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Kylie Holiday Eyeshadow Palette by Kylie Cosmetics
Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Holiday Eyeshadow Palette

limited edition
blends well(8)

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blends well

the colors are beautiful, pigmented and blend well

- Ulta User

the matte shades are an amazing formula, they are so easy to blend, and go on so smooth to the skin

- Ulta User
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ulta userNovember 06, 2019


This is my first Kylie pallete and it is absolutely beautiful. The shadows are creamy and blend easily. I love it!!!❤

- ulta
ulta userNovember 05, 2019

Recycled Shades

I love the colors in this palette, but it feels cheap to have the holiday palette be all recycled shades ("Martini Mama" and "Check ID" are from the Sipping Pretty palette from the the Birthday 2018 collection, "Raspberry Sugar" and "Rose" are from the Sorta Sweet palette, "Be Mine," "Kandy Heart," and "Love Bug" are from the Valentine palette from the Valentine's 2019 collection), "Pray For Snow" is from the Chill Baby palette from the Holiday 2018 collection, "Paybacks A B****" (Ulta's profanity/restricted word filter will not let me submit with the actual shadow name) is from the "I Have One Word For Tonight...Vodka" palette from the Kris collection, "Forever Young" is from the I Want It All palette from the Birthday 2017 collection, "Almond" is from the Burgundy palette, "Jack Frost" is from the Nice palette from the Holiday 2017 palette, "Bikini Mama" is from the Summer palette from the Summer 2018 collection, and "Obsidian" is from the Bronze palette. I would've preferred to see this as a "greatest hits" or "Ulta Beauty" palette (a la the exclusive "Ulta Beauty" lip kit), but this is a great palette for people who love pinks and are beginning to grow their Kylie Cosmetics collection.

- ulta
ulta userNovember 06, 2019

So what!

This is a gorgeous palette and who cares if they are recycled colors! I travel a LOT for work and can't/won't take more than one palette to do my makeup on any given trip. This palette took some of my favorite colors from other Kylie palettes and placed them together in one, which means that I can take all my favorites that I like to combine for special looks at home, with me when I travel. Look, I get it, if you are young and don't travel and have the time to reach for multiple palettes to pull your look together every morning, then kudos to you...don't buy it! But don't trash the palette because she had the foresight to pull something together and make it easy for other people to do a look with one palette. I think this was done so that people, like me, can either buy it for travel or to make their morning routine faster or for those younger consumers that want to buy a palette and pull off some great looks without having to purchase, or don't have the coin to purchase, multiple palettes. Don't trash something for that reason, the rating system is meant to be based on quality of the product and not personal opinion. With that being said, quality is great...nice pigment and blendable texture.

- ulta
ulta userNovember 06, 2019

Beautiful pallet

Very pigmented, a few shades are from so other palettes but most aren't. Love all the eye looks that can be made with this palette.

- ulta
ulta userNovember 04, 2019

Love this palette!

The colors are beautiful, pigmented and blend well. They aren't very deep toned like pressed pigments, with the exception of Kandy Heart (from Valentine 2019 palette). The colors lasted all day on me. I did use an eyeshadow primer (Milani). I know these colors were pulled from other Kylie palettes, but I like them together. They're pinks, browns, and golds. I created a look similar, but less deep-toned, to one I did with Anastasia Soft Glam. I also created looks similar to Huda New Nude and Huda Nude Light Obsessions. So if you considered any of those palettes, but thought the colors were too deep toned or glittery for your taste, you might like this palette. There are 1 to 2 shades each pulled from other palettes. On Ulta, there are no duplicates with The Blue Honey or The Purple palettes. If you have any of the other Kylie palettes sold on Ulta, you will have one or two duplicate(s) from each. It doesn't smell like eggnog and there isn't a snowman on the package or green in the colors, but I like it, and I'm glad I bought it. I would buy it again.

- ulta

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