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Daily Reviving Concentrate by Kiehls

Daily Reviving Concentrate

1.0 oz1.7 oz

Top Reviews



this is by far one of my favorite kiehls product as it feels really light weight on the skin and it helps my skin feel fresh, looking energized throughout the whole day

- Kiehls User

it's not too heavy, it's not too oily (so long as you do not put too much on) and it gives you this glow throughout the day that just makes your make up (or bare skin) look so much better

- Nordstrom User



i definitely see a difference in how smooth and bright my complexion is

- Sephora User

love how bright and revived my skin look's

- Birchbox User



the smell is great and i wake up every morning with my skin looking refreshed and hydrated

- Birchbox User

i recommend this to anyone who needs an extra boost for hydration and radiance

- Nordstrom User



even when i first put it on my face it looked super oily but then after putting on my makeup right over this the oily appearance went away and it made my skin look so smooth and bright i love it

- Kiehl's User

i swear it’s like a magic potion and it leaves your skin so supple and smooth for the rest of the day

- Sephora User

pore minimizing

pore minimizing

a bit nerve racking at first, i was pleasantly surprised by this product - it does not clog pores, gives my skin an smooth, hydrated texture, and firms my skin

- Birchbox User

no clogged pores either

- Sephora User


redness relief

i apply it right before my foundation and it leaves my skin soft and it treats my redness

- Birchbox User

this brightens my face up and makes me look less dry and red

- Birchbox User



after a healthy amount of sunshine and gentle exfoliation i put this product on my face neck and decolette for amazing hydration and glow

- Birchbox User

it basically gently pushes the serum up into the skin and boosts circulation

- Nordstrom User

uneven skintone

evens out skin

my mom has even said "your skin is glowing" (and she didn't know i was using this oil) i use this right after i cleanse + tone, before i use moisturizer (which i recommend the kiehl's skin rescuer moisturizer) and my skin drinks it up

- Nordstrom User

more morning face routine consists of calendula face wash, clearly corrective toner, iris activating treatment essence, clearly corrective dark spot solution, hydrating plumping serum, daily reviving concentrate, and finally my ultra facial cream moisturizer

- Kiehls User


reduces puffiness

this was really great for redness and puffiness

- Birchbox User

the darkness under my eyes is no longer as evident, and my skin tone is brighter and my skin feels much more supple

- Birchbox User


good for acne

no more dry patches, breakouts or peeling

- Birchbox User

my skin felt and looked fresh and soft, and no breakouts

- Nordstrom User


non anti-aging

seems to be more for those with wrinkles/lines looking for some added touch ups

- Birchbox User

do i put it all over my face or just on certain things like wrinkles

- Birchbox User


Overall safe Ingredients


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