Eyeliner Gel Black Cosmic Shimmer Gel732 by L.A. Colors
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Eyeliner Gel Black Cosmic Shimmer Gel732

staying power(200)
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staying power


lasts literally like 24 hours ill put it on in the morning and it lasts all day its even still there the next morning this is the best eyeliner ever

- Ulta User

these are the best, they are easy to apply and stay for over 10 hours

- Ulta User


not smudging

this one stays perfectly black all day and doesn't smear, even when it rains

- Ulta User

stays in place all day without smudging and also easy to take take off

- Ulta User



this isn't water proof which is great for me to use on a daily basis and removes so easily at night

- Ulta User

it's pigmented, creamy, and seriously waterproof

- Ulta User


precise application

great precision and awesome price

- Ulta User

for all the eyeliner lovers i totally recommend this just make sure you have a precise eyeliner brush

- Ulta User
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ulta.com userOctober 16, 2012

Great Value

I decided to try this gel eyeliner because youtubers have said it is like Wet n Wild's gel eyeliner but in better packaging, so it doesn't dry out as fast. I bought the Essence eye liner (tapered) brush for application and they work just fine together. It goes on really smoothly and lasts a long time. I have salty, oily teary sensitive eyes with allergies and these seem to stay on really well. My eyes can make UD 24/7 pencil liner in shade "Perversion" run, and the Essence gel liner performs as well as the UD 24/7 "Perversion." As far as I'm concerned, these two have been MUCH better than the others at staying "waterproof" with my teary eyes. Oh, the Milani Liquefy Pencil liner is a dupe for UD 24/7 with the exact same ingredients list and seems to perform almost as well as the UD 24/7 pencils. They all still run a little bit on me when my eyes tear up, but it's not nearly as much of an eye makeup disaster as when the other liners run, which can look so horrible. The Essence gel liner's a pretty good value and I wish Ulta carried it in other shades. « less

ulta.com userAugust 19, 2014

Pleasantly Surprised

There were no reviews when I bought this, so I didn't have high hopes. I was pleasantly surprised with how good this eyeliner turned out to be.I bought this in Charcoal and Black, but I've only tried Charcoal so far (will update when I try out Black). So far so good. Color goes on the way it looks in the jar. Formula is creamy though, so don't press really hard when applying otherwise you'll scrape away the liner if it's not set yet - typical stuff. Velvet/satin finish, no huge chunks of glitter thank god. Applies fine with any eyeliner brush.Once it dries, it stays put pretty well. It does not claim to be waterproof, but it lasted through my 10 hours at the office plus 2 hours of sweaty working out and a shower (just rinsed my face though, no soap) with just a tiny bit of fading at the inner corner of my upper lid - but to be fair, this happens with every eyeliner I've used because I have contacts, my eyes water and I rub them...If you're looking to try a new gel liner, I'd say give it a go. It's not mindblowing, but it does its job. I am happy with my purchase. « less

ulta.com userJuly 28, 2016

Love it!

I'd have bought gel liner years ago if I'd have known it was this amazing! It goes on so smoothly and I like how precise the line is. Much cleaner look than a pencil but so much easier than liquid liner. It lasted all day without smudging or wearing off.

ulta.com userFebruary 21, 2015

Where did it go?

I have oily monolids and have troubles with creasing when it comes to eyeliner.I had heard wonderful things about this liner, and maybe I bought a bad one, but from what I've experienced, I'm not impressed.I didn't keep track exactly how long it stayed put for, but when I would check my liner in the middle of my day (~5 hr), my problem area (center of the lid) had creased and the liner almost seemed to disappear since it had flaked away to nothing. Sometimes the flakes would actually fall onto my cheeks, though not too much. I would also like to add, I had to get a lot onto my brush for it to glide on properly.Take for granted, I expect a lot from my eyeliner, my ideal is 12hr wear, that's waterproof, smudge-proof, flake-proof, and crease-proof; and sadly, this one just was not for me. « less

ulta.com userOctober 29, 2011


this is an awesome eyeliner. I have bobbi brown, maybelline, this, and wet'n wild gel liners.*smudging:Compare to most other liners i've tried, this doesnt smudge much, and after it is completely dried, it doesnt smudge at all. so i wouldn't recommend this if you are going for smudge smoky look. I do have monolid, so it smudges a bit before it gets dried but not too bad. I'm assuming that this probably will stay fine on regular eyes.*staying power/fading/running:Staying power is great since it looked great after 8 hours without any touchups. It fades throughout the day but it's not noticible. It doesnt run at all. it flakes a bit after about 4-5 hours so i had to wipe it off with my hand under my eyes, but it didn't make a mess.*ease of application:it's super creamy, light, and goes on well. bold color (dark dark black!) and goes on as it shows in the pot. really easy to apply even if you are new to gel liners. just make sure you get a decent brush.*comparison to other gel liners:Bobbi Brown- ease of application and creamy and bold color are about the same. BB lasts a bit longer and smudges less. It also doesn't flake. HOWEVER, all the benefits are not by much at all and by no means account for the price difference.Maybelline- all the criteria are about the same with Maybelline. One benefit with Maybelline is that it comes with the brush and dries faster (which can be good or bad) but that's about it. since essence is less than half the price, i would recommend this one if you already have a decent brush.Wet'n Wild- I got this since so many ppl on youtube and blogs raved about it. I completely disagree. I hate this gel liner with passion. The worst liner i've ever tried. it costs about the same as this one, but hard to apply, streaky color (if it shows at all), clumpy, flaky, and all the worst things you could say about an eye liner. it gave me a new definition of an eyeliner. I dont know how people can rave about it(maybe mine is defective or dried out or something...)*overall quality:One thing worth mentioning is that it's made in italy!! i think italy and germany makes the best eyeliners. anyways, it is unbeatable price, awesome quality, and i'll be buying it in all other colors as well! :) « less

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