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Antioxidant Dew by kypris

Antioxidant Dew

good for acne(26)
nordstromBuy ($90)

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i recently purchased the antioxidant dew and my skin is perfectly hydrated and supple

- Integritybotanicals User

it leaves me soft, glowing, and hydrated and i love the texture

- Credobeauty User



lightweight, hydrating, and full of good things

- Integritybotanicals User

absolutely love this lightweight serum

- Thedetoxmarket User



i usually do a cream, gentle cleanser, face mist/essence, the antioxidant dew and then a serum or oil after that and even when doing that routine in the daytime, it is light as air on my face and sinks right in

- Petitvour User

it's a wonderful, gentle yet potent serum full of goodies

- Cult Beauty User


redness relief

this serum does exactly what it promises: delivers a nice boost of antioxidants to your skin, which helps with any redness due to sensitivity, or dull skin

- Bellacuore User

upon seeing it was an antioxidant serum i was stunned at how soothing it was and kept my skin clear from redness

- Bellacuore User


good for acne

i have very sensitive and eczema prone skin and this is a true savior for it

- Integritybotanicals User

i’ve been experiencing really bad breakouts lately and i recently started using the kypris antioxidant dew along with the clearing serum and have noticed a huge difference in my skin

- Nordstrom User



this antioxidant dew leaves my skin so smooth and plump and i love the natural scent of it

- Thedetoxmarket User

it has a silky feel and makes my skin so calm and smooth and moisturized in the morning

- Integritybotanicals User



this antioxidant serum goes on like velvet and leaves your skin smooth and bright, not to mention it smells awesome

- Petitvour User

it really helps brighten and even my skin

- Thedetoxmarket User



helps hydrate and reduce appearance of fine lines

- Petitvour User

i love it, my skin looks dewy & feels so soft, wrinkles around my eyes are not as noticible

- Thedetoxmarket User
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petitvour.com userNovember 7, 2016

Cannot live without this!

I have eczema-prone and reactive skin and I cannot live without the Antioxidant Dew in my skincare routine and roundup. It instantly quenches the skin and does not irritate one bit. I usually do a cream, gentle cleanser, face mist/essence, the Antioxidant Dew and then a serum or oil after that and even when doing that routine in the daytime, it is light as air on my face and sinks right in. I can visually see such a difference in the redness and dryness in my skin! 

- petitvour.com
Nordstrom userMarch 16, 2018

Broke me out

I really wanted to love this. It smells nice and feels nice but I noticed that it broke me out. I tried to continue to use this but kept breaking out. Wish it didn’t because I would have enjoyed it. Bummer.My skin is sensitive and normal to dry. It generally doesn’t break out though. Must be something in the ingredients 

- Nordstrom
Nordstrom userDecember 23, 2018

Beautiful moisturizer!

This is a lovely, lightweight moisturizer that is non-irritating and has a silky finish perfect for under makeup. It has been a few years since I tried it last, and I do apply more than I used too, since my skin is drier now. I apply it when my skin is slightly moist and warm from washing and this leaves my skin plump and soft. I'm not sure if it's enough moisture anymore, since I now use about 2 squeezes of the tube (and this isn't cheap!) but I would sincerely recommend this for anyone with sensitive skin to try this...

- Nordstrom
Cult Beauty userJune 16, 2016

A Life Changing Serum!!!

I remained faithful to one serum for years and thought that no other serum could compare, which made me a rather boring blogger. So I decided one day to try another serum....enter the Kypris Antioxidant Dew! I have combination-oily skin and this smooth milky serum sinks beautifully into the skin without leaving any residue. Whenever I have been ill and my skin is unpredictable, dry and irritated I always reach for this (medicine in a bottle). It literally is a skin saviour that brings your skin back to life. Adding hydration and leaving the skin replenished, looking clear, naturally dewy and youthful. If you want that youthful lit-from-within glow then look no further. Another great thing about this serum is it can be used in place of your moisturiser or layered in a skincare routine. Oily skin people who always long to look 'glowy' but fear looking 'greasy' will LOVE this, as well as anyone with sensitive or easily irritated skin. It really is a magical potion in a beautiful bottle that works for every skin type. Less

- Cult Beauty
integritybotanicals.com userJanuary 9, 2017


This is my end-all-be-all to my skin regimen. I have already bought a backup. I mix this with oils to make them spread easier and soak into my face quicker. I add it into any kind of Kypris products like their Moonlight Catalyst. It makes exfoliators be more gentle on my red itchy skin. I don't react to it. I have combination-dry, ultra sensitive, red splotchy skin, and this is a lifesaver. It also add a natural smoothness and glow to the skin before makeup to give you a good foundation for products. I would recommend this for any skin type or sensitivity. You can mix it with anything, it is a forever-product, and it is definitely something I'll have for long as they make it. Worth the money to treat yourself! 

- integritybotanicals.com


Overall safe Ingredients

Ascorbyl Palmitateacne

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Bri K 💛
CombinationCombination Skin
Sounds dumb to ask... but I’m going to anyways. What are some go-to products to make your face have that dewy look? I feel like no matter how much moisturizer i put on.. it never looks dewy. Help.
Profile picture of Jaden Kies
Jaden Kies
SensitiveSensitive Skin
This is a bit pricy but I love the glow it gives my skin. I also am a fan of the Drunk elephant vitamin c day serum. It’s neither leave a greasy look
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Bethany Simpson
SensitiveSensitive Skin
Good serums for dry skin and redness? I have tried the ordinary but it doesn’t seem to hydrate my skin enough
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Mariana Hensley
CombinationCombination Skin
Kypris @Antioxidant Dew Quench & Glow Serum
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Victoria Hastings
CombinationCombination Skin
Does anyone with Combo skin have a good serum? Growing up I had the WORST skin so I’ve become very dedicated to my skin care routine and I’ve always been so scared to use serums because of how oily my t-zone can be.. but I want to so bad!! Any help or tips are much appreciated!!
Profile picture of Jasmine Perez
Jasmine Perez
CombinationCombination Skin
I’ve received this one from Boxy charm and i apply it after my moisturizer. It feels lightweight on the skin and very hydrating.