Konscious Vegan Highlighter by Kiko Milano
Kiko Milano

Konscious Vegan Highlighter

Golden River (Gold)Light Of Venus (Shell)
4.8(17 reviews)
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ulta userAugust 30, 2019

Wonderful Formula

Smooth, baked formula with awesome pigmentation. Gives a beautiful satin sheen to the skin. A great alternative to MAC's mineralize skinifinishes

ulta userSeptember 02, 2019

Absolutely stunning

Wow this is the highlighter I never knew I needed, and that's coming from someone with a lot of highlighters. The formula is soo smooth and beaming! I purchased the shade golden vibes and it works on my light/medium complexion.

ulta userSeptember 06, 2019


Absolutely beautiful pale gold blush. Sooooooo smooth for a baked product. I have never felt a baked products that is so smooth. Good amount of glow but NOT glittery.

ulta userAugust 31, 2019

Not My Favorite

This blush to me performs like a drugstore blush, but at a prestige pricetag. (Which makes sense, I believe Kiki Milano is an Italian drugstore brand). The color of the blush is pretty, but SO pigmented that even with a duofiber brush, this was hard to blend out to something pretty rather than cartoonish. A TON of kickup, which I'm sure added to the issue of depositing too much color from one dip into the pan. On the plus size, nice big pan size (not as big as their bronzers, which are enormous).

ulta userSeptember 02, 2019


This smells sweet, looks amazing, and it's packaging is out of this world stunning! I have shade 01 and have fair skin. It looks stunning!


Overall safe Ingredients

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Butylene Glycolacne
Polysorbate 80hazard
Hexylene Glycolacneirritant
Sorbitan Stearateirritant
Sorbitan Oleateacne
Isopropyl Palmitateacneirritant