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Supple Preparation Unscented Toner  by Klairs

Supple Preparation Unscented Toner



Hydroxyethylcellulose, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Proline, Natto gum, Butylene Glycol, Glycyrrhiza Glabra Root Extract, Centella Asiatica Extract, Disodium EDTA, Tocopheryl Acetate, Polyquaternium-51, Water, Dimethyl sulfone, Betaine, Copper Tripeptide-1, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Chlorphenesin, Althaea Rosea Flower Extract, Theanine, Portulaca Oleracea Extract, Carbomer, Acetyl methionine, Panthenol, Arginine, Lysine HCL, Sodium Hyaluronate, Beta-Glucan, Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Luffa Cylindrica Fruit/leaf/stem Extract

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4.793% of 116 reviewers recommend this product

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October 23, 2018

Very hydrating

It’s amazing how much it keeps my face plump and glowy. I have to stop myself from putting on a second layer every time I apply. However, ever since starting hardcore acne treatments, I’ve noticed my skin starts to get sensitive as soon as I put it on. No reaction pimples or anything, just a slight burning sensation. I really see the difference if I don’t apply, though. My pores look bigger, my skin looks tired and sallow; it’s scary to think I’ve gotten so used to my skin looking really good thanks to this product, so I bear with the sting. If you have sensitive skin, and aren’t on adapalene, hardcore retinoids or accutane, I would definitely recommend!!! I’ll definitely buy again! user
June 28, 2018

Much Better For My Skin Than Original Klairs Toner

I have used the original Klairs Supple Preparation Toner and at first that did wonders for my skin but the essential oils were too strong for my skin and so it was causing me to break out. This new formula is great for acne-prone, oily, dehydrated skin types! My face feels so cool and refreshed after using it and my skin bounces back with plumpness and I have even noticed it already looks more toned and radiant. Thank you so much! This is my HG and never not having this in my routine user
May 21, 2018


This is my new HG toner. It is slightly more viscous than a standard toner so I apply it with my hands and tap it in until absorbed. It leaves my skin feeling nicely hydrated and ready for the rest of my skincare. It doesn’t contain alcohol and does not irritate or break out my sensitive acne prone skin. I also use this the day after I have my laser hair removal on my face and it doesn’t break me out. I highly recommend this. I think it would last around 5 months of daily use, twice per day so is good value for money also. user
August 21, 2018


I'm new to K-Beauty, and as I began integrating new products purchased from SOKO Glam with products I already owned, I knew that my old go-to toner just wasn't cutting it. I have combo to dry, extremely sensitive skin with patches of eczema and persistent redness. This toner was a part of my second purchase, and man is it amazing! I don't sweep it on my face with a cotton round like my old toner; instead, I pat this into my face using the palms of my hands. It is SO hydrating! It is honestly very lovely to use, and it may be my favorite part of my routine because it is so soothing. I concentrate most of the product on my cheeks since I live in a very humid climate, and my makeup no longer feels tight on my cheeks anymore. I love that this product doesn't contain any essential oils, which can be sensitizing and irritate skin. Because the product itself is on the thicker side you don't need a lot of it for an application, making the 6 fl oz. bottle very generous. « less user
September 25, 2018


I have sensitive skin that is dehydrated and prone to clogged pores. I love that this doesn't sting and that it is essential oil free. I bought this because I was looking for a toner that would hydrate and didn't have any active ingredients or essential oils. It does add hydration without feeling heavy and I can see why this is highly rated. The reason I don't give this 5 stars is because It notice I have a lot more dead cell buildup when I use this, causing my skin to have little bumps and not be as smooth. I made sure to not use other products with this to make sure this is the cause. Maybe it is due to the proteins present? I also don't like how it adds slight tackiness. If you don't have acne prone skin then I recommend giving this a try.

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fallon bridget
Combination Skin IconCombination Skin

What are the best toners for combination to dry skin? I’ve been trying a lot of different ones but what are your favourites? (Drugstore preferably )

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This one is amazing a very hydrating!