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Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette by KVD Vegan Beauty
KVD Vegan Beauty

Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette




Key Benefits:

  • Not Creasing
  • Longlasting
  • Blends Well
  • Does Not Have Fallout

Ratings & Reviews

4.792% of 1100reviewers recommend this product

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Reviews Mentioning Cons:

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sephora user
December 23, 2016

I have had this for two weeks and it's my new go to pallette for mattes! A little bit goes such a long way. I barely have to dip my brushes into the colours and the pigment is crazy!! I learned this the hard way a few days ago, I meant to put a bit of saleos in my crease and i accidently dipped my brush into shax. I didn't notice until it was in my crease, and let me tell you it packs a punch. It doesn't crease and lasts all night, even without a primer on my lids. For reference of durability: Im a waitress/bartebder at a tepanyaki restaurant, so we basically have 4 grills with bar seating around each grill. It's always boiling in the restaurant even with the AC running. The chef's are always lighting the grills on fire (like 3 foot flames as part of the show). So usually by the end of the night my eyeshadow is non existent or at the very least I have crazy eyes. With this pallette my eyemakeup is just as fresh when I leave at midnight as it was when I started at 4pm. The only thing I'm not crazy on is the cardboard packaging. It's sturdy but tin would be a lot better. I also don't like how the names of the shadows Are on the back of the box, it's a bit confusing All in all its my new holy grail eyeshadow! Also no fallout!

sephora user
December 31, 2016

great colors but qualifying inconsistent

I was really excited about this pallet. I saved up my extra cash to buy this $40 pallet because of the reviews. I thought I was going to become my basic matte pallet. I mean the colors are really well picked. Genius really. At first I was a bit enchanted with the possibilities then when I began really playing with the combos of colors and trying to blend them together I was disappointed. The colors are inconsistent. some are buttery and easy to apply and some are splotchy or even have fallout.. Particularly when blended with other colors. Really? You can't blend them together well? I try to cover the splotches with more color and my whole eye lid turns to a big brown splotch because of the amount I have to apply to to make it blend. What's the point then? I wanted these colors to fit day or night looks not just a gothic vampire thing. If this pallet was under $25 I would have rated it higher because you get what you pay for but at this price it should be perfect or near perfect. It does last long, I'll give it that. Perhaps Kat Von D is focused too much on the lock in nature of the products than usability. It can last all night but if looks bad- it's looks bad all night. The colors are so good. I wish it was easier to use.

sephora user
January 07, 2018

Best palette for new makeup users

This was my first high end expensive eyeshadow palette I have purchases from Sephora and I absolutely love it. Super pigmented, easily blendable and it has staying power. I skip using eyeshadow primers with this product because I know it will not crease and it will stay in place. No fall-out whatsoever. I always finish with Urban Decays All-Nighter setting spray afterwards and this eyeshadow will not budge for over 18 hours.

sephora user
June 21, 2016

Best investment

At first I applied this and the shadows weren't blending very good but afterwards that changed when I learned the right amount to apply and switched out my brushes. Without a eye shadow primer the shadows will still be noticeable after a long day but on my greasy lids they tend to crease. If I blend it with my finger that's usually gone and is most likely from using to much in my crease. The colours are perfectly pigmented and overall is worth the money I would defiantly recommend it. But remember to lightly touch the brush to the product because there is so much fall out.

sephora user
April 30, 2016


I'd heard that Kat Von D had released a makeup brand but I never paid much attention to it until i decided to get a good almost profesional makeup palette. After some heavy research I decided to get the Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette and I've literally used it every day since I got it. It is amazing for everyday natural makeup but you can also pull off an amazing smokey look for the night. The pigmentation is amazing and the texture of each color is great, super blendable and buildable. I used it without an eye shadow primer for some days and it creased a bit but it stayed on very ver well. Now that i'm using a primer I can't believe how well it's stayed after a long day. One of the best parts is the guide that comes with it, it's very on point and helpful if you are new to makeup. Also, the fact that it is divided into 3 quads makes it super easy to decide what color to use when you're doing your makeup half asleep at 5h30.

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