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Alchemist Palette by KVD Vegan Beauty
KVD Vegan Beauty

Alchemist Palette

blends well(108)
pigmentation: sheer
Variation: Teal (Aquamarine)
Teal (Aquamarine)
sephoraBuy ($32)

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i know kat worked so hard on this for 7 years and it's a beauty, the shades are beautiful nice creamy texture, i also have the abh moonchild and they are both different

- Sephora User

the colors are absolutely stunning, and the texture is incredibly smooth and creamy

- Sephora User


blends well

the colors are so fun and subtle when used sparingly, but you can blend them, mix them, and layer them to get an amazing dewy, lit-from-within look

- Sephora User

this product blends well and goes on smoothly once you learn how to use it properly

- Sephora User



my face looks absolutely smooth, beautiful and vibrant

- Katvondbeauty User

the texture is very smooth and my favorite thing about this palette is there was no glitter

- Sephora User



the differences i saw in online swatches was that alchemist is pure holographic without glitter, whereas moonchild is holographic with glitter, and the comparison i saw online showed alchemist has more pigment than moonchild's sheer highlighter formula

- Sephora User

i'm very fair (like practically translucent with no other color) however my mother has very gold/yellow undertones and the emerald looks amazing on her skin

- Sephora User
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mira userJune 10, 2020

I have always been a KVD Beauty fan and this was actually my first highlighter palette from her brand and it does NOT disappoint! Very pigmented, doesn’t accentuate texture unlike some highlighters I’ve used in the past, and I agree with another user who says it’s holographic without being glittery. Great for someone who likes to play with color and being bold because the shades aren’t traditional shades you would normally find. I hit pan on the pink and almost on the ultra violet shades.

- mira
Sephora userFebruary 25, 2017

perfect for photos

I caved and got this on the last restock because I wanted something to add a holographic effect to makeup photos. These pigments are so gorgeous - and they are not subtle! No worries about the colors not showing up. I love to use these to highlight my brow bone, to add an ombre effect over a lipstick, or over shadow to make colors really pop. The shade range is great and the texture is super creamy. I would not have gotten this for everyday wear, but it works perfectly for what I want.

- Sephora
Sephora userMay 25, 2017

pricey but great quality

I was pleasantly surprised at how soft & pigmented these are. Once swipe of a finger and the formula goes on nearly opaque, but blends to sheer very easily. And the iridescence is out of this world bright in direct light.Considering how much you get (each dish is about as big as a silver dollar) I'd recommend this more for eye shadow than as a normal face highlighter. Even so, I'll be very sad when/if this is discontinued.

- Sephora
Sephora userJanuary 19, 2017

Amazing! This palette will get a lot of love!

When swatches were first released, I was immediately drawn in to this palette and the concept behind it. I was very curious to see if the colors would be light enough to use as a highlighter on pale skin. To find out, I waited until the palette was available in stores so I could see the colors in person. I was immediately impressed with the color and the texture. The holographic shift is strong yet subtle (not obnoxiously bright at all). So far, I have been loving these for inner eye highlight and cheek highlight. For the inner corner, if you want to pack the pigment on, It does help to put it over a base with a little stick or a primer that hasn't completely dried down yet.I have also loved how well this blend with other eyeshadows. For example, when I've used this on my inner corner and blended slightly onto my lid, they sheer out a little and create an amazing transition into the lid color. Looking forward to playing more with this beauty. « less

- Sephora
sephora userSeptember 01, 2017

Beautiful, Magical, Unique and Stays on!

I LOVE this palette! I found that blending it with a dark or black eye shadow base it really brought out the high light and i looks fabulous on my eyes. Each color is unique and beautiful in its own way and they all fit all skin colors! The texture is so smooth and creamy but it's a powder, it's easy to apply (with both a brush and a beauty aplicator, i tried both just because) and stays on for a while! I got my hair done were we did multiple washes where water and soap would hit my eye lids and it did not come off at all! This make-up is great for everyone and the idea behind it fits the make-up very well. This product is defiantly worth how much I payed for and HIGHLY recommend it to everyone!

- sephora



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