta userApril 08, 2019

Easy choice

This is the perfect, neutral, non-foaming face cleanser for any skin type. It leaves my combination acne-prone skin feeling calm, clean, and never stripped. I think a dry complexion or rosacea complexion would enjoy it, too, although I can't vouch for the "hydrating" part. I always follow up with a light moisturizer, so I think dry skin would still want a moisturizer, too. This product feels cooling and hydrating as it goes on. It doesn't irritate my eyes. It slips enough to allow me to massage my face gently for a minute. It has ceramides and niacinamide and is supposed to maintain proper skin pH. These are great attributes. The only drawback is that this cleanser isn't enough to remove normal eyeliner and mascara brands. I have to use an eye makeup remover first, then follow up with this cleanser.

- ulta


Overall safe Ingredients


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I’m assuming this severe dry skin and flaking is from the Differin. I have been using it for over a month and have noticed my pores shrinking. I do not have terrible acne, just here and there. Should I stop the Differin and use an AHA BHA cleanser or change other products? I tagged me regimen. More details on a previous post. #help #differin #adapalene #flaking
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Does anyone know any good cleansers and moisturizers for dry skin thats not harmful to the skin and affordable as well? #dryskin #skincare
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Very gentle!
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Any recommendations for a cleanser for sensitive skin? I’ve been noticing lately that my makeup remover isn’t cleaning my skin as well as I thought and my toner is just removing makeup instead of balancing my skin. SOS!!
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CombinationCombination Skin
Matcha Henp cleanser by Krave, Toleraine gentle hydrating cleanser by La Roche Posay, Micellar cleansing gel by Simple. Pay attention to your ingredients list, there are a lot of hidden irritants in seemingly “gentle” cleansers out there. Good luck!
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Miranda Lane
DryDry Skin
Best daily/nightly face wash for dry and sensitive skin? I like to wash my face with hot water and a washcloth in the shower but need a better face wash, the one I’m using is leaving dry patches and it’s awful.
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DryDry Skin
This one comes in a big bottle and lasts forever! It’s super gentle and doesn’t strip your face of all its moisture
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Which one is overall the better cleanser for dry skin? (In terms of cleansing power, hydration, texture, softness, quality....etc)
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DryDry Skin
Before you buy either of those consider La Roche Posay. It’s so good for dry skin and takes off everything without stripping. It’s made in France and if you read the ingredients you’ll understand why it’s so amazing! They sell it at target and ulta and cvs!
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what are your opinions on this cleanser or the hydro boost cleanser from neutrogena? are they good for sensitive and combo-dry skin?
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So I’ve been trying to find a new cleanser for my skin cause it’s causing my eczema to break out. I usually stay away from anything that’s strongly scented and overpowering. Any suggestions?
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SensitiveSensitive Skin
I have sensitive skin and recently started to use this cleanser and love it. I do not have eczema but when I read the reviews, people said it did not irritate their eczema. It makes your skin feel clean while not drying or irritating. Definitely recommend
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Best hydrating cleansers or primers?
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One of my favorite cleansers, lots of quality product for a great price. I really love all of their products
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Anyone know some good skincare products for somewhat dry and sensitive skin?
Profile picture of sarah ✌🏽
sarah ✌🏽
DryDry Skin
🙋🏽‍♀️ I have dry and sensitive skin! I love using the La Roche Posay cleanser. It’s very hydrating and has a nice consistency. I also recommend co-cleansing with a cream based product before you wash your face with a cleanser. I like using Ponds cold cream. First Aid Beauty has a great ultra hydrating moisturizer which I use while my face is still damp but CeraVe moisturizer works really well too!