Midnight Blue Calming Sheet Mask by Klairs

Midnight Blue Calming Sheet Mask

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i'm happy to say i had no reaction at all with this mask and my skin felt lovely and soft the next morning

- Beautyandseoul User

my skin has been red,sensitive, and inflamed from traveling and pollution

- Sokoglam User


redness relief

it was super soothing on my sensitive skin and when i woke up my skin was so soft and i had almost no redness

- Sokoglam User

i used this mask in hopes to calm it down before thanksgiving and the inflammation subsided and so did the color, i woke up the next day with my acne shrinking further

- Sokoglam User



my pores were noticeably smaller, my skin more plump and smoother

- Beautyandseoul User

i used this last night and found it very moisturizing, and even this morning my face feels amazing

- Sokoglam User



calms my irritated skin,leaving it hydrated and smooth

- Sokoglam User

i was suffering from really irritated and annoyed skin but the serum from this mask really calmed my skin down and left my skin feeling super soft

- Beautyandseoul User


good for acne

it helped bring down redness and inflammation in my acne

- Sokoglam User

my redness prone skin reacts really well to this mask

- Sokoglam User



i followed with klairs rich moist cream and face was super pleased for the evening

- Sokoglam User

my skin becomes more healthier and smoother

- Sokoglam User

pore minimizing

pore minimizing

the best part was my skin felt very cooled temperature-wise and my fairly noticable pores looked like they shrunk

- Sokoglam User

it doesn’t give me clog pores

- Sokoglam User



afterwards, our skin was radiant, supple, and oh so soft to the touch

- Sokoglam User

it calmed down my redness and gave it a luminous look my skin, i will purchase it again and the price it's worth it

- Lookfantastic User
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sokoglam.com userFebruary 19, 2019

Is there such thing as a bad sheet mask?

Very hydrating sheet mask. It helped bring down redness and inflammation in my acne. I love how the sheet mask is a thin sheet of gauze, it felt very healing. 

sokoglam.com userSeptember 5, 2018


I have sensitive (eczema prone), dry, dehydrated skin. But this mask was so gentle! It didn’t irritate my skin at all! It left of super smooth and hydrated. The tencel sheet holds a lot of essence and stays in place really well. I will definitely repurchase this mask. 

beautyandseoul.co.uk userNovember 26, 2018

I have sensitive, easily irritated dry skin for reference, everything I’ve tried by Klairs has been amazing (which is unheard of me) and these sheet masks have continued that winning streak. I’ve found these to be my skin’s saviour during the summer when the unusual English heat dried out my skin like mad and I’ve now stocked up on them again (alongside the moist soothing mask, also by Klairs) for winner. Totally recommend, yet again! 

korendy.com.tr userNovember 28, 2019

This isn’t for me

I only used the mask once.I love sheet masks and use one at least once a week.Specifically decided to get this one because it is soothing and should work for sensitive skin.I liked the smell and look of it. The sheet is thicker than what I am used to. So it needs a little more pressure to stay put.But I just used my had roller to smooth it out- and then it was greatHowever I felt that my skin was tingly - after a few minutes.It was the kind of not totally unpleasant tingles so I decided to leave it onWhen I took the mask off my skin was red.It felt tight after. And I ended up having a small rash the next morning.I did do a small swatch in my elbow in the morning but there was no reaction which is why I tried it.I should mention that I have very sensitive skin. So something in this product clearly didn’t work well for my skin.Which is why my rating is low.I would however advice people who like the Midnight rage to give it a try- hopefully they have better results Less

sokoglam.com userMarch 20, 2019

Life Changing

All I can say is WOW. I never really believed that sheer masks truly changed your skin but this guy—im hooked. After a week of traveling and hormonal breakouts from stress, etc. I put this mask on and my red, broken out, severely dry skin did a complete 180. All my redness was gone after about 15 minutes and even my pimples had shrunken in size. I’m hooked & ill be purchasing the Midnight Blue cream ASAP! 


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i like korean skincare

Nadine Felice

November 22, 2018 3.7K views 280 likes

Midnight Blue Calming Sheet Mask by Klairs #2

i like korean skincare

Nadine Felice 3.7K views