The Angled Foundation Brush by Kevyn Aucoin
Kevyn Aucoin

The Angled Foundation Brush

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good quality

great quality and a beautiful addition to any brush collection

- Sephora User

it's an amazing brush in quality, usefulness, and beauty and i would buy it again if i had to

- Sephora User


not shedding

leaves an airbrushed finish

- Sephora User

love love love this brush, the quality is impressive and so is the finished product

- Nordstrom User



not only does it perform really well but it looks and feels luxurious, the bristles are so soft it feels amazing against the skin

- Lookfantastic User

this brush is the perfect combo of firm but soft on your skin

- Beauty User

bristles distribution

densely packed

the bristles are dense and blends my concealer and foundation beautifully

- Sephora User

it's bristles are soft and dense

- Spacenk User
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Sephora userJuly 20, 2017

sheds like crazy

for the price i paid for a well known brand i am DISAPPOINTED! sheds more than the cheapest brush I own! I'd be talking to my folks and theyd reach out to pick out the white hair stuck to my face! 7 months later it still sheds like crazy.. poor quality. please I beg you to look at other alternatives that won't shed as much getting the job done

Nordstrom userMay 1, 2014


i am a makeup JUNKIE......galore. i just love to play and make myself look nice.this brush, hands down, is the BEST brush i've ever used.whenever i would use a makeup brush to apply my foundation it would end up leaving streaks on my face. almost like panting on a could see the strokes. whomever decided to create a makeup brush that was FLAT to use on your face was, well, asleep.this brush is a very DENSE round brush that makes my makeup appear airbrushed on my skin. NO streaks and NO appeearance of any, granted the price is a tad bit high - however, the justification fars exceeds any doubt about the brush.i was looking for a VERY VERY dense brush that would, literally, do the work for me. this fits the bill.really. don't be scared off with the price because it is SOOOOOO worth it you will not even blink an eye once you use this glorious tool.GO FOR IT. your makeup will look FLAWLESS.a beauuuuuuuttttttiful brush!!!!.signed -just another makeup junkie looking for quality products.i FOUND ONE!!!! Less

Nordstrom userAugust 17, 2014

Best brush I own

This brush is precise, soft yet firm and indispensable. I have used precision concealer brushes for about 15 years or so. This has the smallest brush head of any I have in my collection. I honestly don't know what I would do without this brush.None of my other brushes can perfect and correct like this one. I use it mainly with the Sensual Skin Enhancer by the same line and as long as I have those two together, I will always have a flawless face. I use a stippling motion to push the product into the skin. This brush is perfect for that as it delivers the product without the bristles splaying and yet it doesn't feel scratchy or like I'm being poked.The precision with this brush allows you to target individual blemishes of varying size and texture, including pitted areas, allowing you to minimize or forgo altogether coverage for the rest of the face. In my case, my skin was always pretty good but there are always spots that need covering. I can honestly say that acne has diminished almost completely since using this brush, and I can only guess it's because I don't feel the need to wear a lot of face makeup with the spot covering done so well and still looking like my own skin.Another great use for this brush is microhighilghting under and/or over the brows to give them a defined and lifted look. I use the Sensual Skin Enhancer, one shade lighter, for this. Less userJune 24, 2016

This a fantastic foundation brush. I use it for cream and some liquid foundations. I do not use it for those runnier liquid foundations such as bobbi brown serum foundation or Charlotte tilburys light wonder as I find it really hard to blend and a lot of the product soaks into the brush. Now if you use kevyns sensual skin enhancer or thicker liquid foundations such as Nars sheer glow or Estée Lauder double wear etc, then this is where this brush excels. It really does give an airbrushed, even finish. It is very heavy compared to all my other foundation brushes and I own a lot, the bristles are also very dense and tightly packed but tapered which is great for around the nose/eye area. I have had this brush for around 6 months now and it is washed regularly. It has never lost one single hair and shape has not been compromised. It's expensive but an investment piece. This will last for years if it is well cared for. It is a brush I would need to buy again. Less userNovember 10, 2017

Best powder brush I own

I have only one KA brush, and this is it. It’s been cleaned and disinfected so many times, it’s testimony to its quality that it’s not started shedding or getting broken bristles.On cheaper brands, I’ve found goat hair bristles to be a little harsh, but not these: they are as soft as cashmere.I do not use a settling powder - but I use powder for bronzer and this is my no.1 bronzing brush (I have three...why?). The way the bristles are cut, they create a perfect shape for picking up a good amount of product (I don’t dip ON to powder, I rest my brush on the pressed powder at a 45 degree angle and turn it round coating as many bristles as possible), after a light tap, I’m ready to start of gently in the hollows of my cheeks and create the “3” shape on my face.I always get the best results with the Kevyn Aucoin brush. Bronzer goes on evenly, without a big splodge where I’ve first applied the brush (and I use the identical technique with all my bronzing brushes).One might say it’s too expensive for a brush - but read my first few sentences. You really do get what you pay for on some occasions! Less

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