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aracely san
Combination Skin

please recommend me a moisturizer that’s lightweight for acne-prone, combination and somewhat sensitive skin! (pls keep the price point up to 25 (or 40 if it lasts a long time) ) thank you!! (:

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Reese Alaina
Combination Skin

So good!! I love this product so much!

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mia lucero
Combination Skin

does anyone know of a good setting spray that’ll both keep my makeup in place all day and prevent it from looking crusty?? i’ve tried the nyx matte finish setting spray but it doesn’t work for me :( every time i hug my boyfriend or a friend, my makeup leaves a mark on their shirt...any suggestions on what i should try? thank you!

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Seanna Ferrer
Combination Skin


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mia lucero
Combination Skin

@Seanna Ferrer oh sweet, will do! tysm!

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Leanne Le
Combination Skin

My skin has been really dry from the recent cold weather despite exfoliating. Any suggestions on how to properly keep my skin moisturized for a long time? My makeup hasn’t been looking too good 😓

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Maya k
Combination Skin

This product always helps me and I know this is not A great suggestion but use skin tints instead of foundation it works for me at least