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La Roche Posay Effaclar Gel Cleanser

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Target userOctober 17, 2017

Excellent for sensitive skin and adult acne

For the past 8 to 9 years, I have used numerous cleansers and medicated topical treatments to combat adult acne, redness, bumps, whiteheads and blackheads. These included other salicylic acid formulations that proved too harsh and left my skin itchy, red, and peeling. Having never tried La Roche-Posay, I decided to give it a shot, figuring I didn't have much to lose and, given my long trail of failed products, my expectations were not high. I could not have been more pleased with this product. It's gentle enough for my incredibly sensitive skin and unparalleled in its effectiveness at eradicating bumps, blackheads, and my stubborn adult acne while calming my skin and respecting its pH. For the past three months since I started using this face wash twice daily (morning and night), my skin looks smooth and clear, and for the first time since my early teens I can go out in public without foundation and concealer. It has also significantly reduced my oil production, leaving my skin looking healthy and refreshed throughout the day. It's incredibly liberating. For me, this is an ideal formulation, and a life-changing product. If you've had similar frustrations, I highly recommend giving this medicated cleanser a try! « less userOctober 6, 2017

Be careful

I have been using this face wash for 2-3 months now. I am obsessed with finding a face wash that will get rid of pimples and help control breakouts. This product seems to be in the middle for me... I have oily skin but it can also get a little dry in some areas if I don't use moisturizer. (especially with an acne cleanser) I have never had pimples in any part of my face except the occasional hormonal breakout on my chin. I had no clue this face wash was the reason for tiny pimples all over my cheeks and forehead. I stopped using it and those pimples have gotten so much better. i wanted to like this but i'm not sure what about it that my skin does not like. It seemed to keep hormonal acne on chin under control but caused problems everywhere else and would not clear them up. userDecember 9, 2017


This product is great. I have very sensitive skin, acne prone, combination skin. This product exfoliates the skin without irritating it. It can be drying if you don't apply a good moisturizer. The reviewers who claim that this was too drying probably did not use a good moisturizer (one that would have ceramides or hyaluronic acid). My skin is usually irritated by salicylic acid (the neutrogena cleansers with SA always irritate my skin, especially the orange one), which made me hesitate about getting this product, but I am happy that I got it because it leaves your skin very smooth and it helps with acne. Use this to treat the skin, not to take makeup off. Also, do not use around the eye area. userFebruary 5, 2017

Great Facial Cleanser

I generally have sensitive combination skin, so I really like to use gel cleansers because physically they are more gentle on my skin. This product is awesome, it works really well, is a great price, and you get a lot in one tube. I usually use a nickel sized amount at a time, applying and scrubbing all over. It really leaves your face feeling cooled, clean, and refreshed. I've noticed since I started using this product that not only has my skin been clearer, but it has really toned down the redness. My skin tends to dry out really easily after washing my face no matter what cleanser I use, so I just finish off with some Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion. With this combination of products, my skin is happy and healthy! userApril 4, 2017

Love this product

I use this daily and have found it really helps control my acne and keep my oily skin in check. When I first started using it, it did make my skin a bit dry and flaky, especially where I had breakouts, but I believe that's the idea of the salicylic acid- to dry acne spots out. I was also using the other La Roche Posay acne skin products at the same time, and it made my skin extremely dry and red and flakey for like a week afterward. Just from my own personal experience, I wouldn't recommend using multiple products with salicylic acid at the same time because it can be very harsh on your skin. Since then I've switched to just using the Effaclar Medicated Gel Cleanser and it has helped with my acne enormously.


Overall safe Ingredients

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Hexylene Glycolacneirritant
Sodium Hydroxidehazard
PEG-120 Methyl Glucose Dioleatehazard
PEG-4 Dilauratehazard
Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamatehazard
Zinc PCAhazard

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