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Color + Light Cream Blush by Kosas

Color + Light Cream Blush

blends well(129)
pigmentation: sheer
Variation: 8th Muse
8th MuseTropic EquinoxVelvet Melon

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blends well

by far the best, most blendable cream blush i've ever used

- Credobeauty User

love the color and easy blendability

- Kosas User



the light creamy texture gives a really soft and natural glow

- Kosas User

this cream blush gives your face a natural pinkish glow

- Kosas User



i love the soft texture and beautiful vibrancy of this blush/highlighter duo

- Thedetoxmarket User

the consistency is soft, high-pigment and very blend-able and buildable

- Kosas User


does not have fallout

it’s highly pigmented and takes some work to blend but the result is color without a powdery texture

- Sephora User

cons: blush colour has a lot of kick back/fallout, highlighter is a very a subtle sheen when used straight from the pan, maybe try wet

- Mecca User



i’m really loving this duo, it’s sheer but slightly buildable, and it gives a beautiful natural look

- Kosas User

the highlighter is kind of sheer, but pretty and can add dimension as well

- Credobeauty User
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sephora userMay 15, 2019

Terrible and bad

The blush is terrible. Not only is it impossible to spread, and about no pigment, it also takes away the foundation underneath. I am used to cream products but havr never experienced anything like that. The highlight is better, but not good. It is possible to spread, but there is so little shimmer it is barely any effect at all. Which would be ok, if it at least lasted throughout a work day. It does not, disappears. It is also too dark for fair skin.

- sephora
kosas.com userApril 9, 2020

Subtle beauty

This is so easy to use and almost impossible to mess up. I love the texture of the cream. It's not super pigmented so it's great for natural looks, but you could also build it up. The pigment is like the slightly flushed version of my face, a little orangey-tan. I have light-medium skin, if you are deeper than that I would probably go with the HI version. I'm not a makeup artist but this makes everything so easy! 

- kosas.com
Sephora userSeptember 10, 2019

The blush for French-girl beauty!

Longitude Zero has the elusive, balanced pink I've always sought but never found. It shows up well but still looks natural on my light, cool-toned skin. It’s highly pigmented and takes some work to blend but the result is color without a powdery texture. The highlighter is subtle, non-shimmery and works well for me although I’m not especially skillful or painstaking with makeup.This blush works with cool or warm colored clothing, and I'm pretty sure is going to work year-round. 

- Sephora
Sephora userFebruary 7, 2020

A MUST try

I have a number of tried and true holy grail products and it is very rare that I try something new that surpasses one of my favorites. I have used this product almost every day since i got.it. The creamy texture blends well on the skin and provides my deep skin tone with a natural flush. I have never found a good highlight that I repeatedly lean toward and love the natural luminosity that this one provides. It does have a tiny bit of glitter that I notice as the day progresses, which I don't love because I'm not a glitter person. BUT, I love the highlight so much that it does not deter me from using at all!Ihave received many compliments on my skin after using this product. I'll repeat, my skin NOT my makeup. This product helps to achieve a natural and healthy glow. I highly recommend. Less

- Sephora
kosas.com userMarch 26, 2020

Creamy, high-pigment, low-maintenance/'cool girl' vibes

My first brush (yes, pun intended) with @kosas was when a professional MUA used it on me for a film premiere. When the photos were published, I was so surprised at how natural I looked—way more like myself. The consistency is soft, high-pigment and very blend-able and buildable. Surprisingly, I preferred using a brush vs. my fingers. Use a light hand, if applying with your fingers. There is something about their color combinations that feels universally flattering, but the high-intensity cream blushes do feel like a better fit for medium/deep skin tones. It definitely enhances your existing features. For a minimalist look, all you’d need is this, a brow gel/mascara, lipstick/gloss and you’re ready to go. 

- kosas.com


Overall safe Ingredients

Tocopheryl Acetatehazard
Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oilacne
Prunus Armeniaca Kernel Oilacne
Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oilacneirritant
Red 30 lakeacnehazard
Red 7 Lakeacne
Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oilacneirritant

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