Rich Moist Soothing Serum by Klairs

Rich Moist Soothing Serum

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this product is a winner for me because it hydrates and calms my ultra oily,sensitive skin in such a way that my skin looks and feels perfectly balanced

- Sokoglam User

no allergic reactions

- Sokoglam User



i love this product, especially with cold weather and winds are keeping your face dry and irritated, this is so soothing and moisturizing - really does work wonders

- Sokoglam User

i really like this serum, it helps to keep my skin moisturised in the crazy cold i live in, doesn't really irritate my skin when i ocassionally have dry patches (great skin, nothing to do with this), its just overall a re-purchase for sure :)

- Yesstyle User



my skin instantly feels refreshed and hydrated after applying

- Yesstyle User

it feels nice and hydrating and has no fragrance (love this aspect)

- Sokoglam User


redness relief

a must have for sensitive skin it's worked well for my skin to relieve the red patches on my face as well as giving me soft smooth skin, a definite must have

- Yesstyle User

really helped with redness, and skin texture

- Yesstyle User



hello, i'm delighful how this serum is light on skin and in the same time so hidratasing

- Ebay User

it super hydrating yet lightweight

- Sokoglam User


good for acne

i have a pretty sensitive dry skin and also pro acne and this product doesnt irritate it or make me broke out, so im very happy with this serum

- Yesstyle User

for the first time, i no longer require a thick layer of foundation to look like a human woman, my natural skin is soft, blemish-free and glows

- Sokoglam User



left my skin feelin so smooth

- Sokoglam User

bought this after using the sheet mask version a couple times before - love how quickly it absorbs with no residue (use two pumps) and almost instantly smooths and calms my skin - definitely a keeper, but recommend trying the sheet mask version first for different skin

- Sokoglam User



but it definitely makes my skin feel dewy when i wake up in the morning and it appears brighter and clearer

- Sokoglam User

great for hydration and brightening without thickness from heavy creams

- Ebay User
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I love this stuff!!

I took a chance and bought this serum, as my very first serum by the way, since I read that its helps to replenish moisture in your skin. I have sensitive, acne prone, combination skin that tends to get really dry and flaky around the fall and winter seasons. Since using this serum, my face is no longer dry, flaky, or irritated! I've noticed that it also helps to help make my complexion smoother, more even around my cheeks (where I have enlarge pores and pock marks from previous acne flares). If you also have acne prone skin, this product does NOT cause breakouts! I'm so glad I found this serum! userOctober 3, 2018

HG Product

I first bought this as a pack of samples - I instantly fell in love with this product. It transformed my skin! This uses very gentle and simple ingredients, no acne irritants. Great for hydration and brightening without thickness from heavy creams. Beautiful. userApril 16, 2020

Whilst I’d previously received and used a sample of this, unfortunately this aggravated my acne. It caused whiteheads, red bumps, itchiness and redness, including in places I don’t usually get spots (all the way down my neck). I’d failed to read that the bottle says to “avoid using on blemishes, pimples”. I wouldn’t recommend if you have acne. I will stick to the KLAIRS Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop in the future which I’ve had no issues with. userJanuary 7, 2019


This is one of my favorite products ever! It is so gentle and soothing and hydrating! I have extremely sensitive skin at times (I have eczema), and this serum has helped to reduce the redness in my skin over time, and I can even use it when my skin is flaring up. It is also very hydrating and helps reduce and clear up dry patches. It also helps sooth acne when I start to get a breakout and keeps it from getting worse. It absorbs quickly and has a really nice lightweight gel/watery like consistency. userMarch 9, 2019

A Must

I’m not the most well practiced or strict Kbeauty routine user, but I’ve found my favorite serum. I adore the Klairs brand. After luck with the tonic I figured that since the serums the same brand that they’d make a great pair, I was right! My tzone gets incredibly dry and I have some redness throughout my face. I’ve discovered that my skin is more on the sensitive side and I’ve had to come to terms with “if the product burns a bit it does not mean it’s working! Using this serum gives me that glow as well as evens out my skin tone in a gentle way. This is used right after the esscense. I usually wait about 5 minutes for the mist/essence to dry because if you put it in immediately it becomes sticky and more difficult to absorb in the skin. Def recommend! 


Overall safe Ingredients

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Tocopheryl Acetatehazard
PEG-60 Hydrogenated Castor Oilhazard
Butylene Glycolacne
Tocopheryl Acetateirritant
Brassica Oleracea Capitata Leaf Extractirritant

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