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Wet Wipes Gentle Clean 25 Wipes by kleenex

Wet Wipes Gentle Clean 25 Wipes

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loved them gentle effective easy and convient to use a must have for any person on the go

- Kleenex User

and there is no sticky or irritating residue left on the skin after wiping

- Kleenex User


good quality

they very soft and durable as well

- Kleenex User

great product: soft, durable, convient and gentle on the skin

- Kleenex User



these were soft on skin

- Kleenex User

they are so soft and our hands and face are soft as well without being sticky

- Kleenex User



i loved how soft and non-drying the wipe was

- Kleenex User

they take off make up, germs, took and grime and don't dry out your hands or face

- Kleenex User


removes sweat

they were also nice for putting in my gym bag for a nice cooling and freshening after my workout because the texture of the wipes is very soft and gentle--not harsh like some competing brands--and the formula is refreshing

- Kleenex User

it kept my hands clean if i ate something sticky and perfect for after the gym to feel refreshed and clean

- Kleenex User
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kleenex.com userJanuary 4, 2018

Great on skin

I live the Kleenex Wet Wipes Gentle Clean, the title says it all. They’re gentle on skin, and leave you feeling super clean. I actually keep them in my purse at all night, to have with me in the car, work, events, and so forth. I also use them on my kids. My youngest daughter has very sensitive skin, I’ve found that these are great for her and doesn’t break out her skin. They are very soft and feel great on the skin, great for hands and face. You get a good amount but it’s in a small package that fits in my purse just right. The best part is they’re not made with harsh chemicals and that is why I’ll be choosing these from now on.

- kleenex.com
kleenex.com userApril 26, 2018

Downgrade from Splash 'n Go

These are very soft and rather absorbent but not nearly as strong or, for my needs, as good as Splash 'n Go wipes - the product they replaced. This product pills and tears rather easily because it is so soft. The scent is also a bit stronger than Splash 'n Go wipes. For me it's a downgrade, but if you found Splash 'n Go to be too rough you might find these wipes to be a big improvement.

- kleenex.com
kleenex.com userJanuary 2, 2018

Great quality!

I received and tried Kleenex Wet Wipes Gentle Clean and I am very hapoy to say that they deliver what they promised. These wipes are super soft and gentle for my face and body, and strong for my hands. They are hypoallergenic so don’t worry about trying them if you have any kind of skin sensitivities. I used them as a quick clean with my kids while we were out and after petting my dogs. They left my hands and facebclean, soft, refresh, without any sticky feeling and they didn’t dry out my skin. The size of the package is very convenient because it can easily fit inside my purse, making it handy everywhere.

- kleenex.com
kleenex.com userDecember 28, 2017

Family kleenex gentle clean wet wipe

Kleenex gentle clean wet wipes are amazing. They work great for a variety of messes especially with 4 kids they clean very well, don't dry your skin out leave your skin feeling fresh an clean not sticky or dry, great for on the go, great to send with the kids to school. They are very strong and durable but at the same time super soft for the most tender skin on babies overall a great wet wipes to have 2 thumbs up, only suggestion is for a more fragrant wipe other than that there perfect

- kleenex.com
kleenex.com userFebruary 7, 2018

Kleenex Wet Wipes-Gentle Clean

At our house wipes are a necessary product. They come in handy for not only washing hands, face, and other parts of the body, but also are great for cleaning up spills! The Gentle Clean Kleenex Wet Wipes are hypoallergenic and alcohol free, paraben free (great for people that have skin issues-I have very sensitive skin and eczema) and are Dermatologically tested. The Gentle Clean wipes do have a light scent(a very fresh and light scent) to them but it didn't seem to bother my skin.The Kleenex brand has always been one of my favorites as their products are high-quality. These wipes are no different. They are strong and durable and do the job! These wipes are perfect to use at home, at school, at work, and even better to store in your purse and/or car for those times when you might need them. « less

- kleenex.com