Root Lifting Spray by kenra

Root Lifting Spray

Kenra Professional Root Lifting Spray 13

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it provides lift and volume without being overly heavy or sticky

- Ulta User

it smells amazing and it is super light weight

- Ulta User



i apply this to my roots when my hair is damp, before drying, and it gives a nice boost

- Ulta User

i use this product along with kenra shampoo and conditioner it works great and if in between washing your hair is looking a bit flat give it a small spray and blow dry your hair will looks full again i love it and i think you would too

- Ulta User
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Non-Root Lifting

This spray is very easy to use, but I didn't have success with it. I tried using it as directed (on wet hair) and on dry hair with not so great results. I think it actually weighted down my hair and made it look wet and greasy, but with a dry feeling like hair spray. userApril 23, 2015

Great Volume!

I got a sample of this from my hair dresser and as soon as that ran out I noticed my hair was kind of limp and almost greasier after resuming my pre-Kenra routine. I didn't realize this was working so much magic! I went out and bought the full size can, and am so happy with it! I spray in sections throughout my roots and blow dry my hair upside down before curling it and enjoy great volume for two days (I only wash my hair every two days). Like others mentioned it is not sticky and doesn't flake. I should mention that you can use the catalog coupons for this item, for those that said it's not very affordable. userApril 27, 2011

Good stuff

I usually use Fudge Root Juice and this rivals that. I've tried a lot of root boosters and if it works it's good in my book, this is only the second one that I consider to work. It also reacts very well to hairspray, if roots are lifted during drying, and then sprayed at the roots for volume. This pairs well with Kenra 25 Spray. userJune 30, 2016

worth the price

I have very straight heavy hair. This product helps to give some body without drying. Style lasts longer, especially when humid. userJuly 2, 2015

A real hair-raising experience

Apply to damp hair, lifting to aim at roots. Work in well, then blow dry using a brush or fingers to lift and style. Provides body without feeling sticky or heavy. 

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