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Everlasting Liquid Lipstick

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hydrates lips
pigmentation: pigmented
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luxury, vegan, cruelty-free
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"i like how the formula is light weight and lasts forever"
- Katvondbeauty User
"the formula is really lightweight which makes the application really easy and feels like you have nothing on your lips, which is a huge plus as some brands of liquid lipsticks are very drying on the lips but i forgot i had even put this on"
- Debenhams User
staying powerlonglasting
"i love all the color combos even the colors i would never even try to wear i love them all and even better than that stays on all day awsome you have to try them all"
- Sephora User
"it stays on all day and everyone asks me what i’m wearing because the color is bomb"
- Sephora User
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chapped lipshydrates lips
"i recommend exfoliating your lips & moisturizing well before application (i use anastasia beverly hills lip primer) i've purchased several shades, my favourites being mother & outlaw"
- Sephora User
"applies easily, dries quickly, and no stickiness/goop"
- Sephora User
precisionprecise application
"they last all day throughout eating and drinking (the 'everlasting' is no joke) and the applicator makes it so easy to apply even with the darker colours you can get a precise line without lipliner"
- Debenhams User
"the tip makes it very easy for drawing out your full mouth with precision"
- Sephora User
"beautiful colors especially bauhau5, creamy texture, dries to a nice matte, stays on a long time"
- Katvondbeauty User
"lolita is a beautiful dark/antique rose shade that is incredibly flattering on my pale skin tone - it applies smoothly and without patches and dries down quickly to provide a comfortable matte finish"
- Debenhams User
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Sephora User
Longlasting, lightweight, hydrates lips
I purchased Lolita, which is, in my opinion, the prettiest nude I've ever seen. It's dark enough to be slightly grungy, but the color is so versatile that you can proudly wear it to any occasion. I'm actually a really big of the Lime Crime Velvetines, which are a very thick, mousse like formula. However, after trying Kat Von D's lipsticks out in the Sephora store, I had to get one! The texture is smooth, light and buttery- it's actually similar to NYX's Lingerie line of liquid lipsticks, so consider trying those if these are out of your price range. However, I feel like Kat Von D is definitely worth the $20. This liquid lipstick applies easily and feels very light on the lips, despite drying down to a beautifully matte finish. It's so comfortable. Generally, this "Everlasting" lipstick will stay put if you're just going out. I haven't found a liquid lipstick that can survive my eating habits (I'm a messy eater who loves fatty foods and snacks), but these hold up decently. Carry the tube around for touch ups, and kiss gently since it may transfer a tiny bit. If you're looking for a liquid lipstick that applies like a dream and feels lovely on the lips, I highly recommend Kat Von D! If I had some extra money lying around, I'd buy the vault in a heartbeat!
Debenhams User
Longlasting, pigmented, hydrates lips
I absolutely love the packaging and the whole style of Kat Von D beauty products. I have the shade, Lolita. From the photos, I hoped in something like a mauve pink kind of colour, unfortunately, in real the colour is darker than I wanted it to be , but to be fair I have naturally very pigmented lips so that might be the reason. I love the colour anyway. As my lips are very dry all the time I was a bit nervous trying it the first time. So I used a lip balm under the lipstick. The colour didn´t apply that evenly and didn´t last more than three hours. But no dryness at all, so other day I tried only the lipstick on itself. Pigmentation is amazing, texture is not too thick, not too runny, it dries under one minute, it also feels very light on the lips I almost forgot I am wearing something. I did not have a need of using a lip balm a single time and the lipstick stayed on place, smooth and bold all day long, even after eating and drinking. And what I love the most, it is non-transfer. Once it dries you don´t have to worry about it anymore. I love it!
Sephora User
Pigmented, doesn't hydrate lips, heavy
I got the color vampira, so it's entirely possible all of the problems i have with this lipstick are because of the color itself. This is my first KVD lipstick so I have no other colors to compare it to. Once you take the wand out to apply it, you can see that this color isn't quite homogeneous, there is a thin layer of a deep purple/fuchsia that separates from the rest of the deep red pigment. the two layers together look really cool initially but after not much time the top layer begins to wear away leaving the dark fuchsia. it's a little misleading and actually i was wondering why the swatch for this seemed like a totally different color than the thumbnail on the sephora website but in reality they are both correct - this color is both of these colors layered on top of each other and both colors have different wear properties, which is pretty annoying. the fuchsia part transfers everywhere and the top red part doesn't have much staying power at all. Don't think that you're going to eat wearing this- the color is going to break apart and the purple part will smudge. i want to say that this lipstick would be good maybe for going somewhere to drink beer in the dark for a couple of hours but i'm really not confident it would hold up even to that. on the plus side it is very lightweight, dries fast, and looks fantastic for that first half hour. i came here looking for a good burgundy lip but i am going to keep looking.


Compared to other lipsticks, the ingredients in this product are generally safer than average.
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