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Pore Shrink Deep Cleansing Mask

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i recommend this product to anyone unless you have very sensitive skin

- Ebay User

the smell is quite strong and i don't recommend this to anyone with sensitive skin

- Drugstore User

pore minimizing

pore minimizing

it shrinks my pores fairly well, but my favorite part is how incredibly soft and smooth it leaves my face

- Drugstore User

i have and would highly recommend kiss my face potent &pure pore shrink deep cleansing mask

- Swanson Health Products User


good for acne

it also helps to dry up small blemishes

- Ebay User

) it certainly does do a great job clearing up breakouts

- Drugstore User



my skin use to look and feel rough but now, it looks clear and feels smooth to the touch

- Swanson Health Products User

clay masks are one of the best weekly treatments for your skin, but most out there have no actual clay listed in the plethora of irritating ingredients

- Drugstore User


causes flare ups

it's supposed to soothe, but it left my face, which is already prone to redness, even more red and inflamed afterwards

- Drugstore User

it caused swelling and redness almost instantly

- Drugstore User



i didn't use it as often because it dried out my skin after washing

- Drugstore User

i thought it may be normal until it dries a bit, applied to my face but couldn't take it past 1 minute

- Drugstore User
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drugstore.com userApril 3, 2014

Still a great product

The saying you don't really know what you have till its gone. That's this product. The first time I used it, the Tea Tree oil used in the product stung on my face. It cools down after 30 seconds or so then it becomes refreshing. I loved the product but thought the stinging portion was just too much. So I tried to look for an alternative and came back with nothing. I couldn't find a deep cleansing mask that had natural ingredients and pore shrinking qualities within my budget except this. I couldn't wait for it to arrive my face was begging for it. It left my face smooth. I embrace the tea tree oil sting now.... better than getting a deep cleansing facial.

drugstore.com userDecember 7, 2010

Extreme Burning on Healthy Skin

Hitting my late 20's, I wanted a once weekly product to maintain my healthy skin. I have no troubles with acne, but I needed to develop a skin care routine as I age. I applied this product and instantly, it began acidic burning on my cheeks. I thought it may be normal until it dries a bit, applied to my face but couldn't take it past 1 minute. It caused swelling and redness almost instantly. It was still painful so I applied a cool washcloth for a few minutes and used the moisturizer to help. It is not greasy at all however it's a bit thin but easier to apply, which I liked.My skin is normal, not oily nor dry and I am Caucasian. I'm not sure if any of the factors I mentioned make a difference, but I wouldn't recommend this as a maintenance product but rather a quick spot treatment. It did not cause burning on my fingers, back of my hands or neck, so I feel it wasn't an allergic reaction. « less

drugstore.com userMarch 15, 2012

It -IS- potent and it -feels- pure.

Drugstore.com service and delivery were flawless as always. The product is intense.When I first applied there was concern that a serious mistake had been made. Though it did not feel exactly (completely?) uncomfortable, if the sensation had threatened to escalate I would have clawed the mask from my face with finger nails and spackle knives. The smell was also powerful, herbal and medicinal, not at all unpleasant.Fortunately, as the mask dried it mellowed out considerably until there was just a clean (but tight, a gentle coating of cement has dried on the face) feeling. This signaled time to rinse. In my 35 mineral mask using years I have never encountered an easier or cleaner rinse than the Kiss my Face Potent and Pure Pore Shrink Deep Pore Cleansing Mask. I dried and followed up with a Kiss my Face Potent and Pure spray on toner (I'd never tried a toner that I sprayed on my face before and it's a good delivery system--much better than cotton balls which feel kind of webby and creepy).I am very pleased with both products. « less

drugstore.com userSeptember 30, 2009


This is a great masque! It goes on very smoothly and you don't need a lot, so while it's expensive I feel like it will last just as long as the Alba enzyme masque I was using before, even though it's half the size. It's made of natural ingredients, is not tested on animals, and is a vegetarian formula, which is great for all of us veggies out there. Feels great going on, and I could feel a real difference while I let it do its job. Once I washed it off I could see a real difference in tone and texture, and my blemishes and pores started to shrink.I love that this is a clay masque that isn't drying, since I have dry, sensitive skin. I used to use a clay masque in the summer and the Alba enzyme masque in the winter, but I could definitely use this year round.Will definitely be buying this again! « less

drugstore.com userDecember 23, 2009

A Fabulous Product that Really Works

I was addicted to Zia's Tea Tree Acne Mask, which they sadly stopped making. Thankfully this mask is perhaps even better. The intense tea tree/clove oils are wonderfully refreshing, and you can FEEL your skin being detoxified and purified. It is a total treat to use.As the clay dries you can see where it has absorbed excess oil from your pores. After washing it off, there is a very slight sulpher smell left over, which suggests to me that this product uses a very high quality clay with a high mineral content.My pores did appear smaller the day after I used it, but who knows? (How would one measure that, anyhow?) It certainly does do a great job clearing up breakouts.I agree with other reviews that a larger tube for the price would be nice (Kiss My Face folks, are you reading this?), but I admit I'll gladly buy it again even at this price; it's a wonderful product. I estimate I can probably only get ten uses out of it, which is a bit pricy, but I just think of it as a little luxury I get to enjoy each week. It is as good as any product you'd get at a professional spa, which would run you a whole lot more.I didn't have the experience of some other reviewers that it irritated the skin whatsoever. Those who found the smell unsettling should realize that tea tree and clove are two of nature's best antiseptics for your face! « less


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